Identifying Your Billy Goat Equipment

Billy Goat Parts has a search engine that can find compatible parts based on your equipment’s model name and serial number. Where do you find this information? Unfortunately, with so many types of equipment and engines, the serial number can’t be at the same location on every model. Here’s where you can find your equipment’s ID plate, as well as where you can get the identifying information for your Billy Goat’s engine.

Why Can’t I Just Use the Model Number?

Billy Goat and their partners continually update their products. Model names are used for years, but there are often several revisions during the life of the product, with changes to several components. Engines don’t just go through revisions. There are several versions available to fit different applications and emissions requirements. The Honda GX390 alone has been offered in 10 versions.

Where Do I Find the Serial Number on My Billy Goat Equipment?

BG: On the left side, next to the engine
KV and VQ: On the rear left of the impeller housing
MV: On the left height adjustment plate

On the right side of the frame, under the engine

Outback Brushcutter
On the lower right corner of the belt housing, below the engine

Lawn Care Products
AE aerators and OSSP overseeders: On the rear left side of the frame
Other aerators: On the left side of the tine housing
Power rakes: On the rear right corner of the frame
Sod cutters: On the left side of the frame, next to the engine, or on a plate below the handle

Debris Loaders
DL 12, 13 and 18: On the rear right side of the skid, next to the engine
DL25: On the rear left side of the skid, next to the engine

On the back of the frame

Stump Grinders
On the back of the frame

Where Do I Find Engine Serial Numbers?

Briggs & Stratton
This number is stamped on the blower housing, above the muffler heat shield, or on the rocker cover. Engines built after June 2012 also have a QR code printed on the front or back side of the engine. The serial number is printed below this code. You can also scan the code to get this number.

The serial number is either printed directly on the engine, or on a tag riveted to the engine . On V-twins, this number is on the side with the oil filler cap. On single cylinder engines, this number is printed on the rocker cover. If you have a chrome cover over the rocker cover, you need to remove it to see the serial number underneath. Some new models have a QR code sticker that can be scanned to get your model and serial number.

Look for a 4-5 letter prefix followed by 7 numbers stamped on the side of the engine. This number is printed just above the oil drain plug on most engines.

Get the Parts You Need for Your Billy Goat

Billy Goat Parts carries replacements for everything on your equipment, as well as factory accessories. When you need anything for your Billy Goat, visit us at We can ship your order to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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