Billy Goat’s New F14 Contractor/Municipal Wheeled Blower

Do you need a blower that works faster than a backpack? Do you wish you could get something with more power than the F13 contractor blower, but don’t need a giant machine like the F18? The new F14 walk behind blower bridges that gap, making it a great choice for landscapers, seal coaters and property services for schools, estates and golf courses.
Better Construction for Better Performance
The F14 uses a composite housing paired with a composite 17 inch impeller with 16 blades and closed faces.  By using plastics, the clearances can be much tighter than those on a metal fan. The result is more power, less fuel consumption, less wear and tear, and less noise. Durability is better, too. While metal fan blades can loosen during use, the F14’s fan is cast in a single shot that won’t come apart. Composite construction also saves weight, making the blower easier to move, so you can finish jobs faster.
Like other Billy Goat walk-behind blowers, this model lets you adjust the angle of the nozzle from the controls. By moving a single lever, you can skim the surface of the ground to roll debris into a pile, then aim upward to shape the pile without blowing it around. Billy Goat includes a forward discharge elbow that snaps into the air outlet. This makes it easy to push leaves and debris away from buildings.
The F14 is powered by Vanguard’s new 408cc single cylinder engine. While its 14 HP output is impressive, where it really shines is its focus on maintenance. The air box has a cyclonic air filtration system, something rarely seen outside of the largest commercial V-Twin engines. This keeps large debris away from the air filter, giving it a 600 hour service life. That’s twice as long as any other engine in this class.
Billy Goat makes two versions of the F14. The F1402V only uses the engine to spin the impeller. The F1402SPV adds hydrostatic drive, decreasing operator fatigue and increasing speed. On average, an operator will be able to push the F1402V at a speed of 1-2 MPH, while having the help of the F1402SPV’s drive system increases speed to 2-3 MPH. Both models weigh about the same.
The F14 can be outfitted to best fit the terrain you deal with day to day.
A caster wheel kit makes it easier to turn the machine, which is helpful when working around landscaping features.
If you regularly work on hills, the parking brake kit can keep the blower from rolling away when you leave the controls.
Do you have trouble with flat tires? You can swap out the pneumatic front wheel and tire with one fitted with a foam-filled tire.
Want to make transporting your blower easier? The quick hold down kit includes a bracket that you can bolt to your trailer, creating a place to lock down your blower.
Briggs & Stratton Vanguard guarantees the engine for three years of use. Billy Goat guarantees the housing for 5 years, and the rest of the machine for two years of use. These warranties cover both commercial and residential users.
Get the Parts and Accessories You Need for Your Billy Goat
You can get everything you need to upgrade or repair your wheeled blower from Billy Goat Parts. We’re a certified dealer for Billy Goat, Tuff Torq and Vanguard, which means we offer replacements for everything on your machine. Want to add a parking brake, or switch to a foam front tire? We also sell accessories. Our site can show you parts listings and factory parts diagrams specific to your model. To order, visit us at We can ship your order to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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