Which Billy Goat Brushcutter is Right for You?

Do you need a better way to remove thick brush? Whether you’re cleaning up a lawn that was let untouched for years or clearing out new land, Billy Goat’s Outback brushcutters are the perfect tool for the job. They make several models, giving you the choice between speed, hill traction and finish quality. Which Billy Goat Outback brushcutter is right for you?

What is an Outback?

Billy Goat’s Outback series gives you the same power as a tractor-driven brushcutter, but in a size that’s manageable for small spaces. They can work alongside a tractor, going into small spaces between trees and other obstacles, or be used alone. Outback models have a 26 inch wide deck that can cut brush 6 feet high, grass and weeds up to 8 feet high, and saplings up to 2 inches in diameter. Depending on the terrain, you can expect these machines to cover just under one acre per hour.

These machines are a great choice for rental companies, because they don’t have the cost and complexity of a PTO brushcutter. If you can use a walk-behind mower, it doesn’t take long to get up to speed with an Outback.

The cutting blade mounts to a reinforced spindle with four mounting points. This spreads the load across the deck, so it has no trouble shrugging off impacts. The blade is flat, so it doesn’t create vacuum like a regular mower. This improves cutting performance at the cost of finish quality. Rubber rear deck trim makes it easier to back over stumps, so you can cut as close to them as possible.

Plow-style handles maintain a comfortable arm position, and put all the controls within reach, including the transmission gear selector. Wide tractor tires provide enough ground contact to roll easily over uneven surfaces, while Honda’s bulletproof GX390 engine provides power for all versions of these machines.


This brushcutter has a simple mechanical transaxle with three forward speeds and a reverse gear. It uses a fixed deck that makes it easier to roll over hills and uneven ground, although this comes at the expense of cut quality.

This brush mower has an articulating deck that tilts left and right up to 12 degrees. This lets it better follow rough terrain, keeping blade height consistent for a better finish.

The BC2600HE comes with a Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission. Enhanced Traction Control (ETC) automatically locks the wheels when they start to slip. Top speed is 2.8 MPH going forward and 1 MPH in reverse. This model is stable enough to use on slopes up to 20 degrees.


This model has an electric starter with a recoil backup. Otherwise, it is identical to the BC2600HE.


While the other Outback models have decks that ride on skids, this model uses caster wheels to support the front end. This makes the BC2600HH easier to turn, making ideal for lawns filled with trees and other obstacles. The casters are also lockable, which helps the machine track straight when cutting across hills. The deck can be set to a height between 1.77 and 3.74 inches. It uses the same Tuff Torq transmission and ETC system as the HE and HEBH.

Need Help with Your Billy Goat Equipment?

Billy Goat Parts carries OEM parts and accessories to replace everything on your equipment. We’re not just a Billy Goat dealer, we’re also an authorized dealer for Honda Engines and Tuff Torq transmissions. We have sections for common parts like mowers blade for fast ordering. Our search engine can also show you parts specific to your model. These listings include factory descriptions and parts diagrams, so you can be sure you’re ordering exactly what you need. To order, visit us at www.billygoatparts.com. We ship across the United States and Canada.

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Ice Augers vs. Earth Augers: Which Bit is Right for Your Billy Goat?

Billy Goat’s new AGR1301H auger makes it easy to dig holes in dirt, because it fits in a truck bed, it’s self-supporting, and it doesn’t require angle adjustments. What about drilling ice? Dropping the Z-link support and cutting through ice in seconds sounds a lot easier than having to wrestle a one or two-man ice auger. The good news is you can use your auger this way, but you need to take a few things into consideration, including your choice of bit and the support needed to use this machine on the ice.

What’s the Difference Between an Ice Auger and an Earth Auger?

Ice augers are designed to drill holes in ice for fishing. Ice density is fairly uniform, and it’s very hard. To cut through ice, these augers use bits that are closer to a razor than a hardface earth auger bit. While earth auger teeth are used until they’re chipped, ice teeth can and should be sharpened to maintain performance. Since pressure on the auger is constant, it can be made from thin, lightweight materials. This makes the auger easier to attach and move around.

Earth augers have to withstand impacts with rocks, tree roots and other underground obstacles. As a result, they use thicker construction that makes them heavier than ice augers. Bits wear down faster if they’re made of harder material, so manufacturers offer a range of materials to fit each drilling task. Billy Goat’s dirt teeth are made for pure soil. They’re the softest and longest lasting, Their hardface teeth have a hardened surface that cuts through rocks and hard soil, but they wear out the fastest. Carbide teeth are in between these two extremes. You can buy earth teeth that fit ice augers, but the auger bit won’t last as long as an earth auger.

The drive system on your Billy Goat auger can spin in both directions. However, it’s only designed to apply force when rotating clockwise. That’s fine for earth augers, since they always have clockwise fluting. However, some ice augers have fluting designed for counter-clockwise rotation. If you decide to get an ice auger bit for your AGR1301H, make sure it runs clockwise.

Can I Take My Auger Onto the Ice?

The AGR1301H weighs 600 lbs. If the area is safe for operating snowmobiles and ATVs, it should support your auger. You need at least four inches of clear ice to support this machine, or at least 8 inches of white ice. If you aren’t sure how thick the ice is, use an ice chisel or a drill with a wood auger bit to dig a small hole that you can measure. Even if the area is supposed to be safe, ice thickness is rarely consistent. It’s a good idea to verify thickness at least every 150 feet.

Once you’ve drilled the hole, move your auger back to solid ground. Over time, the weight of the auger will push down on the ice, which may make it crack or sink below the waterline.

We Have Everything You Need for Your Billy Goat

Billy Goat Parts carries the parts and accessories you need for your equipment, whether you have the new Z-link auger or an older mower. We’re an authorized dealer for Billy Goat as well as their manufacturing partners, so we have everything you need to fix or upgrade your equipment. Our advanced search engine can show you parts that fit your machine, as well as exploded parts diagrams and descriptions. That way, you can be sure you’re ordering exactly what you need. Visit us at our website, www.billygoatparts.com. We can ship your order to any address in the United States or Canada.

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Grazor GH401H Crack Cleaner: Cutting Times for Sealcoat Preparation

There’s money to be made in seal coating, especially if you live somewhere that gets plenty of snow in the winter. Filling in cracks and sealing the surface of concrete driveways prevents damage from sun, ice, rock salt and chemicals. However, the coating can’t bind to the pavement if it’s dirty. With Billy Goat’s Grazor, you can quickly remove dirt and weeds from cracks, so they’re ready to be filled in and sealed.

How Does it Work?

A belt drive system connects the engine to a heavy-duty 8-inch wire brush. A declutch lever on the operator handle moves the idler pulley to engage the drive system. This lets the operator turn the brush drive on and off during use, so it’s only running while directly over cracks. The pulleys are designed to transfer maximum power while limiting sheave wear and smoothing engagement. Unlike other crack cleaners, engaging the drive system won’t jolt the machine, pushing the brush away from where you want to clean. While this machine is a favorite of professionals, it’s also simple enough for new users to learn. This makes the Grazor a great choice for rental businesses.

The brush can be set to 6 height settings. At the highest setting, the brush skims over the top of pavement, pulling out surface weeds and dirt. Drop the brush down to the bottom setting, and it can reach deep into large cracks. No matter how much material is being removed, this machine is capable of clearing a 5 foot crack in about 15 seconds.

A Stable, Easy to Maneuver Platform

The Grazor has a 19 inch wheelbase. A pair of 8-inch puncture-proof semi-pneumatic tires support the rear of the cleaner. Up front, there’s a 5-inch castor wheel with a solid tire. This castor can spin a full 360 degrees, making it easy to guide the brush along cracks. This long tripod setup makes the Grazor stable enough to use on slopes up to 20 degrees. The entire machine weighs 84 lbs, which is less than the smallest walk-behind mowers.


The Grazor is powered by a Honda GX120. Despite its size, this engine comes with all the features of larger Honda engines, including a cast iron cylinder sleeve, a dual element air filter, and Oil Alert automatic shutdown. Automatic decompression makes the engine easier to turn over when starting. A fuel shutoff valve prevents fuel from leaking into the carburetor and crankcase during transit. The entire fuel system can be drained by removing the sediment cup on the carburetor, so you don’t need to worry about stale fuel during storage. This engine makes 4 horsepower.


Honda guarantees their GX series engines for three years of commercial use with no hour limit. Billy Goat guarantees the rest of the Grazor, aside from wear parts like the wire wheel, for one year of commercial use.

We’re Your Source for Everything Billy Goat

Not all Billy Goat dealers are paving dealers, so it can be hard to find this crack cleaner. However, you can get all the parts you need for your Grazor from Billy Goat Parts. We’re a complete Billy Goat dealer, and we’re also an authorized dealer for Honda Engines. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can get replacement wire brushes, spark plugs, air filters, belts, and anything else you need for your equipment. Our site can filter parts results, so you only see what fits your model. It also has built-in factory parts diagrams, so you can be sure you know what you’re ordering. If you need something for your Billy Goat equipment, visit us at www.billygoatparts.com. We ship across the US and Canada.

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Why Should I Consider a Vanguard Single Cylinder for My Equipment?

The new line of Vanguard single cylinders is designed to be a direct replacement for the Honda GX. It even uses the same mounting points, so manufacturers can easily switch to this new engine family. While both Vanguard and Billy Goat are owned by Briggs & Stratton, Billy Goat continues to offer engines from several manufacturers to best fit their equipment.

What makes the new 203cc Vanguard’s design stand out is its concentration on reduced operating costs:

– Cyclonic air filtration extends air filter replacement to up to 600 hours
– An improved oil management system extends oil life to up to 200 hours
– TransportGuard automatically shuts off fuel, preventing oil from being diluted by gasoline during transport.
– Cold weather features, including automatic decompression, make the engine easy to start down to -20°F.
– The carburetor and fuel delivery system are both resistant to stale fuel. Vanguard says the gas tank doesn’t need to be drained for storage as long as the fuel is treated with a stabilizer.

This engine also has the longest warranty available. It’s covered for three years 3 years from purchase for commercial and residential users. Once you register your engine with Vanguard, they extend the warranty to four years.

Which Billy Goat Models Use this Engine?

Choosing between a Vanguard and a Honda isn’t just a matter of brand preference. In some cases, the new engine offers performance benefits.

– AE402V

The AE400 is a great alternative to small drum aerators. It has a reciprocating tine system that won’t damage turf, and it uses a water tank instead of steel weights. The 203cc Vanguard engine produces 6.5 HP, compared to the 3.5 HP made by the Honda GX120 used in the AE401H.


Billy Goat recently updated their 18 inch wide aerator, making it possible to cover 22,000 square feet per hour. Improvements include better wheel bearings, a longer lasting belt drive system, and a handle-mounted tine retracting lever. The PL1802V weighs 8 lbs. more than the Honda-powered PL1801H and Vanguard 205cc-powered PL1801V models. The PL1801V’s engine is an older design that doesn’t have the long service intervals of the new 203cc engine.

– PL2501SPV

This aerator has a 25 inch wide aerating width, but otherwise is very similar to the PL18. The Vanguard makes 1.7 more horsepower than the Honda GX160 in the PL2501SPH.

– F1402V and F1402SPV

These wheeled blowers fit between the F13 contractor blower and the F18 municipal blower. Total output is close to the F18, but the F14 uses a smaller outlet. The SPV comes with hydrostatic drive. This makes the blower easier to move, and increases working speed.

New or Old, We Have Everything You Need for Your Billy Goat

Billy Goat Parts is an authorized dealer for Billy Goat, as well as their manufacturing partners including Vanguard, Briggs & Stratton, Subaru Industrial, Kohler and Honda Engines. We have sections on our website dedicated to different engine families, or you can use our search engine to find parts specific to your model. If you need anything for your Billy Goat, visit us at www.billygoatparts.com. We can ship your order to any address in the USA or Canada.

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Using a Hurricane Stand-On Blower

The Hurricane X3000 and Z3000 are some of the most powerful debris blowers on the market. They’re also able to cover large areas quickly, thanks to a stand-on ZTR setup that emulates stander mowers. However, all that capability comes with a learning curve. Here’s what you need to know to get the most from these machines.
Taking Power into Consideration
The most powerful backpack blower available today moves about 1,000 cubic feet of air per minute. The Hurricane Z3000 moves 8,500 CFM. This doesn’t just mean it works faster, it requires an entirely different approach. For example, while a backpack blower may move leaves a few feet, a Hurricane can move them 20 feet or more with each pass. That means fewer passes to clear out a yard or parking lot It’s also far more effective at lifting matted debris, taking minutes to complete jobs that would normally take hours.
While small blowers are always used at top speed, you may want to have less power when using a Hurricane in tight quarters. Air speed can be controlled by changing engine speed. Since the Hurricane series uses a hydrostatic drive system, engine speed does not affect movement speed.
Motion Controls
The controls on this blower work just like those on a stand-on or ZTR mower. Pushing a lever forward makes the Hurricane move forward, and pulling back moves it backward. Changing speeds left-to-right turns the blower. The parking brake engages automatically when both levers are in the neutral position.
Nozzle Control
The Hurricane’s three vent doors are operated by a stick on the control panel. Pushing the stick forward, left or right opens the corresponding door. Pulling the stick back closes all of the doors. This setup lets you use a combination of doors for different tasks:
– Use the left or right doors to move leaves and debris in open spaces.
– Use the front door to clear leaves next to buildings.
– Use the front door and one side door to push leaves farther away from buildings and curbs
– Use all three doors to clear sidewalks
The left door has two flaps. By setting the pin on the side of the nozzle, you can open one or both doors at a time. This lets you use the full length of the vent, or use half the width for concentrated, high power air flow. Unlike the other vents, this door is motor controlled. Opening up the door a small amount directs air downward, pushing debris off of ground surfaces. Opening the door fully pushes air straight across, which helps shape leaf piles. You can tell the position of the door by looking at the gear train above the nozzle.
The front vent is on the left side of the blower. If you want to blow leaves away from buildings, the left side of the blower should face the wall to get the air as close to the building as possible.
Closing all three doors minimizes the amount of air exiting the machine. This is ideal for transport.
We Have Everything You Need for Your Billy Goat
Billy Goat Parts is an authorized dealer for Billy Goat, Hydro-Gear and Vanguard, making us your one stop shop for everything on your Hurricane blower. Our site makes finding parts easy. Just tell our search engine your model and serial number, and it can find parts that fit your machine. These listings include factory descriptions and exploded parts diagrams, so you can see exactly what you’re ordering. We can ship your order to any address in the USA or Canada. Visit us at www.billygoatparts.com.

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Billy Goat’s New F14 Contractor/Municipal Wheeled Blower

Do you need a blower that works faster than a backpack? Do you wish you could get something with more power than the F13 contractor blower, but don’t need a giant machine like the F18? The new F14 walk behind blower bridges that gap, making it a great choice for landscapers, seal coaters and property services for schools, estates and golf courses.
Better Construction for Better Performance
The F14 uses a composite housing paired with a composite 17 inch impeller with 16 blades and closed faces.  By using plastics, the clearances can be much tighter than those on a metal fan. The result is more power, less fuel consumption, less wear and tear, and less noise. Durability is better, too. While metal fan blades can loosen during use, the F14’s fan is cast in a single shot that won’t come apart. Composite construction also saves weight, making the blower easier to move, so you can finish jobs faster.
Like other Billy Goat walk-behind blowers, this model lets you adjust the angle of the nozzle from the controls. By moving a single lever, you can skim the surface of the ground to roll debris into a pile, then aim upward to shape the pile without blowing it around. Billy Goat includes a forward discharge elbow that snaps into the air outlet. This makes it easy to push leaves and debris away from buildings.
The F14 is powered by Vanguard’s new 408cc single cylinder engine. While its 14 HP output is impressive, where it really shines is its focus on maintenance. The air box has a cyclonic air filtration system, something rarely seen outside of the largest commercial V-Twin engines. This keeps large debris away from the air filter, giving it a 600 hour service life. That’s twice as long as any other engine in this class.
Billy Goat makes two versions of the F14. The F1402V only uses the engine to spin the impeller. The F1402SPV adds hydrostatic drive, decreasing operator fatigue and increasing speed. On average, an operator will be able to push the F1402V at a speed of 1-2 MPH, while having the help of the F1402SPV’s drive system increases speed to 2-3 MPH. Both models weigh about the same.
The F14 can be outfitted to best fit the terrain you deal with day to day.
A caster wheel kit makes it easier to turn the machine, which is helpful when working around landscaping features.
If you regularly work on hills, the parking brake kit can keep the blower from rolling away when you leave the controls.
Do you have trouble with flat tires? You can swap out the pneumatic front wheel and tire with one fitted with a foam-filled tire.
Want to make transporting your blower easier? The quick hold down kit includes a bracket that you can bolt to your trailer, creating a place to lock down your blower.
Briggs & Stratton Vanguard guarantees the engine for three years of use. Billy Goat guarantees the housing for 5 years, and the rest of the machine for two years of use. These warranties cover both commercial and residential users.
Get the Parts and Accessories You Need for Your Billy Goat
You can get everything you need to upgrade or repair your wheeled blower from Billy Goat Parts. We’re a certified dealer for Billy Goat, Tuff Torq and Vanguard, which means we offer replacements for everything on your machine. Want to add a parking brake, or switch to a foam front tire? We also sell accessories. Our site can show you parts listings and factory parts diagrams specific to your model. To order, visit us at www.billygoatparts.com. We can ship your order to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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Using and Caring for Billy Goat Vacuum Bags

The bag is the most important part of your Billy Goat vacuum, and also the source of the most problems. Knowing how to properly maintain the bag can help you avoid clogs and get maximum performance. Here’s everything you need to know about these bags, from break-in to cleaning.
Attaching and Removing Bags
To attach a bag to your vacuum, lift the vacuum door and slide the bag into the slot. Once the bag opening seats, lock the four straps to the handle, starting with the straps closest to the door.
To empty the bag, move your vacuum to the area where you want to unload the debris and shut off the engine. Wait until the motor and impeller come to a complete stop. Unlatch the clips on the bottom of the bag. Lift the top center of the bag to take the tension off of the straps. Remove the back straps, followed by the front straps. Pull the bag opening away from the vacuum and tilt the bag back to empty it.
Cleaning Vacuum Bags
After using the vacuum, remove the bag from the machine. Turn the bag inside out to remove any debris clinging to the fabric. Rinse the inner bag surface with a garden hose, and let the bag dry before putting it back on the vacuum. If you’re using your vacuum multiple times per week, you may want to pick up a spare bag, so you always have one ready to use while the other is drying.
Over time, the bag fabric will become saturated with dust. Wash the bag in water and a mild detergent, then rinse and wipe down the inner and outer surfaces. Never use a pressure washer or compressed air to clean your bag. Doing so will damage the fabric.
Breaking In New Bags
While you can use a new vacuum bag straight out of the box, breaking it in will improve performance. This process helps open up the pores in the fabric and gives the bag some shape. The result is a bag that holds more debris and is less likely to clog. This process also improves the performance of bags that are freshly washed.
To break in a new bag, attach it to your vacuum. Set the vacuum on a flat, dirt-free surface, like a parking space or driveway. Start the engine, and set the throttle to 50%. Let the vacuum run for 30 minutes.
Do I Need a Felt or Standard Bag?
Felt bags have finer pores. This helps trap more dirt inside the bag, but it also means the bag will clog up faster than a regular vacuum bag. You should switch to a felt bag if fine dust pours out of your current bag while in use.
Keep in mind that a felt bag is not effective at filtering silica. If you need to clean up cement dust, use a QV Quietvac with a dust sock installed. The sock has a superfine surface that traps silica before it becomes airborne.
Need Something for Your Billy Goat Equipment?
Billy Goat Parts is your one stop shop for everything Billy Goat. We’re a certified dealer for the brand, as well as their manufacturing partners. That means we carry everything from vacuum bags to spark plugs. Our website has a section dedicated to vacuum bags, making it easy to find a replacement. We also have a search engine that can show you factory parts diagrams for your model, so you can be sure you’re ordering exactly what you need. Visit us online at www.billygoatparts.com. We ship across the United States and Canada.

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Protecting Yourself from Noise and Vibration

You probably glossed over the sound and vibration section of your Billy Goat equipment manual, but these two factors can have a big impact on the health of you and your employees. Here’s what these numbers mean, and what you can do to protect everyone using your equipment.
Billy Goat measures their equipment using ISO 11094 and ISO 5395, which are standard tests for measuring noise from outdoor equipment. That means you can do an apples-to-apples sound comparison between a Billy Goat product and equipment from other manufacturers. Measurements are taken at the operator’s position, so they accurately predict real world noise exposure.
Extended exposure to sounds over 70 dB can cause hearing damage. Virtually any machine powered by a small engine will produce at least 85 dB of noise. At that level, hearing damage can occur after one or two hours. The moving parts of the machine also add to the noise. Billy Goat’s walk-behind blowers are the loudest type of equipment they make, with models making around 95 dB of noise.
Ear plugs and muffs decrease the sound reaching your ear by their dB rating. For example, if you’re wearing 22 dB ear muffs while using equipment that makes 90 dB of noise, your ears are exposed to 68 dB of noise. When you’re choosing hearing protection, be sure there’s enough noise being blocked to bring the level below 70 dB.
Over time, extended exposure can lead to Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS.) This can cause numbness in the fingers and muscle weakness. Up to 1 in 10 people who work with vibration tools regularly may develop HAVS. This typically progresses from numbness after using tools to occasional numbness and finally permanent loss of feeling. Likewise, blood vessel damage can lead to Raynaud’s syndrome (white finger) in cold weather, and eventually permanent damage. Vibration exposure can also contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Research into vibration damage is relatively new. While the European Union warns against prolonged exposure over 0.5 m/s2, there aren’t any concrete regulations in the U.S. OSHA recommends frequent monitoring of employees, so that risk factors are identified early. When it comes to lawn care equipment, it may be best to take a proactive approach with maintenance and personal protective equipment.
Vibration gloves should be EN ISO 10819:2013 and/or ANSI 105-2016 certified. Unlike hearing protection, this is a pass/fail standard. Gloves that meet these standards reduce vibration transfer by 40% in frequency ranges strongly associated with nerve damage.
Vibration dampening materials are bulky, which can limit dexterity. Before you buy a set of gloves, try a few pairs on. Some designs allow for more finger movement than others. This is important for safety as well as comfort. Gloves that force you to grip handles tightly increase vibration transfer. Likewise, the gloves should have good insulation or good breathability, depending on whether you’re working in hot or cold weather. This helps your hands maintain circulation, reducing blood vessel damage.
It’s also important to maintain your equipment. Imbalanced blades, loose bolts and poorly-tuned engines don’t just increase wear and tear on your equipment, they also increase the vibrations experienced by the operator. Keeping up on repairs can greatly reduce exposure.
Keep Your Equipment at Peak Performance
If you need something for your Billy Goat equipment, you can get it at Billy Goat Parts. We’re a certified dealer for Billy Goat and their manufacturing partners, which means we’re able to ship OEM parts and accessories for your aerator, blower, debris load, or anything else from the company to any address in the U.S. and Canada. Visit us at www.billygoatparts.com.

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Which Debris Loader is Right for You?

Billy Goat debris loaders vacuum up lawn debris, chop them up, and drop them into your truck bed or trailer. This saves time on cleanup jobs, and the compacted debris cost less to dispose of. Which debris loader model will deliver the best return on your investment?
How Much Power do These Loaders Have?
The DL13 is powered by a single cylinder Honda GX-Series engine, while the DL14 and DL29 use Vanguard V-Twins. Glancing at the horsepower ratings, you would think that the DL13 and DL14 are evenly matched, while the DL29 should have twice the performance. However, the vacuum ratings tells a different story.
DL1302H: 2,100 CFM
DL1402VE: 3,700 CFM
DL2901VE: 4,400 CFM
Why is the DL14 so much closer to the DL29 than the DL13? The DL13 uses a smaller impeller that can pump loads of air, but doesn’t chop heavy debris as well as the other models. The DL29 has a massive impeller with 12 blades, four more than the DL14. This reduces air flow, but it helps the loader chew through large quantities of debris. All three models have Piranha blades, which have edges that slice through grass and leaves, compacting them up to 12:1.
Which model has enough power for your needs? The DL13 is great for small crews, while the DL14 is aimed at contractors and regular municipal use. The DL29 is targeted at municipalities that need to clean massive areas, like parks and campuses.
What are My Options for Mounting?
While most debris loaders on the market require some custom fabrication for mounting, Billy Goat’s CustomFit system gives you some options:
– Use the holes in the skid to bolt the loader to a trailer
– Bolt the loader to a CustomFit trailer
– Hang the loader on a truck or trailer tailgate using a CustomFit hanger kit,
– Attach a CustomFit Swing Away hitch and slide the loader into your truck or trailer’s hitch receiver.
– Attach a CustomFit Stake Body Swing Away hitch and slide it into one of the stake supports on your flatbed truck or trailer.
Every debris loader is mounted to a skid with fork pockets. You can use a fork lift to position the loader, or transfer it between vehicles if you use a hanger or swing away hitch. The DL2901 is too big for a hanger kit or swing away hitch, but it can be mounted to a trailer.
Here’s what these machines weigh without adding accessories:
DL1302H – 230 lbs.
DL1402VE – 280 lbs.
DL2901VE – 490 lbs.
Both the DL1302 and 1402 are 32.25 inches tall from the factory, and you can add extensions to the chute for more reach. The DL2901 is almost 75 inches tall before adding extensions.
Billy Goat makes horizontal and vertical extensions, as well as swiveling mounts that let you turn the entire chute. You can add up to 5 feet of horizontal reach with an extension hose, or use a deflector to aim the flow of debris into your truck or trailer. The vertical extension adds 15 5/8 inches of height. You cannot use this extension with the rotational chute kit.
Get the Parts and Accessories You Need for Your Billy Goat
When you need something for your Billy Goat, go to Billy Goat Parts.  We carry the full line of OEM parts and accessories for your equipment, including extensions, mounting kits and replacement hoses for all of the company’s debris loaders.Check out or commonly ordered parts pages for fast ordering. We also have a search engine that can show you diagrams and parts information specific to your model. Visit us at www.billygoatparts.com. We ship across the United States and Canada.

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Mounting a Billy Goat Debris Loader

Do you need to get your Billy Goat debris loader to work with your trailer or truck? Here’s everything you need to know about installing and using CustomFit mounts and discharge chute accessories.
Truck Hanging Kit
This kit lets you hang your loader on the side of your truck or trailer’s tailgate. Keep in mind that you need a strong gate to use this mount. While a truck or dump bed should be strong enough, a ramp gate will bend under the weight.
1. Slide the arms into the fork pockets on the loader’s skid. Bolt the arms to the skid using the included hardware. The small carriage bolts goes through the top, while the washer and nut go on the bottom.
2. Screw the large carriage bolts into the tops of the arms and through the included clamps.
3. Hang the loader off of the tailgate of your truck or trailer, and screw in the carriage bolts to clamp onto the surface. After an hour of use, check the tightness of the clamps.
Swing Away Hitch
Billy Goat offers both stake bed and trailer hitch versions of this CustomFit mount. The trailer hitch attachment requires a Class III or stronger hitch receiver.
1. Insert the pivot pins into the holes on the sides of the hitch/stake mount.
2. Bolt the hitch to the center holes in the fork pockets using the included hardware. The carriage bolts should sit flush with the top of the hole.
3. If you’re using the hitch mount, attach it to your truck’s receiver using the safety chains, arm pin and cotter pin, like you would when connecting a ball hitch and trailer. If you’re using a stake bed mount, slide the end of the mount into one of your bed’s stake supports.
To swing the loader out of the way of the tailgate, remove one of the pivot pins. Never remove both pins. When the loader is 90 degrees out, you can lock it in place using the uncovered hole in the swivel mount.
CustomFit Trailer
This trailer only fits DL25 and DL35 loaders. It comes fully assembled, complete with highway lights. Use the included hardware to bolt your loader to the trailer, being sure to line up the carriage bolts with the square holes in the loader’s skid.
Getting the Outlet to Reach Your Bed or Trailer
Billy Goat offers several accessories to get the right position for your loader’s discharge chute.
360 Rotational Kit – This adds a swiveling joint between the loader and the vertical chute. Once installed, the chute can be rotated by hand. This lets you adjust the position when moving the loader from vehicle to vehicle.
Extension kit – This kit adds a two foot long extension to the vertical chute, letting you reach over tall tailgates on trailers. The extension cannot be used with the rotational kit.
Length extension and exhaust deflector – These attachments give you two ways to extend the horizontal reach of your loader’s outlet. The length extension is a 5-foot long reinforced hose that can be draped over bed walls. The deflector bounces debris off an adjustable metal shield, letting you change the angle debris exit the discharge chute.
If It’s Billy Goat, We Carry It
Billy Goat Parts is an OEM dealer for Billy Goat as well as Honda and Briggs & Stratton. That means you can get parts for your debris loader as well as the Honda or Vanguard engine that powers it. We have sections for commonly ordered parts, like impeller bolts and air filters. You can also use our parts lookup system to see factory diagrams and descriptions for parts used on your model of equipment. Visit us online at www.billygoatparts.com. We ship across the U.S. and Canada.

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