Getting the Most from Your Debris Loader

Billy Goat Debris Loader

Using a piece of power equipment just to move leaves a few feet sounds crazy, but it can save you a lot of time and money on fall lawn care jobs. These tips will help you get the best use from your Billy Goat debris loader so you can pick up leaves for disposal quickly and effectively.

Why Use a Loader?

When you have workers to pay, time is money. Raking up leaves and dropping them into a trailer is back-breaking and labor intensive, making fall cleanup time-consuming. Even if you have access to a front loader, the last of the leaves will always need to be picked up by hand. A debris loader vacuums leaves and lawn clippings, picking up everything whether you have a big pile or a few leftover leaves keeping the lawn from being spotless.

The cost savings don’t stop there. Billy Goat’s Piranha blades have serrated edges that tear and break up debris as they first pass into the loader, where they’re broken down further by more serrated edges on the impeller. This compacts lawn waste, letting you carry more, spend less on disposal fees or use debris directly in compost piles.


All Billy Goat debris loaders have a skid mount that can be attached to a variety of mounting equipment.

DL 12, 13 15 and 18 models can be used with a hitch mount. This is perfect for dumping leaves into the back of a light-duty pickup. When it’s time to dump the load, a hinge lets the loader swing out of the way. If you still want to tow a trailer, Billy Goat also makes a mount that fits over the tailgate, keeping the hitch free. The loader’s skid mount can also be mounted directly to a trailer, letting you bring it along with your equipment. This can be done with any loader model.

DL 25 and 35 loaders can be fitted to a DOT-approved trailer. This is great for using with both light and heavy-duty trucks.

Billy goat offers horizontal and vertical extensions and both deflector and hose attachments for the end of the chute to get the leaves exactly where you want them. A 360-degree swiveling mount lets you move the chute out of the way when you need to access the trailer or bed.

When setting up your loader’s chute, the debris should fall at the end of the container that’s furthest from the loader. As the space fills up, the debris will gradually fall closer to the loader, filling up the container with minimal intervention.

Using the Intake

Use a sweeping motion to pick up debris. For the best performance, air needs to be drawn in with the leaves. Keep the end of the nozzle a little above the area you’re cleaning.

To avoid clogs, adjust the chain connecting the hose band to the boom so that the hose is running parallel to the ground.

Removing Clogs

If the clog is inside the intake hose, pull the hose out in a straight line. The suction from the impeller will usually dislodge the clogged material. More problematic clogs can be removed by hand after shutting off the engine and waiting for the impeller to stop spinning.

If the clog is somewhere else in the loader, shut off the engine and let the impeller come to a complete stop. Disconnect the spark plug wires. If your loader has an electric starter, disconnect the battery. At this point, the intake housing can be unbolted from the loader to clean out the impeller, or the chute can be unbolted to remove trapped debris. Keep in mind that both parts are very heavy and will require at least two people to move.

Using the Interlock System

Billy Goat’s loaders have a large black switch on the top of the intake that will ground the engine’s electrical system when open. This shuts off the engine if the intake hose falls off of the intake housing. When installing the hose, make sure the clamp goes over the switch.

Get the Parts and Accessories You Need for Your Debris Loader

When you need something for your Billy Goat equipment, visit We’re an authorized dealer for Billy Goat and their engine partners, so we’re able to offer OEM replacements for everything on your loader as well as the accessories you need to use it with your truck or trailer. We can ship your order to any address in the USA or Canada.

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