How to Use a Billy Goat FZ Blower

Billy Goat FZ AttachedThe Billy Goat FZ Quick Attach Blower is a completely different way to clear leaves, dirt, and other debris out of the lawn all year long. Instead of coming in a handheld or walk behind form factor, the equipment actually attaches to an existing Billy Goat ZTR mower for extra convenience and added power. For this reason, many buyers require a brief primer on how to attach, use, and care for the equipment after purchase. Many of these concerns are normal, and virtually all of them are easy handled by considering a few basic steps and procedures.

Ensure Safety Before Working with the Blower

The Billy Goat FZ blower is a powerful piece of equipment that features 16 blades and a powerful engine, so safety must be ensured before the equipment is attached, engaged, and used. Always attach the equipment to the mower in an open area, and be sure to wear proper protective gear when mounting the equipment or turning it on for the first time.

In addition to eye protection, ear protection should be worn to guard against damage to the ears when the equipment is first started. The blower’s engine, when combined with the mower’s own engine, is certainly a bit too much stress for unprotected ears to take. When refueling the equipment or working with other fluids, ensure the equipment is level and placed on a flat, non-absorbent surface to protect against unwanted leaks, sparks, and environmental damage.

Mounting the FZ Blower: A Brief Guide to Quick Attachment

Before getting started, make sure the required JRCO bar is attached to the ZTR mower, and then replace the bar’s mounting bracket with the one provided alongside the FZ blower. The blower’s brackets should be installed next, ensuring the included pins are fully pushed in so that the equipment is tight and secure during operation.

When the unit is in place, take a bit of extra time to make sure that it is completely level and flush with the mounting brackets. If it isn’t, the blower will generally perform poorly and be subject to an increased amount of stress on the metal frame during routine lawn work.

With the equipment mounted and level, the included wiring can be connected. Connect the rear part of the wiring harness to the mower’s battery by matching the red and black wires to the corresponding red and black battery terminals. The wiring harness should be routed so that the connector is placed in front of the mower’s footrest, and any excess wiring should be contained using wire ties. Billy Goat strongly cautions against allowing the loose wires to remain after mounting, as, they’re likely to come into contact with the blades and other moving parts, fraying them and causing damage that isn’t protected by company warranties or guarantees.

Adjusting the Blower’s Air Director

The FZ Quick Attach Blower comes with a foot pedal that can actually change the blower’s exhaust using a 360-degree range of motion. To adjust the air director, simply use the foot pedal switch to adjust the exhaust nozzle either clockwise or counterclockwise as required. A red indicator paired with the system will indicate which way the nozzle faces if it’s simply out of view.

When adjusting the exhaust nozzle, always make sure that it does not point in the direction of pets or people, as this could send dangerous debris in their direction. Be sure to look first, check the lawn, and adjust only when the potential for injury is eliminated.

The Maintenance Schedule: Keeping the Blower in Great Shape

Billy Goat recommends checking for worn or damaged parts before every use of the equipment, and advises any replacements be done before the equipment is placed into use. After every five hours of use, equipment owners should check for loose parts and excessive vibrations caused by clogs or other issues.

After 100 hours of use, be sure to grease the blower’s casters and its exhaust elbow, and be sure to inspect the equipment’s impeller for any cracks, damage, or other signs of excessive wear.

Troubleshooting Tips

Generally, there are three main problems that affect a broad array of FZ Quick Attach Blower owners. Each is easily fixed with a bit of troubleshooting.

1. Excessive vibrations are common, and are almost always caused by a loose impeller or engine, or a clogged impeller that needs to be cleaned.

2. An engine that won’t start is almost always due to the gas valve being switched to the “off” position, though it sometimes is an indication of low fuel or a damaged spark plug. A “locked” engine indicates more severe issues, all of which require service by a skilled technician.

3. If the exhaust elbow has stopped rotating, check its lubrication, the blower’s belts, and the integrity of the battery cable.

Where to Go for Parts and More is committed to making life just a bit easier for existing Billy Goat equipment owners, including those who own the FZ Quick Attach Blower. The company maintains an exhaustive supply of OEM replacement parts that are available via an easy online lookup tool. Simply enter the part or blower model number, the equipment type, or the engine manufacturer, and the lookup tool will do the rest.

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