Billy Goat Grazor™: GZ401H

BG_GZ_grazorBilly Goat is focused on making life just a little bit easier for the average contractor, and that’s where the company’s unique Grazor GZ401H comes in. This unique piece of equipment is designed to take on a small range of tasks that the typical lawn edger just can’t handle, including the cleaning of pavement cracks that have become a fertile growing area for grass and weeds.

Using the Grazor’s unique set of features and tools, contractors can easily and efficiently clean out these cracks, remove all of the weeds and roots that have taken hold in them, and prepare a solid surface for repaving or more extensive treatment of the cracked areas. This tool is simply safer and more efficient to use in these cases, and it’s a must-have addition for many commercial landscapers and pavers.

The Features: A Look at How the Grazor Gets the Job Done

The key feature of the Grazor GZ401H equipment is the metal brush that sits along the left side. This brush has only task to accomplish: Slide between cracks in a sidewalk or paved surface and remove everything that has taken hold in that crack since it first appeared. The material used in this brush is the key to its success. The metal bristles are tough, and they’re designed to reach down to the surface and get all of the dirt and weeds away from the crack. They’re also a bit bendable, however, with a design that helps them conform to the pavement for more precise work where it’s needed most. As a result, the brush stays focused on the crack and doesn’t wear down the pavement in surrounding areas while it cleans away grass and weeds.

The brush itself utilizes a pulley system for release and retraction, which make sit easy to engage or disengage the Grazor GZ401H on the fly. A swivel castor works in conjunction with this pulley system to create a very easy-to-use setup that commercial contractors can learn to use in just one pass over an affected area. For added safety, the brush utilizes a safety release clutch that is located on the top of the Grazor handle. When pulled tight to the handle, the brush engages. When released, the brush pulls up and stops spinning completely. This mirrors the common functionality of similar handles for walk-behind mowers.

Billy Goat’s designers were aware that the Grazor would likely be used on uneven, cracked pavement, where stability can be an issue for most forms of power equipment. To prevent the potential for equipment damage, pavement damage, and even personal injury, they’ve given the Grazor a highly stable wheel base that adjusts to the terrain on which it’s sitting. The Grazor is therefore hard to tip over when cleaning on uneven surfaces, and represents a significant improvement over using a conventional edger to perform the same sort of clearing work.

To Understand More, Look at the Grazor GZ401H’s Engine Specs

The Grazor GZ401H doesn’t require a lot of power to get its primary task completed, so Billy Goat has wisely paired this piece of equipment with a smaller, 4-horsepower Honda OHV engine. While quite small, this engine provides a perfect amount of power to the Grazor and can help the brush clean deeply into older or wider cracks as well as those that are shallower and shorter in length.

The smaller overall engine, and the small size of this equipment in general, means that it’s actually quite light. The Grazor weighs in at just 84 pounds, which means it can be easily towed around a driveway, lifted into a trailer or truck, and moved between sites without spending too much time or energy on transit. In terms of mobility, the Grazor GZ401H comes with 5-inch caster wheels in each of its four corners, which can dynamically adjust to pavement conditions as needed.

The equipment is quite compact not only in weight, but also in overall size. Billy Goat’s Grazor GZ401H is 42 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 39 inches in overall height. The included brush has an 8-inch diameter.

Grazor Accessories: Making the Most of this Unique Equipment

For a stiffer brush, the Billy goat Grazor GZ401H comes with an optional steel wire brush attachment. This is quite different from the standard brush, which features thinner metal bristles and is therefore more easily bent or adjusted during cleaning. The stiffer brush is designed for larger cracks or tougher areas where deep cleaning is required.

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