18 inch Hydro-Drive Sod Cutter: The Perfect Choice for the Toughest Jobs

When Billy Goat redesigned their Hydro-Drive sod cutters, they made everything better. There’s more weight, stronger blades, and small changes throughout to make maintenance a snap. With versions for general purpose and golf applications, this is the perfect tool for speeding up large landscaping projects, and it’s a great choice for equipment rental.


The SC181H is powered by a Honda GXV160 engine. While small, it delivers the reliability, easy starting and low fuel consumption the GX Series is famous for. Billy Goat includes an hour meter with this model, so you can keep tabs on maintenance.
The engine drives a Hydro Gear RT310 transaxle. Thanks to its built-in fan, synthetic oil and top grade seals, this drive unit is maintenance free. The housing around this transmission has vent holes to keep everything cool, as well as access hatches, so you can clean the case and the adjacent blade gearbox. Maximum transport speed for this machine is 3 ½ MPH.

Built for Better Cutting

From the factory, the SC181H has a cutting width of 18 inches. It’s can also use a 12 inch blade for cutting sod in tight spaces. Billy Goat’s new blades use a laser cladding process that add a coating for increased blade strength. This dramatically improves wear when cutting through sandy soil.
Maximum cutting depth for this machine is 2 ½ inches. The “Set and Forget” lever on the handle drops the blade down to a preset height, so you can get a consistent cut across the entire yard. A durable cast iron gearbox swings the blade in and out of position.
The Hydro-Drive sod cutter is built around a 3/8 inch steel frame with a ½ inch lateral supports. At 395 lbs, it weights more than 50 lbs. more than its predecessor. This keeps it from riding up over rocks and hard clumps of dirt for an even cut.

What’s the Difference Between the Standard and Golf Models?

The SC181 has two large roller wheels supporting the front end. Standard models have a honeycomb tread that sheds mud and maintains grip on dry soil. Golf sod cutters use a knobby tread that’s softer on grass and maintains grip while making shallow passes. The rear on both models is supported by a lockable caster that lets you maneuver around obstacles, or track straight for long passes.


You don’t want such a big, heavy machine to fall over or slide off your trailer. To keep it from moving, Billy Goat built in 6 tie-down points, so you can secure it in all directions.


Like everything else from Billy Goat, you can get the parts you need for the SC181H sod cutter straight from your browser. Just go to Billy Goat Parts. We’re an authorized dealer for Billy Goat, Honda and Hydro-Gear, so we’re able to offer everything you need to fix and maintain your machine. Whether you live in the U.S. or Canada, you can get parts shipped to your door by visiting www.billygoatparts.com.

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