Billy Goat AET48 Tow Behind Aerator Model Overview

Need to aerate a lot of turf? Billy Goat’s AET48 Tow Behind Aerator is the perfect tool for the job. Its modular design allows it to be outfitted for quickly breaking up acres of compacted soil or downsized for getting through tight spaces. Simplified maintenance and an easy to remove ballast system also make it easy to handle when it’s not in use. Best of all, it can be towed by most compact tractors and lawn mowers.

Adjust the Width to Fit the Job

The “48” in the model name refers to the unit’s standard 48-inch width, but that width can be adjusted to better fit the job at hand. The tine system is broken up into 24-inch modular units. One unit can be used for narrow paths, both units can be used together for more ground cover, or a third unit can be added with the optional AET expansion kit, letting you aerate a 72-inch strip of soil with each pass.

Each modular unit has four tine stars with 6 tines each, and each tine can penetrate up to three inches deep, helping oxygen and nutrients reach the roots of the grass.

Big Power with Small Demands

The tines on the AET48 are driven by the wheels, so all you have to do to use it is hitch it up to a mower or tractor and push the disengagement bar to activate it. Despite its size, this aerator can be pulled by any riding mower or tractor with at least 15 HP and a tow hitch that can handle a 5/8″ pinned tow bar.

Ballast and Loading Made Easy

Need more force when punching holes in the ground? Normally, this would require adding bulky metal plates to add ballast, making the aerator difficult to load and unload. Instead, the AET48 uses 5-gallon plastic jugs that sit on top of the tine modules. Without these weights, the unit weighs 240 lbs. with both included modules. Add water to the jugs, and weight increases to 425 lbs. When you’re done, just remove or empty the jugs, and the trailer is back to its original weight. At 66 inches wide from wheel to wheel with both modules attached, the aerator can fit on larger garden trailers.

Simplified Service

Need to do some maintenance? The whole tine mechanism tilts up, letting you access it for service. Greasable pillow block bearings reduce service intervals, and the tine stars can be replaced by removing a couple of bolts. That means faster service and less downtime.

Replacement Parts

Whether you need to replace a few tines or do a complete overhaul, getting the parts you need is easy, too. Just visit Staring at our parts page, you can find every part for the AET48, and with clearly labeled factory parts and descriptions, you can be sure you’re ordering exactly what you need. We’re a certified Billy Goat dealer, and everything we sell is OEM, so you can be sure the parts you receive are a perfect fit. Live in Canada? We can ship to you, too.

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