Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide for a Billy Goat KV600 Vacuum

The Billy Goat KV600 is a top quality professional lawn vacuum, but even the best equipment can run into problems. This guide will help you solve common issues with this piece of equipment so you can keep it running without having to take it into a shop for repairs.

Impeller Removal

Most problems can be addressed by inspecting and cleaning the impeller. A new bolt, lock washer and washer should be used whenever the impeller is replaced.

Before beginning the repair, let the engine cool completely to prevent burns when handling the top plate, and disconnect the spark plug to prevent accidental starts.

  1. Drain fuel and oil from the engine.
  2. Remove the bag, quick release and upper handle, taking care not to damage or kink the control cables, housings or end fittings.
  3. Remove the bolts around the outside of the housing.
  4. With the engine still attached, lift the top plate straight up and flip it upside down. The impeller should now be facing upward.
  5. Remove the impeller bolt, lock washer and washer.
  6. Slide the impeller up and off the shaft. If it doesn’t want to budge, apply some penetrating fluid to the shaft, then use a pair of pry bars to push up on the impeller, applying pressure at the center near the shaft.
  7. Using a new impeller bolt, lock washer and washer, reinstall the impeller. The bolt should be tightened to 33-38 ft-lbs. (44-51 N m.)
  8. Turn the top plate over and slide it back into place. Screw the bolts into the plate.
  9. Add gas and oil to the engine, and reattach the spark plug cable.


Vacuum vibrates abnormally

  • Check the impeller, removing any debris logged in the fins. Replace the impeller if it has been damaged.
  • Have the engine serviced.

Poor or no suction

  • Clean the debris bag, nozzle and exhaust to ensure debris and air can flow freely.
  • Make sure the hose kit cap has been fitted.
  • Raise the nozzle. It needs to be high enough to draw in air to help pull debris into the bag.

Engine won’t start

  • Make sure the stop switch is in the “on” position and the throttle is open.
  • Set the choke to “full.”
  • Make sure there is fresh gasoline in the tank. See the engine manual for fuel recommendations.
  • Check the spark plug wire connection.
  • Clean or replace the air filter.

Engine will not pull over

  • Remove any debris in impeller that could prevent it from spinning.
  • Have the engine serviced.

Nozzle scrapes the ground when in the lowest height setting.

  • Adjust nozzle height using the red knob on the top plate of the vacuum.

Excessive dust coming out of the bag

  • Switch to a felt bag to trap fine dust.

For other engine issues, refer to the engine manual included with your vacuum. To date, Billy Goat has used the same Briggs & Stratton motor with all KV600 vacuums, but running changes in the current engine and the possibility of engine replacements in the future make the manual the best source for extra troubleshooting information for your vacuum’s motor.

Where to Buy Parts and Accessories for the Billy Goat KV600 Vacuum

As long as you have some common hand tools, it’s easy to service and repair the KV600. Getting replacement parts is easy, too, thanks to It doesn’t matter if you need a replacement shaft bolt, a felt bag or a new impeller. If it’s Billy Goat, we can ship it to you, even if you live in Canada. We’re a certified dealer for Billy Goat and the engines used in Billy Goat products including Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Kohler. Our site has advanced parts lookup system with factory diagrams so you can be sure you’re buying exactly what you need. In fact, you can start your parts search right here for the KV600 and variants like the self-propelled KV600SPFB.

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