Little Wonder’s BRC-26 Brush Cutter

Brush cutters are brute force machines, but a little refinement can go a long way. Little Wonder’s BRC-26 brush cutter comes with features that make clearing thick vegetation more precise, allowing for better results and safer, easier operation.


The BRC-26 is powered by a Honda GXV390. This 13 HP vertical shaft engine comes from a line known for its reliability. It also has features that make it easy to use, including automatic decompression to help the engine turn over when you pull the recoil starter.
Movement is courtesy of a Hydro-Gear T2 transaxle. This is a sealed unit designed to last the lifetime of the equipment without any servicing. It propels the BRC-26 to a top speed of 4.2 MPH moving forward, and 1.7 MPH in reverse. This hydrostatic transmission has infinite speed adjustment, and comes with a built-in parking brake.

Cutting Performance

This brush cutter uses 7 gauge sheet steel for the engine base, 10 gauge steel for the cutting deck, and 12 gauge steel for the rear frame and control handle. 1 ½ inch wide, 25 inch long steel skid plates run along the sides of the deck. The blade attaches to a sealed spindle with ball bearings supporting the top and bottom connection points to the deck.
The engine drives a 26-inch tempered spring steel blade that shakes off impacts. This blade and engine combination can cut saplings up to two inches in diameter. Cut height is adjustable, with a range of 3-5 inches. Swiveling metal guards over the deck opening deflect debris, while a large metal bar protects the front of the deck from impacts.
The BRC-26 rides on a set of foam-filled tires. These tires are puncture proof, and they’ll never go flat. Large bar treads help this machine maintain its grip on soft and uneven ground.

Controls that Make Mowing Easier

Solid linkages connect the operator controls to the rest of the machine. There’s no slack, like cable-operated controls, so inputs are instant. These rods also won’t rust and stretch like cables, so there’s less maintenance to worry about. The controls have a hand lever to engage the transmission, and a thumb lever to shift into reverse. Speed is selected using a dial below the handles. This way, you can return to the same speed every time you engage the drive system. Wrap-around steel guards protect your hands while you mow close to fences and other obstacles.


Honda covers the engine with a three year engine warranty, while Hydro-Gear guarantees the transmission for one year. Little Wonder covers the rest of this machine with a two year warranty for commercial and rental use.

When You’re Serious About Your Equipment, See the Experts

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has helped commercial and residential customers with their outdoor equipment since 1985. We don’t just sell heavy duty equipment like the BRC-26, we also have the parts and service you need to get the most from it. Visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA, or online at We can ship parts and accessories for your Little Wonder equipment to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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