Billy Goat Model: AET60 Tow Behind Aerator

AET60_Manual_Lift_500x500Foot traffic and construction can pack down dirt, keeping the root system of your lawn’s grass from accessing the air and water it needs to stay healthy. Billy Goat’s AET60 brings that access back by coring plugs from the soil to break up the surface, yet its non-motorized design and adjustable packaging allow it to be towed by most mid-size lawn mowers and tractors. That means it’s sturdy enough for commercial use while still being within the reach of consumers.

Quality Aeration Done Quickly

Capable of handling speeds of up to 5 mph, this aerator can break up as much as four acres of soil per hour. Each tine can punch holes up to four inches deep, pulling out cores for maximum air and water contact. The tine assemblies cut a 6 x 7 inch aeration pattern.

Three Widths to Fit the Job

The AET60 is built around a platform with a pair of wings. With both wings out, the aerator is 60 inches wide. Need to move through tight spaces? Fold in one wing to reduce the width to 48 inches, or both for a total width of just 36 inches. There aren’t any pins or levers to move to turn the wings: just flip them up and down as needed to pass through tight spaces.

The trailer weighs 440 lbs, so it’s heavy enough to punch through all but the toughest soil, especially with the wings folded up. If more weight is needed, the top of the trailer is designed to handle an additional 350 lbs.

Works with Category 1 and Three Point Hitches

The hitch bar on the AET60 is designed so it can be horizontal with the hitch ball in position to fit a Category 1 hitch. In this position, the tongue adjusts between 76 and 88 inches to best fit the trailer arms. Lifting the hitch into the vertical position places a pin at the right height to work with a three point hitch; the pins on the sides of the aerator are placed to work with the arms of either type of hitch. Switching between the two modes takes a matter of seconds, so you can pull the aerator with whatever tractor or mower you have available. Billy Goat recommends a tow vehicle with at least 20 horsepower.

Easy Tine Adjustment and Transport

The height of the tines is adjusted using a manual crank system, letting you get the exact cutting depth you need. The tines can be unlocked, letting them swivel with the tractor so you don’t have to raise and lower the tines each time you need to turn. Need to move over pavement? The rear castor can lift the trailer up to keep the tines from scraping against sidewalks and driveways.

Where to Get Replacement Parts for the Billy Goat AET60

From replacement tines to pins to frame hardware, if you need something to fix your AET60 aerator, you can buy it at As a certified Billy Goat dealer, we have the parts stock and trained personnel to ensure you’re getting the right part as quickly as possible. We even have a section of our site dedicated to the AET60 with parts diagrams, descriptions and part numbers for everything on this trailer so you can be sure you’re ordering exactly what you need.

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