Exmark RED Technology: Getting More from Your Mower

If you’re looking at Exmark for your next mower, you may have come across something called “RED Technology.” What is it? This is a suite of features that work to lower your operating costs and protect your mower. By using computer monitoring, this system helps the mower maintain blade speed, increase fuel economy, reduce clutch wear and prevent damage caused by low oil and other mechanical issues.

Letting the Mower Control the Throttle

Exmark’s second generation RED technology has an automatic throttle that reacts to load conditions. By sensing changes in blade speed, this system adjusts engine speed to compensate, all but eliminating sag. This system also lets you change performance based on mowing conditions. RED has three profiles:
Low – Reduces blade speed, keeping the deck clear when mowing wet, thick grass
Efficiency – Maximizes fuel economy during regular mowing
Max – Provides maximum power for dense grass
There are also two temporary modes:
Throttle Down – Briefly lower blade speed to keep from throwing rocks and other objects at nearby windows
Operator Presence Idle – While activating the operator presence switch shuts off most mowers, RED Technology shuts off the clutch and sets the engine to idle. That way, you can get off and on your mower without having to restart the engine.

Safe Transport Mode

If the technology suite notices a problem, it can put the mower into this limp home mode. In safe transport mode, the clutch disengages, while the engine speed is limited. This lets you get your mower back onto the trailer for repairs, while reducing the danger of damaging your engine due to low oil, misfires or other problems.


RED Technology puts all the information you need into a single display:
– Average fuel consumption
– Current fuel consumption
– Fixed hour meters for PTO and engine
– Resettable hour meters for PTO and engine to keep track of maintenance
– Error codes and error log
This display sits directly in front of the clutch control. Buttons below the screen let you change operating modes, flip through menus and reset hour meters. It’s also pre-programmed with reminders for different operating conditions. It will remind you to change the oil, including the short interval for initial break-in. You can also set it for severe duty use, shortening maintenance reminder intervals.

Which Models have RED Technology?

Exmark includes this feature suite on their Lazer Z X-Series mowers equipped with Kawasaki and Kohler EFI engines, and their Lazer Z Diesel ZTR mowers equipped with Yanmar engines.

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