The New Woods Turfkeeper: Turn Your Tractor into a Commercial Mower

The Turfkeeper is Woods’ latest mowing attachment. This rear-mount finish mower turns your compact tractor into a full-size mowing machine, cutting a 60 or 72 inch swath with each pass. Thanks to its quick hitch compatibility, tool-free belt access and heavy-duty construction, this is a great solution for cutting large fields of grass without skimping on finish quality.

What is the Turfkeeper?

While Woods is mostly known for their giant batwing mowers, this new model series scales back the size while retaining the features that make their attachments so popular.
These are rear discharge mowers, so they spread clippings evenly across the rear of the deck. This gives the clean look of a mulched lawn without requiring extra power to chop up clippings. High and low lift blades are available, letting you choose between a better finish or better performance cutting thick vegetation.
The Turfkeeper has a constructed deck built using 10 gauge steel. The outer edge has 7 gauge side skirts extending almost 5 inches high to protect the deck from impacts. The shield on top of the deck is held on by a series of large knobs that can be unscrewed by hand. Take it off, and you have access to the sheaves, idler pulley and belt. The idler pulley and its post are both serviceable, extending the life of this attachment. The sheaves are cast iron. This metal has a rough surface that helps grip the belt, reducing wear from slippage.
The Turfkeeper is supported by a parallel frame with four caster wheels. This spreads out weight evenly, helping the deck track flat for an even cut. A front roller can be added to reduce scalping. The hitch frame has a built-in driveline holder that keeps the driveshaft off of the ground when it’s disconnected from the tractor.


Woods makes two versions of the Turfkeeper.
The TK60.20 has a cutting width of 60 inches, and a total width of 61 inches. It works with tractors that have 15 to 35 PTO HP. It can attach to a CAT 1 or limited CAT 1 hitch, and connect to the PTO using a CAT 2 driveline.
The TK72.20 has a cutting width of 72 inches and a total width of 73 inches. It works with tractors that have 20 to 35 PTO HP. Like the TK60.20, it works with CAT 1 and limited CAT 1 hitches, and uses a CAT 2 driveline.
Both models are CAT 1 quick hitch ready.


Woods guarantees the gearbox for three years, and the rest of this attachment for one year.

If It’s a Mower, We Have It

Shank’s Lawn Equipment carries everything you need for lawn care, whether you’re taking care of your home lawn, or you manage large grounds keeping operations. We carry mowers and attachments from top brands, including Woods, Honda, Cub Cadet, Exmark and more. If you’re in the market for a new mower, or you need help fixing your current mower, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can also order parts and accessories for your mower by visiting our website, We can ship your order to any address in the United States or Canada.

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The New Woods Turf Batwing

When you need to clear a lot of brush fast, nothing beats a Woods Batwing mower. The new Turf Batwing takes the original Batwing’s design and pairs it with decks built for finish mowing. With a total width of 12 feet, this three deck attachment makes quick work of large fields while leaving behind an even finish.

Multiple Decks for Faster Mowing

The TBW12.20 Turf Batwing has a 60 inch center deck and a pair of 48 inch side decks. There’s 6 inches of overlap between these decks to ensure perfect ground coverage. Together, these decks cut a 12 foot (144 inch) wide swath with each pass.
Each constructed deck is built with sheets of 10 gauge steel. Like most commercial mowers, these decks have built-in baffling and use high lift blades. This increases vacuum, resulting in an even finish like you’ll get from a stamped deck. Cutting height can be set between 1.5 and 4.5 inches using caster spacers.
Each deck is attached to a hydraulic lift cylinder, letting you fold the entire attachment into transport mode by moving a single lever. These cylinders are connected to a quick release lock. Pull the rope connected to the lock, and the decks will drop down to their operating position in seconds. With the decks in transport mode, the Turf Batwing has a total width of 91 inches. While in this mode, the decks ride on a pair of 20.5 x 8 inch transport tires. Once the decks are down, the weight of this attachment is supported by 10 caster wheels.
The sheaves, belts and idlers are underneath metal shields. These shields are held on by large knobs that can be unscrewed by hand, giving you tool-free access.

What Do I Need to Use This Deck?

This attachment is designed for tractors with 25 to 60 PTO HP, and a PTO speed of 540 RPM. The TBW12.20 has a single CAT 2 draw bar attachment point, and a CAT 3 driveline.


While this attachment has everything you need to mow, there are some upgrades you can make for better performance in specific situations. There’s option chain shielding, which stops rocks and other heavy debris from flying out of the back of the decks. Front and rear anti-scalping rollers keep the edges of the decks from digging in when you drive over hilly terrain. If you’re working at night or in overcast conditions, you can add a light kit to see the area around your mowing attachment.


Woods guarantees the gearbox for three years, the spindles for one year, and the rest of the attachment for one year.

Shank’s is Your Mower Headquarters

Shank’s Lawn Equipment carries everything you need for lawn care, whether you’re taking care of your home lawn, or you need to tackle giant commercial jobs. We carry mowers and attachments from top brands, including Woods, Honda, Cub Cadet, Skag, Troy Bilt and more. If you’re looking for a new mower, or you need to get your equipment ready for the season, visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can also buy parts and accessories for your mower, and see what equipment we have in stock by visiting our website, We can ship your order to any address in the United States or Canada.

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Little Wonder AgVac 5S Agricultural Vacuum: Taking the Work Out of Cleaning Stalls

Cleaning stalls is difficult, nasty work. Fortunately, Little Wonder has a solution to make this chore faster. The AgVac 5S is an upgraded version of Little Wonder’s debris loaders. Added filtration and a powerful motor help it clean out pens, while its compact design helps it fit in narrow aisles. With two hoses ready to pick up debris, you can clean out your livestock stalls in a fraction of the time.

Serious Power That Picks Up Anything

The AgVac 5S is powered by a 29 HP Vanguard V-Twin with electric start. This engine drives a 20 inch impeller with 6 steel blades that chop up anything that enters the vacuum.
Air is drawn through a pair of hoses, allowing two people to clean stalls at the same time with one machine. Each hose is 15 feet long and has an 8 inch wide nozzle. The hoses have a low friction interior, which helps debris slide through without creating clogs. When you’re done, just slide the hose handles into the hooks underneath the debris bin. This keeps the hose out of the way during transport.
Dust is a minor nuisance with a debris loader, but it’s a major problem when your machine is picking up something other than leaves. That’s why Little Wonder fits this machine with a pair of filter bags to screen out fine particle.

Easy Dumping and Easy Transport

Debris are loaded into a 65 degree fixed angle dump bed that holds 5 cubic yards (135 cubic feet) of material. This slope allows the contents to slide out as soon as the rear barn doors are opened. There are also doors built into the sides of the trailer, providing access to remove clogs and finish clean out. The impeller and engine sit below the front of the bin, allowing easy access for maintenance.
The AgVac 5S is mounted on a trailer. The entire machine measures 173 x 67 x 88 inches. That means it’s narrow enough to fit in 6 foot aisles. The trailer comes from the factory with a 2 5/16 inch ball. Little Wonder also offers a pintle eye to tow this loader behind a tractor. The tongue has several mounting holes, so the hitch can be raised or lowered to level the trailer when you pull it. A swivel jack supports the front end when the loader is parked. This trailer is not highway legal.

We’re More than Just Lawn Equipment

From snow moving equipment to tractor attachments, Shank’s Lawn is your source for outdoor power equipment. Along with mowers and lawn care equipment, we also carry Yanmar tractors, MultiOne loaders, and specialty equipment from brands like Little Wonder, Woods and Vortexx. We also have a full service department and a large parts warehouse, so we can keep your equipment running. Visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA for all your equipment needs.
We also ship parts and accessories for the brands we carry across the U.S. or Canada. To order, visit us online at

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Little Wonder’s BRC-26 Brush Cutter

Brush cutters are brute force machines, but a little refinement can go a long way. Little Wonder’s BRC-26 brush cutter comes with features that make clearing thick vegetation more precise, allowing for better results and safer, easier operation.


The BRC-26 is powered by a Honda GXV390. This 13 HP vertical shaft engine comes from a line known for its reliability. It also has features that make it easy to use, including automatic decompression to help the engine turn over when you pull the recoil starter.
Movement is courtesy of a Hydro-Gear T2 transaxle. This is a sealed unit designed to last the lifetime of the equipment without any servicing. It propels the BRC-26 to a top speed of 4.2 MPH moving forward, and 1.7 MPH in reverse. This hydrostatic transmission has infinite speed adjustment, and comes with a built-in parking brake.

Cutting Performance

This brush cutter uses 7 gauge sheet steel for the engine base, 10 gauge steel for the cutting deck, and 12 gauge steel for the rear frame and control handle. 1 ½ inch wide, 25 inch long steel skid plates run along the sides of the deck. The blade attaches to a sealed spindle with ball bearings supporting the top and bottom connection points to the deck.
The engine drives a 26-inch tempered spring steel blade that shakes off impacts. This blade and engine combination can cut saplings up to two inches in diameter. Cut height is adjustable, with a range of 3-5 inches. Swiveling metal guards over the deck opening deflect debris, while a large metal bar protects the front of the deck from impacts.
The BRC-26 rides on a set of foam-filled tires. These tires are puncture proof, and they’ll never go flat. Large bar treads help this machine maintain its grip on soft and uneven ground.

Controls that Make Mowing Easier

Solid linkages connect the operator controls to the rest of the machine. There’s no slack, like cable-operated controls, so inputs are instant. These rods also won’t rust and stretch like cables, so there’s less maintenance to worry about. The controls have a hand lever to engage the transmission, and a thumb lever to shift into reverse. Speed is selected using a dial below the handles. This way, you can return to the same speed every time you engage the drive system. Wrap-around steel guards protect your hands while you mow close to fences and other obstacles.


Honda covers the engine with a three year engine warranty, while Hydro-Gear guarantees the transmission for one year. Little Wonder covers the rest of this machine with a two year warranty for commercial and rental use.

When You’re Serious About Your Equipment, See the Experts

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has helped commercial and residential customers with their outdoor equipment since 1985. We don’t just sell heavy duty equipment like the BRC-26, we also have the parts and service you need to get the most from it. Visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA, or online at We can ship parts and accessories for your Little Wonder equipment to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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Using Your Yanmar Tractor to Move Snow

Tractors are great for all sorts of outdoor jobs from spring to fall, from moving pallets to cutting grass. That usefulness can extend into the winter with snow moving equipment. Yanmar makes several attachments for their compact tractors for just this purpose. These snowblowers and blades come with features that make moving snow easier and more efficient than stand-alone solutions.

Snow Blowers

These attachments are two stage blowers. By using a separate fan to force snow out of the chute, these blowers mower more snow with less power than the single stage attachments most companies offer. Yanmar makes their snowblowers in three sizes:
YSB54S – 54 inch working width, 15-25 PTO HP
YSB64S – 64 inch working width, 15-35 PTO HP
YSB74C – 74 inch working width, 30-50 PTO HP
The transport width of these attachments is two inches wider than working width. All three attachments work with CAT 1 hitches, while the YSB74C also works with CAT 2 hitches. All Yanmar snowblowers are quick hitch compatible, and they all connect to the tractor with a CAT 3 driveline.
As equipped from the factory, the chute position on these blowers is set by hand, and has a 270 degree range of motion. However, Yanmar offers upgrade kits that add a remote system, so you can turn the chute from the operator’s position. This system can be powered off of electricity or the tractor’s hydraulic system.

Front Hitch Snow Blade

This snow blade attaches to a Yanmar front hitch, which is optional on some of their tractors and standard on others. The mount has a four spring suspension system, allowing the blade to trip over hidden objects. The bottom of the blade rides on skid shoes that are adjustable and replaceable, reducing wear and tear. The blade also comes with a kickstand, which keeps it upright for easy attachment.
The front hitch snow blade has 5 angle positions. The blade itself is 72 inches wide and 23 inches tall. With the blade set at 25 degrees, the widest angle of adjustment, it clears a path 57.2 inches wide. The snow blade is compatible with 21-35 HP tractors.

Front Loader Snow Blade

This blade has all the features of the front hitch snow blade, but it’s designed to attach to a front loader frame. It uses the same mounting points as a front loader bucket, and it lets you use the frame hydraulics to lift the blade while you’re lining up for your next pass. Thanks to the adjustable skid shoes, you can get the same blade height each time you set it on the ground.

We’re Your Snow Removal Headquarters

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has everything you need for landscaping, including snow moving equipment. We carry Yanmar tractors and attachments, as well as snowblowers from Honda, Cub Cadet and Troy Bilt. We also have a service department that can install and repair your equipment, and a warehouse stocked with replacement parts. When you need a better way to move snow, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. Need parts for your snowblower? We ship across the United States and Canada. To order, visit us online at

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LB352 Vacuum Maintenance

As Billy Goat’s smallest lawn vac, the LB352 is as simple as you can get. There’s no drive system or hose, just a motor, an impeller, a nozzle and a bag. However, it still needs care like any other piece of outdoor equipment. Here’s what you need to do to keep your vacuum performing at its best.

Maintenance Schedule

Before each use, check the fit and condition of the debris bag and bag strap.
The bag should be cleaned periodically to maintain airflow through the fabric. There’s no set interval, because dirt buildup can vary widely depending on where you’re operating. A clean bag feels soft, while a dirty bag feels stiff, due to dirt buildup.
While you should follow your engine manual’s advice for maintenance, keep in mind that your vacuum operates in dusty environments. That means you’ll need to clean the air filter more frequently than the recommended maintenance interval. Likewise, you should take extra care to wipe the areas around the dipstick, oil fill and oil drain before changing the engine oil.

Cleaning the Bag

Use a pressure washer to push dirt out of the fabric, or run the bag through a clothes washer. Do not use fabric softener when you wash the bag. Let the bag air dry before putting it back on your vacuum.

Impeller Removal

You may need to remove the impeller, if something gets stuck in the housing. The blades on the impeller are sharp. Always wear gloves when working on this part of your vacuum.
The impeller bolt is made from spring steel that stretches slightly when tightened down. Always use a new bolt when you install the impeller.
You may need a second bolt that is an inch longer than the impeller bolt, but has the same thread pitch and diameter, 7/16-20 x 1 inch. This can be used with a gear puller to remove a jammed impeller.
1. Drain the oil and gas from the engine. Disconnect the spark plug.
2. Remove the bag and the control handle.
3. Flip the vacuum over. Make sure it isn’t resting on the recoil starter.
4. Remove the nuts at the ends of the axle, then disassemble the axle. Keep the parts in order: a washer, the wheel, a second washer, a spacer and the axle.
5. Remove the intake plate and inlet plate.
6. Unscrew the impeller bolt and washer.
7. Slide the impeller out of the housing. If it won’t move, screw in the long bolt, and use this as an anchor point for a gear puller. Attach the arms of the puller to the impeller back plate.
8. Install the parts in reverse order, using your new impeller bolt. Torque this bolt to 33-38 lb-ft.

Get Quality OEM Parts for Your Equipment

Do you need a new impeller bolt for your LB352 lawn vac, or a few engine parts for a tune up? Billy Goat Parts has everything you need. We’re an authorized dealer for Billy Goat and Briggs & Stratton, which means we carry OEM replacements for everything on your machine. If you need parts or accessories for your Billy Goat, visit us at We ship across the United States and Canada.

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Maintaining Your AE400 Aerator

Are you having trouble with your Billy Goat AE400 aerator? Here’s what you need to know to handle the most common repairs, including tine replacement, belt tensioning and chain tensioning.

Tine Row Removal

1. Remove the nuts holding the top cover. Set the cover to the side.
2. Loosen the nut and bolt on the tensioner sprocket. Push the sprocket to release the chain tension.
3. Remove the bolts and nuts on the tine reel bearings.
4. Lift the reel and slide the chain off of the end sprocket.

Follow the steps in reverse order to install the tine row.

Tine Row Replacement

1. Remove the tine reel, then unscrew the nut at the end of the shaft.
2. Slide off the tines and spacers until you reach the damaged parts. Keep the parts in order for reassembly.
3. Swap out the damaged parts and reassemble the reel.
4. Tighten the shaft nut to 100 ft. lbs. Push the tines by hand. If they don’t move, the reel is assembled correctly.

Single Tine Replacement

1. Loosen the outer nut and carriage bolt on the tine. Unscrew and remove the inner nut and bolt.
2. Push the tine plates apart with a pry bar. Remove the tine.
3. Push the new tine in place, then screw in the inner nut and carriage bolt. Tighten the outer nut and bolt.

Belt Tension

1. Remove the nuts holding the top cover. Set the cover to the side.
2. Close the clutch bail. The idler pulley spring should should move ¼-3/8 of an inch.
3. Loosen the two nuts that secure the clutch cable.
4. Turn the nuts ¼ inch, then check the spring stretch again. Turning the nuts clockwise increases the belt tension.
5. Once the tension is set, put the aerator back together and use the aerator. If the tension is correct, the drive system will pull the aerator up a 15-degree slope without slipping, and it will fully disengage when the clutch bail is open.

Chain Tension

1. Remove the nuts holding the top cover. Set the cover to the side.
2. One chain sprocket sets the drive chain tension, while the other sprocket sets the tine reel chain tension. Loosen the bolt and nut on the idler you want to adjust. Slide the sprocket to change the chain tension. Each chain should have ¼ to 3/8 inches of slack.
3. Tighten down the sprocket hardware, then reinstall the cover.

Need Something for Your Aerator?

Do you need new tines for your aerator? Did you find something that needs to be replaced while you were doing maintenance? Billy Goat Parts is here to help. We’re an authorized dealer for Billy Goat, Briggs & Stratton and Honda, so we carry replacements for everything on your AE400. Our search engine can find parts that fit your specific model. We also have factory parts diagrams available, so you can see exactly what you’re buying, and where it goes on your equipment. Visit us at We ship across the USA and Canada.

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Billy Goat’s New SG1300H Stump Grinder

In the past few years, Billy Goat has expanded their lineup to cover more landscaping jobs. Recent additions include a line of ride-on leaf blowers, a new walk-behind blower, and an auger. Now, they’re taking on stump grinding with the new SG1300H. As with everything else they make, this stump grinder has features that make it easier to use than anything else on the market.

Cutting Power

The SG1300H comes with a Honda GX390 making 13 HP. If you own any commercial lawn equipment, you’re probably familiar with the GX Series and its reputation for rock solid reliability. This engine drive a 15 ½ inch, 35 lb. cutting wheel fitted with 8 carbide teeth designed to slice through hard wood. Billy Goat also offers a green tooth kit for slicing through soft growth.

Increased Leverage and Deeper Cuts

The grinder has an arm with a long belt drive that increases leverage and extends belt life. Billy Goat pairs this with a long dual handle that has a bale on both ends. This adds even more leverage, and gives the operator a choice of hand positions while engaging the drive system. The handle has 5 height positions, so it fits most users. There’s also a foot mount on the base of the grinder that can be used to apply extra pressure.
A drum brake on the right wheel keeps the grinder from rolling, while still allowing the machine to pivot left and right. This makes it easy to sweep back and forth across a stump. The brake handle is just below the bail, putting it within reach of the operator.
The drive system angles down, giving the SG1300H a much longer reach than competing models. it can cut up to 24 inches above the grade down to 16 inches below. Most of Billy Goat’s competitors struggle to cut more than 9 inches deep. Rubber guards around the sides and back of the machine deflect chips away from the operator’s position.

At 330 lbs, this is one of the heaviest models in this segment. This helps the SG1300H resist kickback, and, thanks to its 8 inch pneumatic turf tires, you won’t notice the weight when you roll it around.

The Perfect Rental Stump Grinder

The SG1300H is a great choice for rental equipment. Like other Billy Goat models, this machine has clearly written instructions on the handle, along with a number users can text to get the full owner’s manual.

Get Parts and Accessories For Your Billy Goat

Do you need something for your Billy Goat equipment? Billy Goat Parts is an authorized dealer for Billy Goat and Honda Engines, so we carry everything you need. Our site can find parts that fit your model, and we have sections for commonly ordered parts, like air filters. Visit us online at We can ship your order to any address in the United States or Canada.
Adding a Hose Kit to Your Lawn Vacuum

Billy Goat’s lawn vacuums make quick work of leaves and other lawn debris in open spaces. However, if you want a perfect lawn, there’s always more debris to remove from bushes, fences and landscaping features. By adding a hose to your LB or TKV Series vacuum, you can clean up these areas as easily as you clean up the rest of your lawn. Here’s how you can install a hose kit on your Billy Goat vacuum.

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Storing Your Leaf Blower for the Winter

Are you doing what you should to keep your leaf blower safe this winter? Billy Goat has some new recommendations for preparing your leaf blower for storage. These tips apply to both their walk-behind and stander blowers.

Clean Your Blower
Dirt traps moisture, which leads to rust. You can use a pressure washer to clean your equipment. Just be sure to avoid direct spray near the gas tank, muffler and electrical components. Use a rag or dry brush to remove dirt from these areas. Once your blower is clean, let it run for a few minutes. The heat and air movement will help dry off the engine, impeller and impeller housing.

Change the Oil
Used oil harbors acidic combustion compounds, moisture and dirt that can harm your engine during storage. Billy Goat recommends changing your oil before you put up your blower for the winter. Use the oil recommended by the engine manufacturer. You don’t need to use oil weights recommended for low temperatures, as long as you don’t start your blower when it’s cold.

Check the Air Filter
Now is a great time to perform air filter maintenance. Remove the air filter elements and wipe down the inside of the air cleaner box. Paper elements can be cleaned by tapping them against a hard surface. This removes loose dirt from the filter pleats.
Foam elements should be cleaned with mild soap and water, or a non-flammable solvent. Let the foam air dry. Check your service manual to see if the foam filter should be oiled. Most Honda filters should be oiled, while most Briggs & Stratton filters should be left dry. If you have an oiled filter, soak the foam in clean engine oil, then squeeze out the excess oil before putting it back in the air box. To make this job less messy, put the filter and oil in a plastic bag while you saturate and squeeze out the filter media.
Don’t forget to check the filter again when you get your blower out of storage. This is a common target for mice and other rodents looking for bedding.

Fill the Tank
If you’re storing your blower with fuel, fill the fuel tank until it’s at least half full and add a stabilizer. This keeps air out of the tank, slowing oxidation. After adding the fuel treatment, run the engine for 5 to 10 minutes. This pulls the stabilized fuel into the carburetor, which helps prevent problems with clogged jets.

Need to Fix Something on Your Leaf Blower?

Do you need to repair your leaf blower before you need it again? Would you like to add a parking brake, or some other accessory? Billy Goat Parts has what you’re looking for. We carry replacement parts as well as OEM accessories for everything Billy Goat. Our site can find parts that fit your model, or you can use our sections of commonly ordered parts to pick up impellers, air filters and more. Our parts entries have built-in factory descriptions and diagrams, so you can see exactly what you’re ordering. When you need something for your walk behind or Hurricane blower, visit us at We ship across the USA and Canada.

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What Do I Need to Install a Hose Kit?

You only need these tools: a 5/16 inch socket with a ratchet or nut driver, and a pair of 7/16 inch wrenches.

Wear Guards and Blocker Plate

Put the nozzle in its highest position. The sides of the nozzle’s reinforcement bracket are held on with a set of bolts, washers and nuts. Remove these parts, then push the wear guards into the holes. Install the hardware you just removed. Slide the blocker plate into the slots on the wear guards when you want to use the hose.

Hose Nozzle Bracket

The bracket attaches to a pair of long screws near the muffler. This keeps the hose from making contact with the engine and melting. On TKV vacuums, these screws are next to the left rear side of the engine. The screws on other Honda-powered vacuums are to the left of the engine. On Briggs & Stratton-powered vacuums, the screws are next to the right rear corner of the engine. Remove these screws, then use them to attach the bracket to the vacuum frame.

Hose Holder

This bracket attaches to a set of pre-drilled holes on the side of the vacuum’s handle. Position the holder, so that the top edge of the bracket faces away from the handle. Bolt it down using the included hardware.


Attach the included hose clamps to the end of the hose. Slide the hose over the side of the coupler that doesn’t have pins. Tighten the clamps.

Remove the screw on the hose opening plug at the front of the vacuum nozzle. Remove the plug, then slide the coupler into the plug hole at an angle, lining up the outer coupler pin with the slot in the hole.  Twist the coupler until you can slide the second pin through the slot. Push the coupler in until it sits flush with the nozzle housing.

Wrap the hose around the intake side of the engine and over the hose holder, then push the nozzle into the nozzle bracket. The hose should be held away from the exhaust.

Need to Buy a Hose Kit for Your Vacuum?

Looking to buy a hose kit for your Billy Goat vacuum? Need to get a replacement hose, or some new wear guards? Billy Goat Parts has everything you need. Our search engine can find parts specific to your model and serial number, and we have factory diagrams on our site, so you can see exactly what you’re ordering. If you need something for your equipment, visit We ship across the United States and Canada.

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