Storing Your Leaf Blower for the Winter

Are you doing what you should to keep your leaf blower safe this winter? Billy Goat has some new recommendations for preparing your leaf blower for storage. These tips apply to both their walk-behind and stander blowers.

Clean Your Blower
Dirt traps moisture, which leads to rust. You can use a pressure washer to clean your equipment. Just be sure to avoid direct spray near the gas tank, muffler and electrical components. Use a rag or dry brush to remove dirt from these areas. Once your blower is clean, let it run for a few minutes. The heat and air movement will help dry off the engine, impeller and impeller housing.

Change the Oil
Used oil harbors acidic combustion compounds, moisture and dirt that can harm your engine during storage. Billy Goat recommends changing your oil before you put up your blower for the winter. Use the oil recommended by the engine manufacturer. You don’t need to use oil weights recommended for low temperatures, as long as you don’t start your blower when it’s cold.

Check the Air Filter
Now is a great time to perform air filter maintenance. Remove the air filter elements and wipe down the inside of the air cleaner box. Paper elements can be cleaned by tapping them against a hard surface. This removes loose dirt from the filter pleats.
Foam elements should be cleaned with mild soap and water, or a non-flammable solvent. Let the foam air dry. Check your service manual to see if the foam filter should be oiled. Most Honda filters should be oiled, while most Briggs & Stratton filters should be left dry. If you have an oiled filter, soak the foam in clean engine oil, then squeeze out the excess oil before putting it back in the air box. To make this job less messy, put the filter and oil in a plastic bag while you saturate and squeeze out the filter media.
Don’t forget to check the filter again when you get your blower out of storage. This is a common target for mice and other rodents looking for bedding.

Fill the Tank
If you’re storing your blower with fuel, fill the fuel tank until it’s at least half full and add a stabilizer. This keeps air out of the tank, slowing oxidation. After adding the fuel treatment, run the engine for 5 to 10 minutes. This pulls the stabilized fuel into the carburetor, which helps prevent problems with clogged jets.

Need to Fix Something on Your Leaf Blower?

Do you need to repair your leaf blower before you need it again? Would you like to add a parking brake, or some other accessory? Billy Goat Parts has what you’re looking for. We carry replacement parts as well as OEM accessories for everything Billy Goat. Our site can find parts that fit your model, or you can use our sections of commonly ordered parts to pick up impellers, air filters and more. Our parts entries have built-in factory descriptions and diagrams, so you can see exactly what you’re ordering. When you need something for your walk behind or Hurricane blower, visit us at We ship across the USA and Canada.

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