LB352 “Little Billy” Vacuum

LB352 Little BillyLitter vacuums don’t have to be limited to clearing out big yards and parking lots. Originally designed for the needs of European customers, the “Little Billy” LB352 vacuum’s compact footprint is perfect for turf care and light construction work. Its narrow width lets it reach more places than Billy Goat’s larger models, but it still comes with a steel impeller that can withstand impacts from cans and other hard debris.


Billy Goat recently updated this model’s powerplant, replacing the 160cc engine with a new 140cc Briggs & Stratton 500e Series engine. Despite the decrease in displacement, the 500e offers similar peak performance along with a wider torque band. Together with the mechanical governor, this keeps the engine from bogging down under heavy load. It’s also 30% lighter than similar engines on the market, giving the LB352 a total weight of just 57 lbs. That’s about the same as the most basic walk-behind lawn mower.

The engine is fed by a float carburetor, but it has a primer bulb instead of choke. Push the bulb a couple times, and the carburetor will use a rich fuel mixture for starting without having to slowly open a choke lever while waiting for the engine to warm up. Everything from the ignition to the intake is designed to let the engine start after a single pull.

Maintenance has also been simplified. The air filter cover can be removed without tools for a quick cleaning after working in dusty areas, and after the initial break-in, most engine servicing only needs to be done annually.


Instead of having an adjustable nozzle, the nozzle and base are built as one unit. To change the nozzle position, there’s a single lever the adjusts the height of all four wheels. The height range lets the LB352 get close enough to clean up on hard surfaces or have space to hover over grass for turf vacuuming. The engine and impeller pull air through the 20-inch nozzle at a rate of 743 CFM. Since the wheels are placed inboard on the base, the unit is only as wide as the nozzle itself.

After passing through the impeller housing, debris is collected in a 28-gallon bag. The opening of the bag has a quick attach mount for quick dumping, while the top of the bag attaches to the handle using a harness that’s easy to clip into place.


The LB352 comes with an opening to add a hose kit. This redirects the airflow, pulling debris through a four-inch by 7-foot hose with a steel nozzle. A long handle lets the operator reach into corners and remote areas with minimal stooping. The length of the hose can be doubled with an additional hose and hose connector kit.

Using this vacuum primarily for lawn cleanup? By increasing the number and size of holes in the fabric, the grass bag needs less frequent cleaning than the standard bag when used in low dust applications.


Billy Goat guarantees the LB352 for two years of commercial use, while Briggs & Stratton guarantees the 500e for two years of residential use or 90 days of commercial use.

Getting Parts and Accessories for Your Billy Goat

From the LB352 to the QV Quietvac, if it’s Billy Goat, you can get what you need for it at As a certified dealer for Billy Goat and engine manufacturers like Briggs & Stratton, we’re able to ship parts and accessories for their equipment across the U.S. and Canada. Finding the right part is easy, too: once you select your model, you can see exploded diagrams straight from the factory so you can match what you’re ordering to what’s on your equipment.

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