Billy Goat’s New SG1300H Stump Grinder

In the past few years, Billy Goat has expanded their lineup to cover more landscaping jobs. Recent additions include a line of ride-on leaf blowers, a new walk-behind blower, and an auger. Now, they’re taking on stump grinding with the new SG1300H. As with everything else they make, this stump grinder has features that make it easier to use than anything else on the market.

Cutting Power

The SG1300H comes with a Honda GX390 making 13 HP. If you own any commercial lawn equipment, you’re probably familiar with the GX Series and its reputation for rock solid reliability. This engine drive a 15 ½ inch, 35 lb. cutting wheel fitted with 8 carbide teeth designed to slice through hard wood. Billy Goat also offers a green tooth kit for slicing through soft growth.

Increased Leverage and Deeper Cuts

The grinder has an arm with a long belt drive that increases leverage and extends belt life. Billy Goat pairs this with a long dual handle that has a bale on both ends. This adds even more leverage, and gives the operator a choice of hand positions while engaging the drive system. The handle has 5 height positions, so it fits most users. There’s also a foot mount on the base of the grinder that can be used to apply extra pressure.
A drum brake on the right wheel keeps the grinder from rolling, while still allowing the machine to pivot left and right. This makes it easy to sweep back and forth across a stump. The brake handle is just below the bail, putting it within reach of the operator.
The drive system angles down, giving the SG1300H a much longer reach than competing models. it can cut up to 24 inches above the grade down to 16 inches below. Most of Billy Goat’s competitors struggle to cut more than 9 inches deep. Rubber guards around the sides and back of the machine deflect chips away from the operator’s position.

At 330 lbs, this is one of the heaviest models in this segment. This helps the SG1300H resist kickback, and, thanks to its 8 inch pneumatic turf tires, you won’t notice the weight when you roll it around.

The Perfect Rental Stump Grinder

The SG1300H is a great choice for rental equipment. Like other Billy Goat models, this machine has clearly written instructions on the handle, along with a number users can text to get the full owner’s manual.

Get Parts and Accessories For Your Billy Goat

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