Billy Goat Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

Getting Your Pressure Washer Out of Storage

Is your Billy Goat pressure washer not delivering the performance you expect? Are you having trouble getting it to run or spray consistently? Before you spend money on a new pump or major engine repair, check these common, easy-to-repair causes for common issues.

Pump Chatter and Surging

While there are several reasons that your pressure washer could experience either of these symptoms, they’re most commonly caused by water supply problems.

– Make sure there’s plenty of water reaching the pump. Your owner’s manual will specify the required flow rate needed for your pressure washer.
– Make sure the hose isn’t kinked.
– Check for leaks in supply fittings.
– Make sure the filter screen for the inlet is in place and clean.
– Use cool water. Water that’s above 100ºF can cause problems with pump operation.

The Engine Won’t Start

– Check the spark plug wire. With the hose moving back and forth around the pump, it’s easy to knock it off of the spark plug.

– Both Honda and Vanguard have a sensor that will shut off the ignition if the oil level is too low. If the oil level is low, adding oil will reactive the ignition.

– Make sure there’s gas in the fuel tank. Starting problems are often caused by stale fuel. Make sure you’re using fuel purchased within the last month, or stabilized fuel purchased within the last three months.

Pulsing Water Pressure

– Air in the pump is likely interfering with the pump mechanism. Shut off the engine, but leave the water running. Hold down the trigger on the wand to let water flow through the system and purge the air inside the pump.

– An obstruction somewhere in the wand or line is keeping the flow from being consistent. Use a needle to clean out the nozzle and flush the wand with vinegar to remove mineral deposits. Make sure the inlets for the wand and high-pressure hose are free of debris.

Water Pressure Spikes

– Check the unloader valve. This recirculates excess water back into the pump and can cause jumps in water pressure if it’s jammed or set incorrectly. The manual for your pump should have adjustment instructions.

The Pump Won’t Draw Detergent

– Only the low-pressure white tip will draw from the detergent system.
– Make sure the end of the detergent hose is fully submerged and the filter is clean.
– If your pressure washer has a valve to adjust the detergent mix, make sure it’s open.
– Only use detergents approved for use with a pressure washer. Thick detergents may need to be diluted to flow through the system.

Water is Leaking from the Pump

– If the thermal valve is active, it will leak water to relieve pressure. Shut off the engine and let the pump cool for 5 minutes or so.

– Check the bolts on the pump casing. If they’re loose, the water can break the seal, causing a leak.

Leaks Along the Hose or Inlet

– Make sure the hoses are fully connected and the rubber O-rings at each connection are in good shape. If the hose or wand itself is leaking, replace it immediately. High-pressure spray from these holes can cause serious injury and property damage.

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