Billy Goat AE 400 Series Aerator

Billy Goat AE 400 AeratorAfter a long winter of cold weather, damaging snow, and all kinds of other mishaps, most lawns look like they’ve taken a serious beating during the early days of spring. Sometimes, depending on the course of summer weather, they look that way by the time fall rolls around, too. That’s where lawn renovation and rejuvenation comes in. These key pieces of equipment can help to eliminate thatch, restore nutrient pathways to existing grass, and supplement old grass with new seeds that will create a thicker, greener lawn in record time.

The Billy Goat AE 400 Series aerator is one key component of that approach to lawn rejuvenation. Its goal is to open up pathways into the ground, making it easier for existing grass to access moisture and nutrients while simultaneously priming the land for overseeding and full restoration.

AE 400 Features: The Benefits of a Billy Goat Aerator

With its residential aerator, Billy Goat’s engineers worked to create a piece of equipment that easily defied industry standards and made things a bit easier for the average homeowner. One of the key ways that it accomplished this goal was by eliminating the traditional steel weights that are attached to most aerators. The goal of those weights is to push the equipment more solidly into the ground, providing for better aeration on a rolling basis. The problem, however, is that the steel weights are quite heavy and unwieldy, and they make equipment harder to move.

That’s why the AE 400 features a water-weighted system that can easily be filled or drained based on the operator’s needs. Users put in only as much water as they need to properly weight the equipment for their preferred aerating effect. When they’re finished with the job, they simply drain the tanks and remove the excess heft from the aerator entirely. The result is equipment that’s easier to maneuver, lighter to lift, and far more easy to store.

Storage is also made quite a bit easier by the folding handles found on this particular model. Instead of being locked in the upright position, the aerator’s handles can be released so that they fold forward, atop the equipment, making it easier to store in the corner of a packed garage without the handles interfering with parking space inside. It’s the perfect way for space-crunched consumers to store the equipment without risking the safety of their own vehicles.

Finally, outboard drive wheels make the equipment a bit more tactile during regular operation. This prevents dangerous wheel slippage that can increase chances of operator injury or cause unintended damage to otherwise healthy grass around the area being aerated.

The Specs: How the AE 400 Series Aerator Keeps Impressing Consumers

The AE 400 comes in two distinct models differentiated based on the particular engine manufacturer found under the hood. For those who buy the company’s Honda-based aerator, the 118cc engine provides ample power for routine, residential aeration. For those who need a bit more power under the hood, a 205cc Briggs & Stratton engine is a logical upgrade and one that will come at only a small additional cost over the Honda engine.

A full 24 tines performs comprehensive aeration of the soil, within the equipment’s compact 29-inch width. This compact width is great for storage, but it doesn’t sacrifice quick aerating of even the largest residential areas outside the home.

For those buyers who will likely be transporting the equipment over a longer distance, or storing it in unconventional places thanks to the folding handles, the overall weight is actually competitive when compared to other manufacturers’ aerators. Without the water tanks filled in order to weigh down the tines, the Honda model weighs in at about 242 pounds. The slightly lighter and more compact Briggs & Stratton engine means that the upgraded model comes in just a touch heaver, at about 240 pounds without any water in the weighted tanks.

All told, the Billy Goat AE 400 series aerator is one of the most innovative on the market, with a distinct lack of steel weights and a more compact and flexible design than many other options. Its ability to be easily operated and effortlessly stored makes it a natural fit for today’s homeowners.

Check Out for New Aerators and OEM Parts

If the time has come to turn the tables on brown patches and other seasonal lawn concerns, then the Billy Goat AE 400 series aerator is a logical purchase as part of a commitment to lawn rejuvenation. For the best selection of Billy Goat aerators, be sure to head to The site is full of information about each model, making it easy to select the one that works best for each home. Furthermore, the site is a great place to find OEM replacement parts that will keep the aerator in great shape, running at peak efficiency and keeping the lawn healthy all year long.

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