Billy Goat’s New SG1301H and SG1301HGT Stump Grinders

Over the past few years, Billy Goat has worked to expand their offerings, adding augers and stander leaf blowers to its lineup. Now, they’re introducing their first stump grinder. On paper, the SG1301’s specs don’t stand out. However, thanks to Billy Goat’s usual attention to detail, this machine is packed with features that make it easier to use than its competitors. This makes this stump grinder a great choice for lawn care professionals and rental equipment businesses.


This grinder comes with a dual handle that has bales at both ends. This provides several hand positions, helping the operator control the machine while reducing fatigue during long cutting sessions. This handle is extra-long, adding leverage for lifting and lowering the cutting head. It’s also height-adjustable, making it comfortable for operators of any size. There’s a foot pad at the base of the handle, which lets the operator use their weight to lift the head. A brake release lever next to the handle makes it easy to go between transport and operating modes. This brake only locks one wheel, keeping the machine from rolling, while allowing it to pivot as the cutting head sweeps back and forth across the stump.

A large emergency stop button is within easy reach of the handle. Next to this switch, you’ll find instructions on accessing the SG1301’s online manual and demonstration videos. This helps people renting this piece of equipment get up to speed with its operation.

The head is mounted to a long arm. This allows Billy Goat to use a longer belt, increasing its service life. The entire length of the belt is shielded by a metal guard, so it won’t be damaged by flying debris.

Cutting Power

The SG1301 is powered by a Honda GX390. This staple of commercial small equipment has built a reputation for rock-solid reliability and can be found in everything from construction equipment to tillers. Low noise, low fuel consumption, and low oil consumption make it easy to live with.

The SG1301H cuts through wood and soil with a 14-inch wide, 3/8-inch thick wheel with 8 tungsten carbide teeth. Need to cut through rocky soil? The SG1301HGT comes with Greenteeth, which is chip resistant. Of course, both types of teeth will fit both versions of this stump grinder.

Both versions of this grinder can cut as high as 24 inches above grade and as low as 16 inches below grade.


Honda guarantees their GX-Series engines for three years of commercial use, while Billy Goat guarantees the rest of this stump grinder for one year.

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