Using and Caring for Billy Goat Vacuum Bags

The bag is the most important part of your Billy Goat vacuum, and also the source of the most problems. Knowing how to properly maintain the bag can help you avoid clogs and get maximum performance. Here’s everything you need to know about these bags, from break-in to cleaning.
Attaching and Removing Bags
To attach a bag to your vacuum, lift the vacuum door and slide the bag into the slot. Once the bag opening seats, lock the four straps to the handle, starting with the straps closest to the door.
To empty the bag, move your vacuum to the area where you want to unload the debris and shut off the engine. Wait until the motor and impeller come to a complete stop. Unlatch the clips on the bottom of the bag. Lift the top center of the bag to take the tension off of the straps. Remove the back straps, followed by the front straps. Pull the bag opening away from the vacuum and tilt the bag back to empty it.
Cleaning Vacuum Bags
After using the vacuum, remove the bag from the machine. Turn the bag inside out to remove any debris clinging to the fabric. Rinse the inner bag surface with a garden hose, and let the bag dry before putting it back on the vacuum. If you’re using your vacuum multiple times per week, you may want to pick up a spare bag, so you always have one ready to use while the other is drying.
Over time, the bag fabric will become saturated with dust. Wash the bag in water and a mild detergent, then rinse and wipe down the inner and outer surfaces. Never use a pressure washer or compressed air to clean your bag. Doing so will damage the fabric.
Breaking In New Bags
While you can use a new vacuum bag straight out of the box, breaking it in will improve performance. This process helps open up the pores in the fabric and gives the bag some shape. The result is a bag that holds more debris and is less likely to clog. This process also improves the performance of bags that are freshly washed.
To break in a new bag, attach it to your vacuum. Set the vacuum on a flat, dirt-free surface, like a parking space or driveway. Start the engine, and set the throttle to 50%. Let the vacuum run for 30 minutes.
Do I Need a Felt or Standard Bag?
Felt bags have finer pores. This helps trap more dirt inside the bag, but it also means the bag will clog up faster than a regular vacuum bag. You should switch to a felt bag if fine dust pours out of your current bag while in use.
Keep in mind that a felt bag is not effective at filtering silica. If you need to clean up cement dust, use a QV Quietvac with a dust sock installed. The sock has a superfine surface that traps silica before it becomes airborne.
Need Something for Your Billy Goat Equipment?
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