Maintenance Tips for a Billy Goat VQ1002SP Vacuum

The VQ1002SP can quickly pick up massive amounts of lawn debris, but only if it is properly maintained. This guide will walk you through common maintenance tasks including chain tension, belt tension and impeller removal.

Maintenance Schedule

Every use: Clean the debris bag, check the strap for tightness and check the air pressure in the tires.
Every 5 hours or daily: Inspect the vacuum for excessive vibration and loose, damaged or worn parts.
Every 10 hours: Lubricate the drive chain and oil the control pivot points.
Every 50 hours: Add grease to the wheels via the grease fittings and check the belt adjustment.

Impeller Removal

The impeller needs to be removed to replace the drive belt and to clean out any debris lodged in the impeller housing. The bolt and lock washer need to be replaced each time the impeller is removed.

  1. Disconnect the plug wire from the spark plug and the remote control rod from the nozzle gobbler door.
  2. Lift the machine onto a stable platform that keeps the front caster wheels off of the ground.
  3. Remove the nozzle and caster wheel brackets.
  4. Remove the top and side belt guards, located between the housing and transmission.
  5. Loosen the wire belt guide located on the front of the engine next to the housing.
  6. Slide the belt toward the engine and out of the groove on the impeller drive pulley.
  7. Remove the impeller bolt and lock washer. The impeller should slide off of the shaft. If it doesn’t want to move, get a bolt that is an inch longer than the impeller bolt but has the same pitch and diameter. Apply some penetrating fluid, then screw in this long bolt. Attach a gear or wheel puller to the bolt and use it to separate the impeller from the shaft.

When the repairs have been completed, reassemble the vacuum in reverse order.

Brake Adjustment

To adjust the belt on the parking brake, remove the brake guard and tighten the mounting nut that connects the brake arm to the transmission. Make sure the wheels can still spin freely when the brake is disengaged.

Chain Lubrication

The chain should be oiled with chain lube or SAE 30 weight oil. The chain oiling hole is located on the rear axle cover. When oiling, the rear wheels need to be turned so that the entire chain gets coated.

Chain Adjustment

To inspect the chain, disconnect the spark plug, then remove the chain guards and lift the vacuum onto a platform that keeps the rear wheels off of the ground. Turn the rear wheels of the vacuum to spin the drive mechanism. Check the chain and sprockets for wear, tension, alignment and lubrication.

If the chain tension needs to be adjusted, loosen the nuts on the rear wheel bearings. Pull the axle back to increase tension or slide it forward to decrease tension. Make sure the wheels are square with the vacuum and tighten down the nuts. Turn the rear wheels: if the chain binds at any point, the tension needs to be reduced.

If the chain is worn, replace the chain and sprockets as a set: worn sprockets will cause premature chain wear.

Belt Adjustment

When the idler pulley is engaged, the wire belt guides should clear the belt by 0.06-0.125 inches (1.5–3.3mm.) To adjust the tension, tighten or loosen the clutch cable nut. If the cable can’t be adjusted to reach the correct tension, the belt needs to be replaced. The impeller must be removed to get full access to the belt for removal.

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