LB352 Vacuum Maintenance

As Billy Goat’s smallest lawn vac, the LB352 is as simple as you can get. There’s no drive system or hose, just a motor, an impeller, a nozzle and a bag. However, it still needs care like any other piece of outdoor equipment. Here’s what you need to do to keep your vacuum performing at its best.

Maintenance Schedule

Before each use, check the fit and condition of the debris bag and bag strap.
The bag should be cleaned periodically to maintain airflow through the fabric. There’s no set interval, because dirt buildup can vary widely depending on where you’re operating. A clean bag feels soft, while a dirty bag feels stiff, due to dirt buildup.
While you should follow your engine manual’s advice for maintenance, keep in mind that your vacuum operates in dusty environments. That means you’ll need to clean the air filter more frequently than the recommended maintenance interval. Likewise, you should take extra care to wipe the areas around the dipstick, oil fill and oil drain before changing the engine oil.

Cleaning the Bag

Use a pressure washer to push dirt out of the fabric, or run the bag through a clothes washer. Do not use fabric softener when you wash the bag. Let the bag air dry before putting it back on your vacuum.

Impeller Removal

You may need to remove the impeller, if something gets stuck in the housing. The blades on the impeller are sharp. Always wear gloves when working on this part of your vacuum.
The impeller bolt is made from spring steel that stretches slightly when tightened down. Always use a new bolt when you install the impeller.
You may need a second bolt that is an inch longer than the impeller bolt, but has the same thread pitch and diameter, 7/16-20 x 1 inch. This can be used with a gear puller to remove a jammed impeller.
1. Drain the oil and gas from the engine. Disconnect the spark plug.
2. Remove the bag and the control handle.
3. Flip the vacuum over. Make sure it isn’t resting on the recoil starter.
4. Remove the nuts at the ends of the axle, then disassemble the axle. Keep the parts in order: a washer, the wheel, a second washer, a spacer and the axle.
5. Remove the intake plate and inlet plate.
6. Unscrew the impeller bolt and washer.
7. Slide the impeller out of the housing. If it won’t move, screw in the long bolt, and use this as an anchor point for a gear puller. Attach the arms of the puller to the impeller back plate.
8. Install the parts in reverse order, using your new impeller bolt. Torque this bolt to 33-38 lb-ft.

Get Quality OEM Parts for Your Equipment

Do you need a new impeller bolt for your LB352 lawn vac, or a few engine parts for a tune up? Billy Goat Parts has everything you need. We’re an authorized dealer for Billy Goat and Briggs & Stratton, which means we carry OEM replacements for everything on your machine. If you need parts or accessories for your Billy Goat, visit us at We ship across the United States and Canada.

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