Where are the Billy Goat Model and Serial Numbers Located?

Billy Goat Home Pro MowerFor those customers new to Billy Goat’s various equipment options, it can sometimes be a bit of a hassle to find exactly which model number and serial number is associated with each of the company’s landscaping tools. Generally, however, there are some basic guidelines that apply to broad swaths of the company’s products, making it easier for homeowners to find the information they need when requesting service, looking for replacement parts, or simply recommending any of Billy Goat’s equipment to likeminded landscapers or fellow homeowners. For each of the company’s product lines, here’s what to know and where to look.

Guidelines for Billy Goat Mower Owners

Billy Goat’s lawn mowers are among the company’s most popular products, and each model series sold to consumers stores its serial number in a slightly different position on the equipment. For mower owners, a rundown of all popular models and serial number locations can be found below.

FM Finish Mowers and HP Finish Mowers

These popular finish mowers store the mower’s serial number information on the right side of the engine just behind the rear tire on the right-hand side of the equipment.

Billy Goat BC Outback Brushcutter

The company’s brushcutters keep their serial information stored on the back of the engine base located in the lower right-hand corner of the brushcutter.

Billy Goat HW High Weed Mower

Billy Goat’s most popular high weed mower keeps serial information stored on the left side of the engine base, and owners will simply have to look inside the left drive wheel to find the information that they need.

Leaf Blowers and Similar Equipment Types

Billy goat’s lineup of blowers is among its most popular products for tackling seasonal landscaping concerns, and serial numbers are easily accessible on each of the models currently available for sale to homeowners and amateur landscapers.

For those who own the company’s F9, F13, or F18 blowers, the serial number information is located on the right side of the engine’s base. It’s located on the right side of the engine base for those who own the Billy Goat F6 blower. Customers who purchased the Billy Goat BZ model will find the information they need on the rear right-hand side of the blower’s engine housing.

Billy Goat Vacuum Equipment

Vacuum models represent a significant part of the Billy Goat lineup, offering a way to contain rather than simply blow away leaves and other debris. Customers typically choose between four major models, and each of these models features the serial number and model number in a slightly different location.

The popular KV vacuum series stores this information on the back of the vacuum’s housing near where the containment bag is attached. MV models keep this information close to the height adjustment plate on the left side of the equipment, while BG models store it on the left side of the vacuum frame near the engine. Finally, VQ vacuum model owners will find their model number and serial number on the left side of the vacuum’s impeller housing area.

Renovation Equipment Sold by Billy Goat

Renovation equipment, including aerators, cutters, and other options, typically keeps model and serial number information near the engine. This varies slightly based on the type of equipment being used, of course, so a brief list of serial number locations follows.

Billy Goat Aerators

The Billy Goat AE aerator’s serial number and model number information is stored on the left side of the equipment’s frame near the back.

Power Rakes

Both the PR and CR power rake models sold by the company keep their serial numbers in the same place. Homeowners will be able to locate this information by checking the back side of the frame on the right-hand side of the rake.

The SC Sod Cutter

Billy Goat’s sod cutter, given the SC series tag, stores specific model number information and the equipment’s serial number on the left side of the equipment very close to where the engine is installed.

Billy Goat Truck Loaders

With an extensive lineup of truck loaders available, homeowners will need to be extra careful when checking each series for model and serial number details. The company’s TR and HTR model series contains this information just to the right of the engine, while the QL model contains this information near the front side of the engine base.

Models DL 12, DL 13, and DL 18 keep model numbers and serial numbers on the back of the machine near the right side of the engine area. DL 15 models, conversely, keep the same information on the left side of the engine housing.

BillyGoatParts.com Can Help with Parts and More

Most people look up their equipment’s specific model number and serial number in order to find the right parts for regular maintenance or replacement. For Billy Goat owners, finding parts is easiest at BillyGoatParts.com. The site features online parts diagrams and a parts lookup tool, and an easy way to find every engine part and equipment maintenance need no matter the model.

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