Billy Goat Tow Behind Aerator – Model AET

Billy Goat AETBilly Goat’s rejuvenation equipment is almost always thought of entirely as a lineup of walk behind models, but that’s actually not the case. In fact, the company has several towable models that work with existing riding lawn mowers and other existing equipment to handle truly large outdoor spaces. One example can be found in the company’s AET towable aerator. Instead of walking behind the equipment, customers simply attach the aerator to an existing riding mower and get the job done much more comfortable. The equipment is limited only by the speed and power of the tow, making this a great way to handle the largest outdoor areas around the home, commercial facilities, or in athletic applications.

The Billy Goat Difference: Features of the AET Towable Aerator

Billy Goat’s aerators are all pretty impressive, and the towable model is no exception to this. The company has rid its walk behind models of additional steel weights in order to place the tines firmly in the ground, and that’s a feature that has made its way to the AET towable model as well. Instead of bulky weights that can make the equipment unwieldy and hard to maintain, customers can opt to purchase water-fillable tanks that sit near the rear of the aerator. When filled to capacity, each tank can add up to 40 pounds to the overall weight of the AET aerator. That’s a pretty significant commitment to effective work that really gets nutrients and seeds into the soil.

The AET towable aerator has also been designed to reduce the overall amount of maintenance required to keep the equipment in good repair. To that end, Billy Goat added pillow block bearings with grease zerks, which are designed to reduce overall wear and tear on crucial joints while eliminating several key maintenance requirements and promoting an overall easier period of ownership for customers who take the plunge and add the AET to their lawn rejuvenation routine.

With a convenient disengagement bar and foot pad, the equipment’s tines can be adjusted or disengaged more easily than is possible even on many walk behind aerators currently on the market. It all adds up to one of the most convenient aeration processes available to those buyers who have the capacity to tow the AET around their larger property.

A Look at the AET Aerator’s Specs

The Billy Goat AET towable aerator comes with 10-inch pneumatic tires that have been designed not only to promote a smooth towing experience, but also to make sure that the tires themselves don’t undo or ruin any of the aerating taking place throughout the lawn. The larger tires and their pneumatic characteristics almost “float” above the soil, rather than sinking in, digging down, and filling new hole with old dirt.

The equipment itself weighs in at about 240 pounds, which is roughly the same weight that the company’ walk behind aerators measure on the scale. Of course, this is the dry weight of the equipment without any water in the available tanks. If necessary, buyers can add multiple water tanks and add a significant amount of extra weight that can help tines really dig in to tough or heavily compacted soil after a long winter of settling and snowpack.

The equipment is 65 inches wide, 66 inches long, and 29 inches in total height. It can easily be towed by many of today’s most popular riding mowers and tractors, but does require equipment with an engine that can produce at least 15 horsepower. For those homeowners who prefer to weight the equipment even further using the water tanks that are sold separately, it may be necessary to opt for an even larger engine or more powerful piece of towing equipment to make sure that no mechanical difficulties or engine problems are experienced during the task.

Accessories: Options for Even Better Aerating

Generally, the AET towable aerator is itself considered an accessory. With that in mind, however, it’s worth noting that Billy Goat does sell the water tanks separately for those homeowners who anticipating needing to weigh down their aerator to work with particularly dense or compacted soil. Each water tank holds up to 5 gallons of water and weighs up to 40 pounds when fully filled. Tanks are available to purchase on an individual basis so that consumers can add only the extra expense they require for effective aerating throughout their lawn and other areas. Can Get the Aerating Process Started

With the full lineup of Billy Goat’s aerators and other lawn renovation products, as well as enough weighted water tanks to serve scores of customers nationwide, is a great place to get started with essential aeration of the lawn no matter the time of year. Best of all, the site is full of OEM parts and maintenance aids that can make it even easier to maintain Billy Goat equipment over the long-term.

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