Setting Up and Using the DL 13 Debris Loader


Did you just pick up a Billy Goat DL 13 debris loader? Do you feel like you aren’t getting the best use out of your machine? This guide will help you get your new loader ready to use out of the box and avoid problems with clogging and performance.

Mounting the Loader

This loader must be mounted before assembly to keep it stable. The DL 13 has 6 holes in its skid mount designed to be used with 3/8 inch diameter bolts with washers and lock nuts. These holes are on the left and right sides of the mount. The loader can be bolted down directly to a trailer or truck bed, or it can be used with Billy Goat’s kits to attach the loader on a hitch receiver or tailgate.

Setting Up the DL 13

All hardware needed to install the boom, exhaust elbow and hose can be found packed in a bag with the owner’s manual.

1. Attach the hose to the housing intake using a quick clamp. The hose and clamp need to go around the intake and the shut-off switch.

2. Use screws and fender washers to attach the handle to the nozzle. Attach the nozzle to the hose using a hose clamp.

3. Attach the hose boom by sliding it through the ring on the top of the housing. The end of the boom should rest in the cup below this ring.

4. Slide the hose band around the hose, then use cap screws, washers and lock nuts to attach the chain to the band. Connect the other end of the chain to the boom.

5. Attach the exhaust elbow. This part is heavy, so it helps to have a second person on hand to hold the elbow while you install the bolts. Place the elbow on top of the housing chute. Slide the carriage bolts up from the bottom flange through the holes on the top of the housing and the base of the chute. Place washers and knobs on the ends of the carriage bolts, Screw down the lock nuts until the nylock layer splits.

Adjusting the Hose Boom

The chain connecting the boom and hose strap should run straight up and down, and the hose between the strap and the intake housing should be parallel to the ground. This gives debris a straight shot to the impeller, reducing the chance of a clog. To adjust the height, connect the attachment links on the boom and strap to a different part of the chain.

Adjusting the Chute

Aim the chute so that debris drops into the rear of the bed or container. To rotate the chute, loosen the knobs on top of the outlet and rotate the chute until it’s at the desired angle. Due to the weight of the chute, this is best done with two people.

Getting More Life Out of the Hose

Rotate the hose occasionally so that the opening is in a different position over the intake and shut off switch. When using the loader, keep the hose as straight as possible, and avoid scraping the nozzle against the ground. This will reduce wear and help prevent clogs.

Clearing Clogs

In most cases, stretching out the hose to give debris a straight shot to the impeller is enough to clear a clog. Shut off the engine before clearing hose clogs by hand.

If there is a clog inside the impeller, shut off the engine and disconnect the spark plug before removing the intake cover. If the motor seems jammed, there may be a major clog inside the impeller housing.


Excessive vibration: Either the impeller or engine are out of balance. Inspect the impeller for damage or clogged debris.

Poor vacuum performance: Keep the nozzle slightly above debris, not in them. This lets the loader draw in air with the debris, maintaining flow. Check the loader for clogs.

Engine won’t start: Make sure the hose is clamped down over the shut-off switch. Check the engine start/stop switch. Make sure there’s plenty of fresh fuel inside the gas tank and check the spark plug connection. A dirty air filter can also cause starting problems.

Engine is locked: Check the impeller for damage or clogs.

Get the Parts and Accessories You Need for Your Loader

Need to add an extension to the chute or replace a worn hose? has everything you need. We’re a certified dealer for Billy Goat and their engine partners, letting us offer OEM replacements for everything on our equipment. We can ship whatever you need to any address in the United States or Canada.

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