Tips for Renovating Your Lawn with Billy Goat Equipment

GrassWith everything from snow and ice to fall foliage and other seasonal concerns affect a home’s lawn throughout the year, homeowners should be pretty thankful that grass is one of the most resilient plants that surrounds their home. Even so, seasonal damage and other problems can result in thatching, bald spots, and other unsightly effects that might cause a lawn to be a bit less presentable during the late spring and late autumn than it is at the height of summer. This is a problem that’s actually really easy to fix as long as homeowners have the right renovation and rejuvenation equipment on hand.

Billy Goat, like many power equipment and landscaping manufacturers, has an extensive product lineup that can help with a wide variety of lawn renovation concerns. If things have become a bit unsightly and seasonal damage has taken its toll, each of these equipment options and processes will provide much-needed support and great results.

Power Raking: A Great Way to Break Up and Eliminate Thatch

One of the most common problems that affects lawns during the spring thaw, and even during the cooler months of autumn, is that grass tends to be flattened into thatch that can make the lawn a bit un-presentable. This thatch can also reduce nutrients available to other parts of the lawn, resulting in most extensive renovation concerns if it isn’t tackled early and often.

Billy Goat recommends handling thatch with its power rake equipment. Power raking a lawn simply involves using a walk behind rake that reaches down into the lawn, pulling up blades of grass and de-tangling thatch that has accumulated over time. The result is a lawn that looks better, stands tall, and has access to the full benefits of sunlight and soil nutrients. Power raking is easy with Billy Goat’s equipment, which is 20 inches wide and can tackle even the largest lawns in a matter of just a few minutes.

Aerating the Lawn with Billy Goat Equipment

While thatch can be a major drag on the lawn during the spring and fall months, it’s not the only way that lawns can suffer from a lack of attention or nutrients throughout the year. Because fall foliage and snow tend to compact the soil and even make it rather hard, grass can have a pretty difficult time absorbing water or fertilizer, as well as accessing the naturally occurring nutrients that lie jut below the surface. This problem is quite common, but it’s also easily fixed by using a Billy Goat aerator during the spring or fall months.

The aerator is much like the power rake, in that it extends blades downward toward the ground to interact directly with the grass and soil. The power rake, however, doesn’t actually penetrate the soil or loosen it up. Instead, those blades merely untangle thatched grass. The aerator differs because it’s specifically designed to puncture holes in the ground and loosen soil that has been compacted after months of heavy snow and fall foliage.

Essentially, aerating the lawn allows the equipment to provide express pathways for fertilizer, sunlight, rainfall, and essential nutrients to reach the grass. This process should be performed very early on in the spring, generally immediately after the final thaw of the season. By making sure that grass can access nutrients as soon as possible, homeowners will effectively prevent bare spots from forming on the lawn. That saves a great deal of maintenance and headaches later on as summer approaches, and it requires very little effort when done with a Billy Goat aerator.

Overseeding Equipment Makes it Easy to Fix Bare Spots and Thicken the Lawn

The final step in any seasonal lawn rejuvenation process should be overseeding, which is designed to fix bare spots and fix any issues that might have occurred over the course of the fall and winter months. Thanks to the compacted soil and thatching, some grass will inevitably die off between the end of one summer season and the start of the next. Overseeding equipment, sold by Billy goat, allows homeowners to simply seed an existing lawn and fix any thinning that may have occurred.

Overseeding equipment can also be used to fix bare spots that have suffered exponentially more during the colder months of the year. With proper aeration before hand, the overseeder will create a thicker, fuller looking lawn during spring and make sure that the entire outdoor area is presentable by the time summer entertaining season has arrived. Can Help Homeowners with Lawn Renovation and Rejuvenation

For all of Billy Goat’s renovation equipment, as well as OEM replacement parts, maintenance help and more, homeowners should check out The site is full of great equipment options, service recommendations, and all the advice needed to turn any springtime lawn into a summer success story.


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