Maintenance Tips QV Quietvac Contractor Vacuum

The QV Quietvac is built to tackle the toughest construction cleanup jobs, including the removal of dangerous silica dust. This subjects the impeller, engine, bag and dust sock to massive amounts of dirt, accelerating wear. However, this machine will still last for years, as long as you take care of it. Here’s what you need to do to make sure your Quietvac is working at its best.

Maintenance Schedule

Before each use: Check the tire pressure and clean the debris bag
Every 5 hours of operation, or daily: Inspect the vacuum for loose or damaged parts.
Every 50 hours: Grease the fittings on the wheels, casters ans shaft. Check the drive belt.
Clean the bag and dust sock when they become clogged. How long this takes depends on your operating conditions.
Follow your engine manual’s recommendations for severe duty maintenance. Clean the air filter frequently, and clean the dipstick, oil fill and oil drain before changing the oil.

Dust Sock

Only use the dust sock in dry areas. Moisture will damage the fabric.
Clean the sock by removing it from the bag and dumping out any dust. Shake the sock to remove the dust embedded in the fabric. You can also push out dust compressed air, keeping the nozzle at least 6 inches away from the bag’s surface.

Belt Replacement

The impeller bolt stretches slightly when it’s tightened. Always use a new bolt and washer when you reinstall the impeller.
1. Disconnect the spark plug wire and chock the wheels.
2. Unbolt the nozzle and nozzle plate. Set these parts aside.
3. Slide the belt off the lower pulley, then off of the impeller hub. If you don’t have enough slack, loosen the bearings on the lower pulley.
4. Slide the belt off of the drive pulley.
5. Unbolt the impeller and slide it off of the drive shaft. You may need to apply penetrating oil and wiggle the impeller off with a pair of crowbars.
6. Loosen the set screws on the drive pulley. Slide this pulley down the shaft until you can lift off the belt.
7. Slide the new belt onto the bottom and drive pulleys.
8. Install the impeller, using a new bolt and washer. Slide the belt onto the impeller pulley.
9. Line up the impeller pulley with the drive pulley and tighten the set screws.
10. Attach the nozzle plate and nozzle.

Drive Cable Adjustment

This cable will stretch over time, and will need to be adjusted if the drive isn’t engaging and disengaging cleanly when you move the handle.
1. Disconnect the spark plug wire.
2. Remove the bag. Unbolt the transmission cover.
3. Move the drive levers while watching the arms on the back of the transaxle. The arms should engage, then return to their starting position.
4. Loosen the nuts on the cable barrel next to the drive levers. Twist the barrel to increase or decrease cable tension.
5. Check the arm movement. Once the arms go through their full range of motion when you use the levers, tighten down the barrel nuts. Attach the transmission cover and bag, and reconnect the spark plug.

Need Parts?

Billy Goat Parts is an authorized dealer for Billy Goat and Honda Engines, so we’re able to offer replacement parts for everything on your QV Quietvac. We have sections for commonly ordered parts, like impeller components and belts, as well as a search engine that can find parts specific to your model. To order, visit We ship across America and Canada.

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