Using Your Yanmar Tractor to Move Snow

Tractors are great for all sorts of outdoor jobs from spring to fall, from moving pallets to cutting grass. That usefulness can extend into the winter with snow moving equipment. Yanmar makes several attachments for their compact tractors for just this purpose. These snowblowers and blades come with features that make moving snow easier and more efficient than stand-alone solutions.

Snow Blowers

These attachments are two stage blowers. By using a separate fan to force snow out of the chute, these blowers mower more snow with less power than the single stage attachments most companies offer. Yanmar makes their snowblowers in three sizes:
YSB54S – 54 inch working width, 15-25 PTO HP
YSB64S – 64 inch working width, 15-35 PTO HP
YSB74C – 74 inch working width, 30-50 PTO HP
The transport width of these attachments is two inches wider than working width. All three attachments work with CAT 1 hitches, while the YSB74C also works with CAT 2 hitches. All Yanmar snowblowers are quick hitch compatible, and they all connect to the tractor with a CAT 3 driveline.
As equipped from the factory, the chute position on these blowers is set by hand, and has a 270 degree range of motion. However, Yanmar offers upgrade kits that add a remote system, so you can turn the chute from the operator’s position. This system can be powered off of electricity or the tractor’s hydraulic system.

Front Hitch Snow Blade

This snow blade attaches to a Yanmar front hitch, which is optional on some of their tractors and standard on others. The mount has a four spring suspension system, allowing the blade to trip over hidden objects. The bottom of the blade rides on skid shoes that are adjustable and replaceable, reducing wear and tear. The blade also comes with a kickstand, which keeps it upright for easy attachment.
The front hitch snow blade has 5 angle positions. The blade itself is 72 inches wide and 23 inches tall. With the blade set at 25 degrees, the widest angle of adjustment, it clears a path 57.2 inches wide. The snow blade is compatible with 21-35 HP tractors.

Front Loader Snow Blade

This blade has all the features of the front hitch snow blade, but it’s designed to attach to a front loader frame. It uses the same mounting points as a front loader bucket, and it lets you use the frame hydraulics to lift the blade while you’re lining up for your next pass. Thanks to the adjustable skid shoes, you can get the same blade height each time you set it on the ground.

We’re Your Snow Removal Headquarters

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has everything you need for landscaping, including snow moving equipment. We carry Yanmar tractors and attachments, as well as snowblowers from Honda, Cub Cadet and Troy Bilt. We also have a service department that can install and repair your equipment, and a warehouse stocked with replacement parts. When you need a better way to move snow, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. Need parts for your snowblower? We ship across the United States and Canada. To order, visit us online at

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