Using a Hurricane Stand-On Blower

The Hurricane X3000 and Z3000 are some of the most powerful debris blowers on the market. They’re also able to cover large areas quickly, thanks to a stand-on ZTR setup that emulates stander mowers. However, all that capability comes with a learning curve. Here’s what you need to know to get the most from these machines.
Taking Power into Consideration
The most powerful backpack blower available today moves about 1,000 cubic feet of air per minute. The Hurricane Z3000 moves 8,500 CFM. This doesn’t just mean it works faster, it requires an entirely different approach. For example, while a backpack blower may move leaves a few feet, a Hurricane can move them 20 feet or more with each pass. That means fewer passes to clear out a yard or parking lot It’s also far more effective at lifting matted debris, taking minutes to complete jobs that would normally take hours.
While small blowers are always used at top speed, you may want to have less power when using a Hurricane in tight quarters. Air speed can be controlled by changing engine speed. Since the Hurricane series uses a hydrostatic drive system, engine speed does not affect movement speed.
Motion Controls
The controls on this blower work just like those on a stand-on or ZTR mower. Pushing a lever forward makes the Hurricane move forward, and pulling back moves it backward. Changing speeds left-to-right turns the blower. The parking brake engages automatically when both levers are in the neutral position.
Nozzle Control
The Hurricane’s three vent doors are operated by a stick on the control panel. Pushing the stick forward, left or right opens the corresponding door. Pulling the stick back closes all of the doors. This setup lets you use a combination of doors for different tasks:
– Use the left or right doors to move leaves and debris in open spaces.
– Use the front door to clear leaves next to buildings.
– Use the front door and one side door to push leaves farther away from buildings and curbs
– Use all three doors to clear sidewalks
The left door has two flaps. By setting the pin on the side of the nozzle, you can open one or both doors at a time. This lets you use the full length of the vent, or use half the width for concentrated, high power air flow. Unlike the other vents, this door is motor controlled. Opening up the door a small amount directs air downward, pushing debris off of ground surfaces. Opening the door fully pushes air straight across, which helps shape leaf piles. You can tell the position of the door by looking at the gear train above the nozzle.
The front vent is on the left side of the blower. If you want to blow leaves away from buildings, the left side of the blower should face the wall to get the air as close to the building as possible.
Closing all three doors minimizes the amount of air exiting the machine. This is ideal for transport.
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