The New Woods Turf Batwing

When you need to clear a lot of brush fast, nothing beats a Woods Batwing mower. The new Turf Batwing takes the original Batwing’s design and pairs it with decks built for finish mowing. With a total width of 12 feet, this three deck attachment makes quick work of large fields while leaving behind an even finish.

Multiple Decks for Faster Mowing

The TBW12.20 Turf Batwing has a 60 inch center deck and a pair of 48 inch side decks. There’s 6 inches of overlap between these decks to ensure perfect ground coverage. Together, these decks cut a 12 foot (144 inch) wide swath with each pass.
Each constructed deck is built with sheets of 10 gauge steel. Like most commercial mowers, these decks have built-in baffling and use high lift blades. This increases vacuum, resulting in an even finish like you’ll get from a stamped deck. Cutting height can be set between 1.5 and 4.5 inches using caster spacers.
Each deck is attached to a hydraulic lift cylinder, letting you fold the entire attachment into transport mode by moving a single lever. These cylinders are connected to a quick release lock. Pull the rope connected to the lock, and the decks will drop down to their operating position in seconds. With the decks in transport mode, the Turf Batwing has a total width of 91 inches. While in this mode, the decks ride on a pair of 20.5 x 8 inch transport tires. Once the decks are down, the weight of this attachment is supported by 10 caster wheels.
The sheaves, belts and idlers are underneath metal shields. These shields are held on by large knobs that can be unscrewed by hand, giving you tool-free access.

What Do I Need to Use This Deck?

This attachment is designed for tractors with 25 to 60 PTO HP, and a PTO speed of 540 RPM. The TBW12.20 has a single CAT 2 draw bar attachment point, and a CAT 3 driveline.


While this attachment has everything you need to mow, there are some upgrades you can make for better performance in specific situations. There’s option chain shielding, which stops rocks and other heavy debris from flying out of the back of the decks. Front and rear anti-scalping rollers keep the edges of the decks from digging in when you drive over hilly terrain. If you’re working at night or in overcast conditions, you can add a light kit to see the area around your mowing attachment.


Woods guarantees the gearbox for three years, the spindles for one year, and the rest of the attachment for one year.

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