Debris Loader Set-Up and Maintenance: DL14 and DL18

Debris Loader Set-Up and Maintenance: DL14 and DL18

It may be fall, and if you’re a professional landscaper, it’s also leaf cleanup season. Here’s what you need to know to get a new Billy Goat DL14 or DL18 loader up and running as well as dealing with maintenance and repair issues that can slow down you down during this seasonal rush.

Attaching the Hose

The hose and boom will need to be attached during initial assembly. The hose should be disconnected when transporting the loader.

1. Slide the hose band over the hose.
2. Use a quick clamp to attach the hose over the impeller intake and the shut-off switch. When tightened, the switch will fit flush with the intake. The hose should be disconnected when transporting the loader.
3. Attach the handle to the nozzle using the included screws and 5/16 inch fender washers. Use the included hose clamp to attach the hose to the nozzle.
4. Slide the short end of the hose boom into the ring at the top of the housing and down into the cup next to the housing and impeller outlet.
5. Stretch the hose straight out from the impeller inlet. Rotate the boom, placing it directly above the hose. Line up the hose band so it’s directly below the end of the boom. Use the included ¼ by 2 ¾ inch cap screws, lock nuts and ¼ inch washers to attach the band to the boom chain. Attach the other end of the chain to the boom. The chain is the right length if the band is holding up the hose so that it’s parallel to the intake.

Installing the Exhaust Elbow

Have someone on hand to help you lift and position the exhaust elbow over the impeller outlet. Run the carriage bolts up from the bottom of the holes in the outlet, then install the 2 ¼ inch washers and knobs on the bolts.

Maintenance Schedule

Before each use: Check the engine oil, air filter and wear liner. Clean the hose and remove any debris around the engine.
Every 5 hours of use or daily: Inspect the loader for damage, excessive vibration, and loose parts.
Every 25 hours: Check the battery terminals for corrosion (electric start models only.)

Information on engine maintenance can be found in the engine owner’s manual included with your machine. Keep in mind that loaders are exposed to high levels of airborne dust so the air filter will need to be cleaned frequently. Wear and tear on other parts will vary depending on your working conditions, so they don’t have a set replacement schedule.

Battery (Electric Start Models)

Due to the proximity of the battery to the exhaust system, using the wrong size battery could lead to overheating and premature failure. Billy Goat recommends using an EXT12 size battery on the DL14 and an EXT 16 size battery on the DL18. Hold downs for the battery are included in the hardware bag.

Operating the loader for 45 minutes is enough to recharge a battery in good condition. If the loader isn’t being used, recharge the battery every 4-6 weeks.

If the battery loses its charge, it can usually be revived with a trickle charger. This charger should have an output of 12 volts and up to two amps. Using a two amp charger should recharge the battery in about 24 hours, while a one amp charger will take 48 hours. After charging, the battery output should be between 12 and 13.2 volts.

Impeller Removal

The impeller may need to be removed to fix major clogs or to replace the wear liner. When reinstalling the impeller, use a new impeller bolt, washer and lock washer. These parts deform when torqued down and can’t be reused.

1. Let the engine cool down and disconnect the spark plug.
2. Disconnect the hose from the impeller intake.
3. Remove the 6 lock nuts holding the intake housing onto the impeller housing. Set the housing aside, being careful not to stretch the wire for the safety switch.
4. Use an impact wrench with a 5/8 inch socket to unscrew the impeller bolt. Slide off the bolt, washer and lock washer.
5. Pull the impeller off of the shaft. If it won’t budge, apply penetrating oil and use a pry bar on the impeller hub to free it up. Using a pry bar on the impeller plates can bend them.

Reinstall in reverse order using the new parts. Torque the impeller bolt to 33-38 ft-lbs.

Get the Parts You Need for Your Billy Goat Equipment

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