Little Wonder AgVac 5S Agricultural Vacuum: Taking the Work Out of Cleaning Stalls

Cleaning stalls is difficult, nasty work. Fortunately, Little Wonder has a solution to make this chore faster. The AgVac 5S is an upgraded version of Little Wonder’s debris loaders. Added filtration and a powerful motor help it clean out pens, while its compact design helps it fit in narrow aisles. With two hoses ready to pick up debris, you can clean out your livestock stalls in a fraction of the time.

Serious Power That Picks Up Anything

The AgVac 5S is powered by a 29 HP Vanguard V-Twin with electric start. This engine drives a 20 inch impeller with 6 steel blades that chop up anything that enters the vacuum.
Air is drawn through a pair of hoses, allowing two people to clean stalls at the same time with one machine. Each hose is 15 feet long and has an 8 inch wide nozzle. The hoses have a low friction interior, which helps debris slide through without creating clogs. When you’re done, just slide the hose handles into the hooks underneath the debris bin. This keeps the hose out of the way during transport.
Dust is a minor nuisance with a debris loader, but it’s a major problem when your machine is picking up something other than leaves. That’s why Little Wonder fits this machine with a pair of filter bags to screen out fine particle.

Easy Dumping and Easy Transport

Debris are loaded into a 65 degree fixed angle dump bed that holds 5 cubic yards (135 cubic feet) of material. This slope allows the contents to slide out as soon as the rear barn doors are opened. There are also doors built into the sides of the trailer, providing access to remove clogs and finish clean out. The impeller and engine sit below the front of the bin, allowing easy access for maintenance.
The AgVac 5S is mounted on a trailer. The entire machine measures 173 x 67 x 88 inches. That means it’s narrow enough to fit in 6 foot aisles. The trailer comes from the factory with a 2 5/16 inch ball. Little Wonder also offers a pintle eye to tow this loader behind a tractor. The tongue has several mounting holes, so the hitch can be raised or lowered to level the trailer when you pull it. A swivel jack supports the front end when the loader is parked. This trailer is not highway legal.

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