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billy-goat-logo-smThe convenience that comes from owning Billy Goat equipment can only be maintained when the equipment itself is kept in good shape. That often means checking oil levels, inspecting blades and tines for wear, and going through other seasonal tune-up procedures that are designed to keep the engine running efficiently and the equipment running effectively. With regular maintenance, lawn mowing and renovation will be more consistent and accurate than would otherwise be possible.

Start with Fluid Levels: Gas and Oil Need to be Checked

Generally, there are two reasons that Billy Goat equipment requires maintenance or a tune-up. The first is that the equipment has simply been put into use for very long hours and needs to be double-checked before its next outing. The second, and perhaps the most common, is that the equipment has been out of use all winter and requires a thorough inspection to prevent engine problems and other malfunctions in the springtime.

In-season maintenance virtually requires filling the gas tank before each outing and double-checking oil levels to ensure that the engine is properly lubricated. If the equipment is just coming out of storage, it’s likely that a full oil change is needed. Since the fuel tank was probably emptied at the end of the last summer season, fresh fuel should be added. Remember not to add old fuel to the equipment at any point, since this can cause engine problems or lead to sudden stops and starts during routine lawn work.

Air Filter and Spark Plug Checks Increase Efficiency

Starting any type of power equipment can be notoriously difficult if the spark plug is covered in carbon deposits or if the air filter is simply too dirty or clogged to let air pass through. In addition to checking each of these parts throughout the spring and summer seasons, it’s also a good idea to clean or replace both the spark plug and the air filter at the start of warmer weather.

A new air filter will allow the engine to receive and use sufficient amount of oxygen, making it easier to create the spark that allows the engine to function. New or cleaner spark plugs will further enhance the ease with which a homeowner can start the equipment. By replacing these parts at the start of each season, landscaping work will be much easier from start to finish.

Give it a Test Run: Let the Engine Idle for a Bit Each Spring

Before trusting the engine to work flawlessly all summer long, it’s usually a good idea to give the engine a test run and ensure that nothing went wrong during the winter months when the equipment was in storage. Check oil and gasoline levels and fill both tanks as needed. Then, simply start the equipment and allow it to idle for 10 or 15 minutes. Be astute while the engine runs, listening for alarming noises or rattles. It may be necessary to address these issues before using the equipment for routine work.

Of course, if the engine simply can’t stay on for an extended period of time, more serious problems might be occurring under the hood. In addition to indicating low oil or fuel levels, this could point to a transmission issue or even a larger engine problem that should be serviced as soon as possible.

Lubricants and Enzymes: The Finishing Details of Equipment Maintenance

Whether it’s during the summer season or after a long winter in storage, equipment should always be treated for enzymes found in today’s most popular fuels. Specifically, ethanol in most popular types of gasoline can lead to a buildup of certain deposits that can shorten an engine’s lifespan and put the equipment at risk of needing serious, costly service. By adding certain compounds to the fuel, these enzymes and deposits can be flushed away, leaving a cleaner and more efficient engine in their wake.

Finally, be sure to lubricate idlers and other any of the equipment’s pivot points. This crucial step prevents damage from occurring throughout the summer months, especially since lubricants can break down over time and leave the equipment exposed to excessive wear and tear as the weather heats up. As always, consult the equipment’s owner’s manual to ensure that all joints and other areas are properly treated.

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Maintaining Billy Goat equipment, from lawn mowers to aerators, overseeders, and more, takes quite a few supplies. Whether it’s OEM replacement air filters, new oil, replacement blades, or any number of other common maintenance concerns, can help. The site offers a great parts lookup tool that can filter out equipment parts by engine model, engine type, equipment type, or specific part number. Additionally, the site is a great informational resource for new equipment owners and those who simply need a few guidelines for regular maintenance and equipment upkeep.

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