Tips for Maintaining a Billy Goat TKV650SPH Vacuum

What’s in a name? “TKV650SPH” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but this Billy Goat chipper lawn vacuum makes quick work of the most stubborn lawn debris. Here’s what you need to know to make sure it stays at peak performance for years to come.

Maintenance Intervals

For your vacuum’s engine, refer to the included engine manual for maintenance information. Although this vacuum has used one model of Honda motor so far, running changes can mean slightly different maintenance requirements from engine to engine.

Before each use, clean the debris bag and check the tightness of the bag strap.

After each use or 5 hours of operation, check the vacuum for excessive vibration, and make sure there aren’t any parts that are loose, worn or damaged.

Impeller Removal, Belt Replacement and Blade Sharpening

Before you begin, make sure you have a new impeller bolt, lock washer and washer on hand.

Reaching the impeller involves moving the engine, so let it cool completely. Disconnect the spark plug and remove any oil and fuel before taking the vacuum apart.

1. Remove the vacuum bag, quick release and upper handle. Take care not to kink or bend the control cables, housing or end fittings.
2. Remove the transmission cover, idler pulley, transmission and transmission belt.
3. Remove the transmission plate and housing cop plate. These are held on by bolts around the outside of the housing.
4. Flip over the top plate, leaving the engine attached. The impeller should now be on top.
5. Remove the bolt and lock washer on the impeller. Lift the impeller straight upwards. If the impeller won’t budge, get a 3/4-16 bolt that is at least three inches long. Apply some penetrating oil around the opening, then thread in the bolt until it’s against the shaft. Slowly tighten the bolt to pull the impeller away from the shaft.

You should now have access to the belt if you want to replace it. To sharpen the blades, remove them from the impeller using a 3/16 inch Allen wrench and a 1/2 inch open end wrench. The blades should be sharpened at a 40 degree angle. They should be replaced if the blade doesn’t reach past the chip relief hole on the impeller.

To reinstall the impeller, follow the steps in reverse, using the new impeller bolt, lock washer and washer, tightening them down to 33-38 ft-lbs (41-51 N m.) Before bolting in the transmission, make sure the drive belt is fitted on the belt plate and transmission pulley. Remember to refill the gas and oil and reconnect the spark plug.

Aligning and Replacing the Drive Chain

Let the engine cool completely, disconnect the spark plug and prop up the rear enough to get the back wheels off the ground before beginning disassembly.

1. Remove the transmission cover and transmission belt.
2. Remove the bolts on the sides of the transmission holding the flange bearings. The chain should now be loose enough to remove and replace with a new chain.
3. Put the bolts back in the bearings and tighten them down, making sure the bearings line up so that the chain is running in a straight line. If the bearings are set correctly, the rear wheels should turn freely.
4. Reinstall the transmission cover and transmission belt, then reconnect the spark plug.

Belt Tension Adjustment

1. Shut off the engine and allow it to cool completely. Disconnect the spark plug.
2. Remove the transmission cover.
3. Using two 1/2 inch wrenches, loosen the two nuts on the cable that connects to the idler arm. It has a pulley on the end that presses against the belt.
4. To adjust the tension, screw the nut at the end of the cable in or out. The more threads are exposed, the tighter the cable will be.
5. Make sure the spring the cable is attached to is 1.5 inches long when the bail is open, and 1.75 inches long when the bail is pressed against the handle. This ensures the belt is tight enough that it won’t fall off, but loose enough that it won’t wear prematurely.
6. Reassemble the vacuum and test the tension with the motor running. If the drive belt isn’t engaging and disengaging properly, repeat this process and make adjustments.

Where to Buy Billy Goat Parts

When you need parts for your Billy Goat lawn equipment, go to They’re a certified OEM dealer for Billy Goat and the Honda, Kohler and Briggs & Stratton motors that power them. They can ship anything for your TKV650SPH chipper vacuum, whether you just need a new impeller bolt, a new belt or a whole new engine.

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