Which Leaf Blower is Right for You?

Fall is right around the corner, which means lawns will be flooded with fallen leaves. Billy Goat’s walk-behind and stander leaf blowers clear areas several times faster than backpack blowers, making them the best choice for productivity. Which one is right for you? There are several factors to consider, including power, control, and movement speed.

What Do Measurements Mean for Performance?

Performance is measured in three ways: velocity, volume, and movement speed. Each measurement has a different effect on working speeds.

  • Velocity: Airspeed is measured in miles per hour. The speed at that air exits the blower determines the force it exerts. Faster air is better for moving heavy materials, like wet leaves.
  • Volume: Air volume is measured in cubic feet per minute. The higher the air volume, the more leaves the blower can move with each pass.
  • Speed: All things being equal, a faster-moving blower clears lawns faster. That’s why you’ll see different acre-per-hour ratings for self-propelled and push blowers. Like lawn mowers, blowers aren’t effective at their top speed. For example, a Hurricane blower has a top transport speed of 11 MPH, but its top operating speed is only 6 MPH.

Directing Air

A leaf blower is only effective if it moves lawn debris where you need it. While you can point a backpack blower’s nozzle anywhere, larger blowers use nozzle control systems to direct air.

Walk-behind blowers use a nozzle that moves up and down. Tilting the nozzle down pushes air along the ground, peeling up compacted leaves. Raising the nozzle directs air across leaves, helping you gather them into piles for disposal. Billy Goat makes elbows for walk-behind blower nozzles that push air forward. This blows leaves away from buildings and retaining walls.

Hurricane blowers have adjustment flaps, and they also have multiple nozzles. Using the control stick, you can send air to the left, right, or front of the machine. That way, you don’t have to back up before making your next pass, and you don’t need attachments to work around fences and buildings.

Need to get leaves out of bushes and away from landscaping features? You can get a hose kit for the F6. This lets you direct air exactly where you need it, much like the hose on a lawn vacuum.


Noise pollution is a major concern, which has prompted many neighborhoods to limit lawn equipment to 70 dB as measured from 20 feet away. Billy Goat’s walk-behind blowers stay below this limit by using cast composite housings and fans. These have tighter tolerances than metal components, reducing stagnant air pockets and turbulence. The result is a significant decrease in noise, not to mention wear and fuel consumption. These models make between 87 and 97 dB as measured from the operator’s position, which is well below the standard neighborhood sound limit.

If you’re looking at stander blowers, keep in mind that the Z3000 and P2000 are quieter than the old X3000, because the engine runs at lower speeds during operation.

Getting Parts and Accessories for Your Billy Goat Blower

When you need something for your walk-behind or stander blower, visit www.billygoatparts.com. Billy Goat Parts isn’t just a Billy Goat dealer. We’re also an authorized dealer for their manufacturing partners, including Honda, Vanguard, and Hydro-Gear. Our site can find parts specific to your make, model, and serial number, and it has built-in factory parts diagrams, so you can see exactly what you’re ordering. We ship OEM parts and accessories across the U.S. and Canada.

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Servicing AET 48/72 Towable Aerators

If you’re used to walk-behinds and towable drum aerators, using the AET 48/72 aerator is a revelation. Its simple design, which separates the weight from the tines holder, makes it easy to tow, and even easier to turn, thanks to its swiveling tines. However, even the simplest machine needs repairs and maintenance. Here’s what you need to know to keep your aerator working consistently and reliably.

Replacing Single Tines

Tines are self-scouring, becoming dull near the end of their service life, or after heavy impacts. Dull and bent tines should be replaced as soon as possible.

  1. Lift the tines and chock the wheels.
  2. Loosen the outermost nut and carriage bolt holding in the tine, then the innermost nut and bolt.
  3. Use a pry bar to push the tine plates apart. You can now pull the tine off of the reel.
  4. Slide the new tine in place and tighten down the nuts and bolts.

Removing the Tine Reel for Better Access

While it’s difficult to remove individual tine stars, removing the entire tine reel lets you replace multiple tines as well as any other worn or damaged parts.

  1. Lift the tines and chock the wheels.
  2. Put something under the reel to support it.
  3. Remove the nuts and bolts on the reel bearings.
  4. Lift the reel and tilt it to slide it off of the chain.
  5. Remove the cotter pin and nut on the end of the shaft.
  6. Slide the tines and spacers off of the reel. Keep everything in order for reassembly.
  7. After swapping out any damaged or worn parts, follow the previous steps in reverse to reassemble and fit the reel.

Bearing Service

Billy Goat recommends lubricating the pillow bearings at least once per season. They should also be regreased after washing the aerator to force out any water inside the bearing. Use an NLGI #2 lithium grease. The tines should be in the raised position before you use a grease gun on the zerk fittings.


If you notice abnormal vibrations, stop using the aerator immediately. Inspect the AET 48/72 for loose and damaged parts. Tighten down and replace parts as needed.

To get good penetration, you need to start with moist soil. Water the area you’re aerating the day before. Don’t forget to add weight to your aerator. Each module of the AET 48/72 supports up to 80 lbs. of deck weight, and a maximum of 425 lbs. when fully assembled. To reach this weight, make sure every water jug is full, and have two jugs on each module. If you don’t have water jugs, place cement blocks or pieces of steel on the plates, being sure not to exceed the weight limit.

Need Something for Your Aerator?

Billy Goat Parts is an authorized dealer for Billy Goat and their manufacturing partners, so we carry everything from engine parts to debris loader accessories. If you need tines or other parts for your towable aerator, visit us at www.billygoatparts.com. Our search engine has built-in factory parts diagrams, so you can see exactly what you’re buying. We can ship your order to any address in the United States or Canada.

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Servicing AET 36/60 Towable Aerators

The AET series of aerators are mechanically simple. All you have to do is open or close the wings to get them working width you want, then pull the trailer across the area with soil compaction. However, even these machines need to be worked on from time to time. Here’s what you should do to keep your aerating trailer working, as well as ways you can solve common operating problems.

Your Aerator’s Maintenance Schedule

  • Before use: Clean the aerator, focusing on the tines.
  • Every 10 hours: Check for loose and damaged parts.
  • Every 50 hours: Grease the tine hubs and wheel bearings.

Replacing the Tines

The tines on this aerator are made from metal that is self-scouring. As they wear down, they stay sharp until they’re near the point of failure. Tines should be replaced when they’re dull or bent. Don’t worry if you get new tines that don’t look like your old ones. A few years ago, Billy Goat updated the design of the tines used on these models. These new tines fit all AET 36/60 aerators, even if they came with the older tine design.

Replacement is simple. Raise the tines to the transport position. Remove the bolt and nut holding the tine to the tine hub, then bolt in the new tine.


Grease should be added to wheel bearings and tine hubs periodically to push out dirt. You also need to grease these fittings after cleaning your aerator with a pressure washer. This forces out any water that may have made its way past the seals. Billy Goat recommends NLGI Grade 2 lithium grease.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Abnormal Vibrations

– Check for damaged or missing parts, and remove any lodged debris. If you don’t notice anything obvious, check the tightness of all the bolts on your aerator.

Poor Aerating Performance

  • The tines might be worn or bent. Inspect the tines, and replace them as needed.
  • Moist soil is easier to penetrate than dry soil. Water the ground the day before aerating.
  • Lock the tine stars when using this aerator with a standard trailer hitch. Free-moving tines can keep the trailer from tracking straight. This is less of an issue with three-point tractor hitches.
  • If you’re getting poor penetration with the wings extended, try adding weight to the trays. The entire aerator supports a maximum of 350 lbs. That’s about 10 16x4x8 inch concrete cap blocks or a little over 6 8x8x16 inch cinder blocks. The weight of the folded wings is more than enough to push the rest of the aerator tines into the ground.

Need Something for Your Aerator?

Billy Goat Parts is an authorized dealer for Billy Goat and their manufacturing partners, so we carry everything from engine parts to debris loader accessories. If you need tines or other parts for your towable aerator, visit us at www.billygoatparts.com. Our search engine has built in factory parts diagrams, so you can see exactly what you’re buying. We can ship your order to any address in the United States or Canada.

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Billy Goat’s New SG1301H and SG1301HGT Stump Grinders

Over the past few years, Billy Goat has worked to expand their offerings, adding augers and stander leaf blowers to its lineup. Now, they’re introducing their first stump grinder. On paper, the SG1301’s specs don’t stand out. However, thanks to Billy Goat’s usual attention to detail, this machine is packed with features that make it easier to use than its competitors. This makes this stump grinder a great choice for lawn care professionals and rental equipment businesses.


This grinder comes with a dual handle that has bales at both ends. This provides several hand positions, helping the operator control the machine while reducing fatigue during long cutting sessions. This handle is extra-long, adding leverage for lifting and lowering the cutting head. It’s also height-adjustable, making it comfortable for operators of any size. There’s a foot pad at the base of the handle, which lets the operator use their weight to lift the head. A brake release lever next to the handle makes it easy to go between transport and operating modes. This brake only locks one wheel, keeping the machine from rolling, while allowing it to pivot as the cutting head sweeps back and forth across the stump.

A large emergency stop button is within easy reach of the handle. Next to this switch, you’ll find instructions on accessing the SG1301’s online manual and demonstration videos. This helps people renting this piece of equipment get up to speed with its operation.

The head is mounted to a long arm. This allows Billy Goat to use a longer belt, increasing its service life. The entire length of the belt is shielded by a metal guard, so it won’t be damaged by flying debris.

Cutting Power

The SG1301 is powered by a Honda GX390. This staple of commercial small equipment has built a reputation for rock-solid reliability and can be found in everything from construction equipment to tillers. Low noise, low fuel consumption, and low oil consumption make it easy to live with.

The SG1301H cuts through wood and soil with a 14-inch wide, 3/8-inch thick wheel with 8 tungsten carbide teeth. Need to cut through rocky soil? The SG1301HGT comes with Greenteeth, which is chip resistant. Of course, both types of teeth will fit both versions of this stump grinder.

Both versions of this grinder can cut as high as 24 inches above grade and as low as 16 inches below grade.


Honda guarantees their GX-Series engines for three years of commercial use, while Billy Goat guarantees the rest of this stump grinder for one year.

Whether it’s New or Old, We Have Everything You Need for Your Billy Goat

Billy Goat Parts is an authorized dealer for Billy Goat, as well as their manufacturing partners, including Honda Engines. That means we sell everything you need for your equipment, including parts and accessories. Our search engine can find parts for your specific make and model, and we have sections for commonly ordered parts, like air filters. When you need something for your Billy Goat turf products, visit us at www.billygoatparts.com. We ship across the United States and Canada.

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Choosing the Right Tiller or Cultivator for Your Garden

Are you tired of renting tillers? Do you want some motorized help when you’re turning soil and weeding your garden beds? Maybe it’s time to get a cultivator or a tiller. What’s the difference, and how do you pick the right features for the work you need to do?

Do I Need a Tiller or a Cultivator?

A cultivator mixes soil. Its tines are short, so it only digs through the top layer of dirt. This is great for seeding, adding fertilizers and weeding. It can’t cut through compacted soil, or soil with thick root systems.
A tiller breaks up soil. These machines have long, sharp tines that cut and lift as they spin. This is great for creating a new garden bed, but it moves too much soil for mixing and weeding.
Some machines can act as both tillers and cultivators. The difference comes down to the tines. Some models can use multiple tine sets, while others have reversible tines. By swapping the position of the tine wheels, either the long or short blades face out, changing the cutting depth.

How Does Tine Position Affect Performance?

Tillers are available with front, mid and rear tine designs. Each position works best at a specific job.
Front tine: With the tines in front of the machine, it’s easy to see where they’re cutting. These tillers are great for turning soil around trees, fences and other obstacles.
Mid tine: By placing the tines directly below the engine, the added weight helps push the tines into the soil. This delivers more cutting power with less engine power Most small cultivators use a mid-tine design, so they can be lighter while still getting the job done.
Rear tine: The tines on these machines are big, and they cut backwards. This helps the tines dig as you push the tiller over the ground. These are the strongest, deepest-digging machines. They’re ideal for clearing large plots of land and turning soil full of roots and rocks.

Which Power Source Should I Use?

Electric motors make maximum torque as soon as they start turning, but their total output is limited in this application. That’s why you’ll only see them used in small cultivators. Corded cultivators have to be plugged in. They’re cheap, and the cord isn’t an issue when you’re working on seed beds close to your house. Rechargeable cultivators use a battery pack, just like an electric drill. Power is comparable to a corded cultivator.
Two-stroke engines make more power than four strokes with the same displacement, but their power band is narrow. If the engine slows down too much, it can stall. Some small cultivators use these engines to save weight.
Four stroke engines have a wide power band, making them suited for heavy work. They’re also available in a range of sizes, from 35cc single cylinders to large V-Twins. Most tillers use these engines.

Where Can I Get a Quality Tiller?

Shank’s Lawn Equipment carries tillers from top brands, including BCS, Troy-Bilt and Honda. Need to do major work? We also carry tiller tractor attachments from Woods Equipment. If you’re looking for new power garden tools, or you need help with your current equipment, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can also get parts and accessories for your equipment by visiting our website, www.shankslawn.com. We ship across the United States and Canada.

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Exmark RED Technology: Getting More from Your Mower

If you’re looking at Exmark for your next mower, you may have come across something called “RED Technology.” What is it? This is a suite of features that work to lower your operating costs and protect your mower. By using computer monitoring, this system helps the mower maintain blade speed, increase fuel economy, reduce clutch wear and prevent damage caused by low oil and other mechanical issues.

Letting the Mower Control the Throttle

Exmark’s second generation RED technology has an automatic throttle that reacts to load conditions. By sensing changes in blade speed, this system adjusts engine speed to compensate, all but eliminating sag. This system also lets you change performance based on mowing conditions. RED has three profiles:
Low – Reduces blade speed, keeping the deck clear when mowing wet, thick grass
Efficiency – Maximizes fuel economy during regular mowing
Max – Provides maximum power for dense grass
There are also two temporary modes:
Throttle Down – Briefly lower blade speed to keep from throwing rocks and other objects at nearby windows
Operator Presence Idle – While activating the operator presence switch shuts off most mowers, RED Technology shuts off the clutch and sets the engine to idle. That way, you can get off and on your mower without having to restart the engine.

Safe Transport Mode

If the technology suite notices a problem, it can put the mower into this limp home mode. In safe transport mode, the clutch disengages, while the engine speed is limited. This lets you get your mower back onto the trailer for repairs, while reducing the danger of damaging your engine due to low oil, misfires or other problems.


RED Technology puts all the information you need into a single display:
– Average fuel consumption
– Current fuel consumption
– Fixed hour meters for PTO and engine
– Resettable hour meters for PTO and engine to keep track of maintenance
– Error codes and error log
This display sits directly in front of the clutch control. Buttons below the screen let you change operating modes, flip through menus and reset hour meters. It’s also pre-programmed with reminders for different operating conditions. It will remind you to change the oil, including the short interval for initial break-in. You can also set it for severe duty use, shortening maintenance reminder intervals.

Which Models have RED Technology?

Exmark includes this feature suite on their Lazer Z X-Series mowers equipped with Kawasaki and Kohler EFI engines, and their Lazer Z Diesel ZTR mowers equipped with Yanmar engines.

When You Need the Best, Go to Shank’s

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has over 35 years of experience selling and servicing equipment used by lawn care professionals. We carry top quality equipment from major brands, including Exmark, Scag, Wright and more. If you’re looking for a better mower, or need help with your current equipment, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can also order OEM parts and accessories for your equipment from our website, www.shankslawn.com. We can ship your order to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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Little Wonder Optimax Blower

Labor is one of the biggest costs for grounds keeping and landscaping businesses, so it makes sense to use tools that cut job times as much as possible. With Little Wonder’s Optimax walk-behind blowers, you can do just that. These rolling four stroke leaf blowers offer several times the power of backpack blowers, allowing one person to do work that would normally require several people. Thanks to some clever engineering, this blower also cuts down on the circumstances where you’d need someone with a smaller blower do cleanup.

Solving One of the Most Annoying Problems with Walk-Behind Blowers

Walk-behind blowers have loads of power, which is great when they’re set up correctly. However, if you aim the wrong way or get the distance wrong on a pass, you can ruin your work. Little Wonder solved this problem by making a deflector that creates two streams of air. The high velocity stream aims across the ground, peeling back heavy, wet leaves. Above this, there’s a low velocity air stream that pushes leaves with minimal blowback. This lets you loosen leaves from the ground and move leaf piles at the same time. The chute is controlled remotely from the operator’s handle, letting you alter the height of these two streams.
The Optimax has a flat-sided impeller chamber that ends in a square discharge chute. This chute is low to the ground, increasing surface force by up to 38% compared to competing blowers.
Moving this blower around is no problem at all, thanks to support from three large pneumatic tires. When the work is done, the Optimax is easy to load onto a trailer thanks to its built-in transport bracket.


Little Wonder offers the Optimax walk-behind blower with a choice of engines. Air volume and velocity varies, depending on the engine.
Honda GC160: 1,397 CFM, 153 MPH
Honda GX270: 2,260 CFM, 143 MPH
Honda GX 390: 2,530 CFM, 160 MPH
Kohler Command Pro CH395: 2,260 CFM, 143 MPH
Vanguard 570cc V-Twin: 2,850 CFM, 179 MPH
Self-Propelled blowers are available with the GX270, GX390 and Vanguard engines. Air output is the same as push models. These blowers have a CVT transaxle that can propel the blower to a speed of 4.1 MPH going forward, and 2.5 MPH in reverse. This transaxle has an integrated parking brake. A separate parking brake can be added to push blowers.


Little Wonder offers an optional swivel wheel kit that replaces the fixed front wheel for better turning. If you want to cut down on maintenance, you can swap out the front tire with a solid rubber unit that won’t go flat.
Want to carry a rake with you to pull out leaves in tight quarters? You can add a tool holder to your blower.


Honda, Kohler and Vanguard guarantee their engines for three years of commercial use. Little Wonder covers the rest of the Optimax blower with a 5 year warranty.

Get the Support You Need for Your Professional Equipment

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has spent almost four decades helping their customers find and maintain their outdoor equipment. We’re not just a Little Wonder dealer. We also service and offer parts for everything we sell. If you’re looking for more effective ways to handle lawn care, or you need help with your current equipment, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can also order OEM parts for the brands we carry at our website, www.shankslawn.com. We ship across the USA and Canada.

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The New Woods Turfkeeper: Turn Your Tractor into a Commercial Mower

The Turfkeeper is Woods’ latest mowing attachment. This rear-mount finish mower turns your compact tractor into a full-size mowing machine, cutting a 60 or 72 inch swath with each pass. Thanks to its quick hitch compatibility, tool-free belt access and heavy-duty construction, this is a great solution for cutting large fields of grass without skimping on finish quality.

What is the Turfkeeper?

While Woods is mostly known for their giant batwing mowers, this new model series scales back the size while retaining the features that make their attachments so popular.
These are rear discharge mowers, so they spread clippings evenly across the rear of the deck. This gives the clean look of a mulched lawn without requiring extra power to chop up clippings. High and low lift blades are available, letting you choose between a better finish or better performance cutting thick vegetation.
The Turfkeeper has a constructed deck built using 10 gauge steel. The outer edge has 7 gauge side skirts extending almost 5 inches high to protect the deck from impacts. The shield on top of the deck is held on by a series of large knobs that can be unscrewed by hand. Take it off, and you have access to the sheaves, idler pulley and belt. The idler pulley and its post are both serviceable, extending the life of this attachment. The sheaves are cast iron. This metal has a rough surface that helps grip the belt, reducing wear from slippage.
The Turfkeeper is supported by a parallel frame with four caster wheels. This spreads out weight evenly, helping the deck track flat for an even cut. A front roller can be added to reduce scalping. The hitch frame has a built-in driveline holder that keeps the driveshaft off of the ground when it’s disconnected from the tractor.


Woods makes two versions of the Turfkeeper.
The TK60.20 has a cutting width of 60 inches, and a total width of 61 inches. It works with tractors that have 15 to 35 PTO HP. It can attach to a CAT 1 or limited CAT 1 hitch, and connect to the PTO using a CAT 2 driveline.
The TK72.20 has a cutting width of 72 inches and a total width of 73 inches. It works with tractors that have 20 to 35 PTO HP. Like the TK60.20, it works with CAT 1 and limited CAT 1 hitches, and uses a CAT 2 driveline.
Both models are CAT 1 quick hitch ready.


Woods guarantees the gearbox for three years, and the rest of this attachment for one year.

If It’s a Mower, We Have It

Shank’s Lawn Equipment carries everything you need for lawn care, whether you’re taking care of your home lawn, or you manage large grounds keeping operations. We carry mowers and attachments from top brands, including Woods, Honda, Cub Cadet, Exmark and more. If you’re in the market for a new mower, or you need help fixing your current mower, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can also order parts and accessories for your mower by visiting our website, www.shankslawn.com. We can ship your order to any address in the United States or Canada.

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The New Woods Turf Batwing

When you need to clear a lot of brush fast, nothing beats a Woods Batwing mower. The new Turf Batwing takes the original Batwing’s design and pairs it with decks built for finish mowing. With a total width of 12 feet, this three deck attachment makes quick work of large fields while leaving behind an even finish.

Multiple Decks for Faster Mowing

The TBW12.20 Turf Batwing has a 60 inch center deck and a pair of 48 inch side decks. There’s 6 inches of overlap between these decks to ensure perfect ground coverage. Together, these decks cut a 12 foot (144 inch) wide swath with each pass.
Each constructed deck is built with sheets of 10 gauge steel. Like most commercial mowers, these decks have built-in baffling and use high lift blades. This increases vacuum, resulting in an even finish like you’ll get from a stamped deck. Cutting height can be set between 1.5 and 4.5 inches using caster spacers.
Each deck is attached to a hydraulic lift cylinder, letting you fold the entire attachment into transport mode by moving a single lever. These cylinders are connected to a quick release lock. Pull the rope connected to the lock, and the decks will drop down to their operating position in seconds. With the decks in transport mode, the Turf Batwing has a total width of 91 inches. While in this mode, the decks ride on a pair of 20.5 x 8 inch transport tires. Once the decks are down, the weight of this attachment is supported by 10 caster wheels.
The sheaves, belts and idlers are underneath metal shields. These shields are held on by large knobs that can be unscrewed by hand, giving you tool-free access.

What Do I Need to Use This Deck?

This attachment is designed for tractors with 25 to 60 PTO HP, and a PTO speed of 540 RPM. The TBW12.20 has a single CAT 2 draw bar attachment point, and a CAT 3 driveline.


While this attachment has everything you need to mow, there are some upgrades you can make for better performance in specific situations. There’s option chain shielding, which stops rocks and other heavy debris from flying out of the back of the decks. Front and rear anti-scalping rollers keep the edges of the decks from digging in when you drive over hilly terrain. If you’re working at night or in overcast conditions, you can add a light kit to see the area around your mowing attachment.


Woods guarantees the gearbox for three years, the spindles for one year, and the rest of the attachment for one year.

Shank’s is Your Mower Headquarters

Shank’s Lawn Equipment carries everything you need for lawn care, whether you’re taking care of your home lawn, or you need to tackle giant commercial jobs. We carry mowers and attachments from top brands, including Woods, Honda, Cub Cadet, Skag, Troy Bilt and more. If you’re looking for a new mower, or you need to get your equipment ready for the season, visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can also buy parts and accessories for your mower, and see what equipment we have in stock by visiting our website, www.shankslawn.com. We can ship your order to any address in the United States or Canada.

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Little Wonder AgVac 5S Agricultural Vacuum: Taking the Work Out of Cleaning Stalls

Cleaning stalls is difficult, nasty work. Fortunately, Little Wonder has a solution to make this chore faster. The AgVac 5S is an upgraded version of Little Wonder’s debris loaders. Added filtration and a powerful motor help it clean out pens, while its compact design helps it fit in narrow aisles. With two hoses ready to pick up debris, you can clean out your livestock stalls in a fraction of the time.

Serious Power That Picks Up Anything

The AgVac 5S is powered by a 29 HP Vanguard V-Twin with electric start. This engine drives a 20 inch impeller with 6 steel blades that chop up anything that enters the vacuum.
Air is drawn through a pair of hoses, allowing two people to clean stalls at the same time with one machine. Each hose is 15 feet long and has an 8 inch wide nozzle. The hoses have a low friction interior, which helps debris slide through without creating clogs. When you’re done, just slide the hose handles into the hooks underneath the debris bin. This keeps the hose out of the way during transport.
Dust is a minor nuisance with a debris loader, but it’s a major problem when your machine is picking up something other than leaves. That’s why Little Wonder fits this machine with a pair of filter bags to screen out fine particle.

Easy Dumping and Easy Transport

Debris are loaded into a 65 degree fixed angle dump bed that holds 5 cubic yards (135 cubic feet) of material. This slope allows the contents to slide out as soon as the rear barn doors are opened. There are also doors built into the sides of the trailer, providing access to remove clogs and finish clean out. The impeller and engine sit below the front of the bin, allowing easy access for maintenance.
The AgVac 5S is mounted on a trailer. The entire machine measures 173 x 67 x 88 inches. That means it’s narrow enough to fit in 6 foot aisles. The trailer comes from the factory with a 2 5/16 inch ball. Little Wonder also offers a pintle eye to tow this loader behind a tractor. The tongue has several mounting holes, so the hitch can be raised or lowered to level the trailer when you pull it. A swivel jack supports the front end when the loader is parked. This trailer is not highway legal.

We’re More than Just Lawn Equipment

From snow moving equipment to tractor attachments, Shank’s Lawn is your source for outdoor power equipment. Along with mowers and lawn care equipment, we also carry Yanmar tractors, MultiOne loaders, and specialty equipment from brands like Little Wonder, Woods and Vortexx. We also have a full service department and a large parts warehouse, so we can keep your equipment running. Visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA for all your equipment needs.
We also ship parts and accessories for the brands we carry across the U.S. or Canada. To order, visit us online at www.shankslawn.com.

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