Billy Goat OS901 Hydrostatic SP Overseeder

Billy Goat OverseederOverseeders are one of the most important parts of lawn renovation and rejuvenation, since they allow homeowners and commercial landscapers to fill in bald spots and make the lawn consistently thicker and fuller in advance of hot summer temperatures. This, in turn, allows the lawn to be a bit more resilient during challenging dry spells or other extreme weather conditions that typically occur during the summer. It also creates a lawn that is far more aesthetically pleasing and easily looks as if it has been maintained by a professional.

The Billy Goat OS901 Hydrostatic SP overseeder is perhaps the best model on the market to get this work done. The equipment comes with self-propelled operation, a new blade system, and a refined seeding system that reduces piling and waste during extended outings. Its hydrostatic design also reduces operator fatigue and ensures a higher degree of comfort during longer tasks outside the home. Combined, this overseeder’s features and specifications make it a strong contender for any kind of outdoor renovation work.

The Features: A Look at the Selling Points of Billy Goat’s OS901 Model

The biggest feature, and the one that helps this overseeder get its name, is the included hydrostatic transmission. This transmission was designed specifically to operate a bit more smoothly than the competition, and even works with self-propulsion when powering forward or in reverse. As a result, operators suffer from less fatigue because fewer vibrations make their way from the drive system to the handle. They’re also able to conserve energy, since the equipment largely pushes itself and requires minimal effort on behalf of the person doing the work. This hydrostatic drive system inherently allows for easier, more professional, more consistent renovation results.

Though the hydrostatic transmission is certainly this model’s biggest feature, it’s not the only one that dramatically enhances the overseeding process. Another key part of the OS901 overseeder is the equipment’s included Auto Drop seeding system. The Auto Drop technology, used exclusively in Billy Goat equipment, allows for automatic starting and stopping of the seed drop process depending on reel engagement. This allows the equipment to avoid wasting seed, and makes it possible for the OS901 overseeder to avoid “piling” of excess seed when the reel is disengaged. As a result, the equipment can save operators a significant amount of money just in terms of the seed required to get the job done.

The overseeder’s folding handlebar makes this model perfect for storage in smaller spaces, like a small toolshed or the back area of a garage. The handlebar, though able to easily fold, is actually quite advanced. It holds a series of advanced, intuitive operator controls that allow adjustments to the blade, the overseeder depth, and other key factors that determine how overseeding will be completed.

The Specs: Strong Power and Performance Make for Quicker Work

The Billy Goat OS901 Hydrostatic SP overseeding equipment comes with a choice of two engines. The first of these is the Subaru EX270, which is paired with OS901 model SPS. This is the lighter of the two engines and, as a result, the equipment weighs in at 314 pounds with the Subaru engine installed under the hood. An upgraded Honda engine is also available, which offers slightly better horsepower. This engine is a bit heavier, however, and brings the total equipment weight to 323 pounds. The Honda GX270 engine is found in the OS901 SPH model.

The OS901 overseeder powers through the job using 11 fixed blades, measuring a total of 22 inches wide. The equipment also comes with an adjustable vertical cutting depth of between 0.125 inches and 0.500 inches, based largely on blade wear. Large enough to handle even more expansive outdoor areas, the OS901 measures just over 30 inches wide and 58.38 inches long.

Available Accessories Make This Model Even Better for Operators

Operators can benefit significantly from the available accessories for this model, including a clear seed box cover that keeps side intact and free of moisture. An attachable chariot accessory allows operators to stand behind the equipment instead of walking behind it as overseeding proceeds, while an available foot pedal makes it easy to control speed and acceleration from behind.

Find Billy Goat Overseeders and OEM Parts at

The OS901 overseeder from Billy Goat is one of the most powerful models on the market, perfect for commercial buyers or those homeowners who have a large amount of land to cover each season. Those who are looking to leverage the power of this overseeder for better outdoor aesthetics can find the new equipment they need at The website also offers a parts lookup tool that can filter available OEM replacements by engine manufacturer, model number, or the part number required for maintenance and repairs. It’s never been easier to buy and maintain an overseeder this large and effective in both commercial and residential settings.

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