Billy Goat Overseeders Overview

Billy Goat Power RakeBilly Goat’s lawn rejuvenation equipment is a great way to undo months of wear and tear placed on the lawn by cool weather, heavy snowfall, or even the ravages of a summer drought. The company sells what is often considered the trifecta in this particular niche: aerators to channel nutrients and moisture down to the roots of each blade of grass, power rakes to break up thatch and restore the lawn’s uniform appeal, and overseeders to help thicken the lawn’s turf and create great curb appeal throughout the summer and into autumn.

It is the company’s overseeders that are concerned with placing the finishing touches on lawn rejuvenation, and that helps to explain why there are two really powerful models available for homeowners looking to reclaim their lawn from the plight of brown patches, thatch, and thinned-out grass that simply isn’t very appealing from a distance. Each model has a number of great benefits for homeowners with lawns of varying size, and each overseeder is a great choice for regular rejuvenation and lawn renovation.

Like-Minded: The Features that Unite the OS901 and OS500 Series Overseeders

Though Billy Goat produces two distinct models of overseeders, the company has given both models a relatively similar feature set that uses the latest innovations in home lawn care and amateur landscaping. Both the OS901 hydrostatic model and the OS500 push model offer the Auto Drop seed system, which is designed to intelligently disperse seeds without wasting them or cramming them too close together. The result is a smarter approach to restoring each blade of grass, giving each seed the space it needs to properly germinate, mature, and withstand the elements throughout the summer.

Both models are designed to be stored in exceedingly compact spaces, and that means both the OS901 and the OS500 come with foldable, bolt-free handles that can easily be collapsed on top of the equipment. The result is a mower that shrinks in height and can easily fit into the back corner of a garage or into an already crowded toolshed full of other landscaping and rejuvenation equipment options. Beneath the foldable handles and powerful engines that power each model, heavy duty wheels allow the equipment to roll firmly around the lawn without doing damage to newly placed seeds or existing, healthy grass.

Aside from these similarities, the OS500 and OS901 do diverge in some significant ways. These differences manifest themselves in terms of the engines used to power each model, the adjustments that can be made prior to and during the overseeding process, and other small disparities.

A Look at the Drive Systems: Where the OS500 and OS901 Differ the Most

Consumers considering the OS901 series overseeder are likely drawn to the equipment because it demands less effort overall in order to propel the equipment forward and conquer seriously large outdoor spaces. That’s because the equipment comes standard with a hydrostatic transmission that propels the mower forward rather conveniently, requiring minimal pushing on behalf of the operator. The drive system is one of the most unique features of any overseeder, and it makes the OS901 a natural choice for very large lawns and landscaping fixtures.

The OS500 series, meanwhile, lacks the hydrostatic drive system entirely. The equipment is sold as a standard push overseeder, and that makes it perfect for smaller lawns or those consumers who simply don’t require the assistance of a hydrostatic drive system and self-propulsion.

Adjustment and Equipment Widths: More Overseeder Differences

In addition to two completely different methods of pushing or propelling the equipment forward, each of Billy Goat’s overseeders comes with a slightly different method of adjusting the blades and getting the job done. The OS901, which already features self-propulsion for ultimate convenience, can also be adjusted infinitely to meet different height needs and seeding requirements. This infinite depth adjustment makes the overseeder an even stronger buy for those homeowners with larger outdoor areas, challenging terrain, and a great need to seed at different depths based on the equipment’s location around the home.

Conversely, the OS500 series is a bit more compact and has a 0.5-inch adjustment window that makes it perfect for flatter, smaller lawns and more traditional uses around the home. It’s also about two inches narrow than the OS901, making it easier to maneuver around landscaping features and trees.

Engines: A Basic Difference

The OS901 pairs its hydrostatic drive system with either a Honda or Subaru engine, allowing the equipment to move forward at as much as 3 miles per hour. The OS500 features two smaller but still very powerful engines, with either the Honda or Briggs & Stratton engine included based on the consumer’s need for horsepower and quicker seeding.

Learn More About These Great Overseeders at is a great resource for potential overseeder customers, with plenty of information about the OS500 and the OS901. The website also offers both models for purchase, as well as a great selection of OEM parts that can be used for regular maintenance issues or the occasional repair.

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