Operation Tips for a Billy Goat AET60 Tow Behind Aerator

Lawns need ready access to air and water at the root level to keep the grass healthy, but this access can be hindered by compacted ground. Billy Goat’s AET60 Tow Behind Aerator breaks up the dirt using a series of sharpened tines that punch through the ground, bringing the air and water back to the turf. These tips will help you get the most out of this trailer from hooking it up to your tractor correctly to ensuring the aerator is used in optimum conditions.

Staying Safe

Do not operate this aerator on slopes greater than 15 degrees. When traveling across a hill, move at an angle to keep the tractor and aerator as level as possible. Never park on a slope.

If there is excessive vibration, stop using the trailer immediately. Check the aerator for loose hardware or lodged debris and repair any issues before putting it back to work.

Using as a Tow-Behind Trailer

The AET60 is designed to work with a Category 1 hitch. To attach it to your tractor or utility vehicle, the hitch link needs to be in the horizontal position. Remove the pin closest to the trailer, lower the hitch link into place, and replace the pin. The hitch arms connect to the aerator via the pins on the left and right sides of the trailer.

To adjust the length of the link, remove the two clevis pins from the side of the link, move the hitch tongue to the correct position, and put the pins back in the link.

Using with a Three-Point Hitch

To attach the aerator to a three-point tractor hitch, the hitch link needs to be in its shortest position: remove the two clevis pins from the side of the link, slide the link pieces together, and reinsert the pins. Next, the link needs to be tilted up. Remove the pin from the end of the hitch link closest to the trailer, swivel the hitch upward, and replace the pin. From here, the tractor hitch attaches to the pin in the middle of the hitch link and the two pins on either side of the trailer. This position allows full articulation, so you can raise and lower the trailer as needed.

Adjusting Tine Depth

The tines can be raised or lowered by turning the crank on the cylinder at the front of the trailer. Always raise the tines before transporting the trailer.

Turning with the Tines Down

The axle has five lock pins that keep the tine assemblies in position. Removing these pins will let the assemblies swivel, allowing the trailer and tractor to turn. After making a turn, reinstall the pins to ensure the tines track straight as they roll over the ground.

Using the Castor

The castor can be raised or lowered by removing the pin, sliding the castor into place, and reinserting the pin. The castor should be lowered while operating and raised when transporting. If the trailer must be unhitched on uneven terrain, chock the castor wheels before disconnecting the aerator from the tractor.

Operating the Wings

The wings of the trailer can be folded up to aerate in tight spaces. When they’re on top of the trailer, they provide enough weight to force down the tines. With the wings fully extended, it may be necessary to add some extra weight to the top of the trailer to help the tines push through the soil. The trailer can hold up to 350 lbs.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Aeration

  • Water the grass the night before to soften the ground for easier tine penetration.
  • Mow the grass to a healthy height before aerating.
  • Identify any obstacles that may hinder aeration including sprinklers, water lines, rocks and string. Remove as many obstacles as possible.

Getting Parts for the AET60 Tow Behind Aerator

When you need parts for Billy Goat lawn care equipment, visit www.billygoatparts.com. We’re a certified Billy Goat dealer, and we keep a wide range of parts in stock for fast shipping across the U.S. and Canada. Starting at our AET60 section, you can see factory diagrams and descriptions. You can be sure you’re getting the exact replacement part you need, right when you need it.

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