Billy Goat 18″ Hydro-Drive Sod Cutter

sc180_534x575Good sod cutting removes the grass and top soil evenly, leaving a flat surface underneath that can be replanted. Getting that perfect cut can be difficult with most cutters, but with Billy Goat’s Hydro-Drive sod cutter, it’s a snap. It has an easy-to-control drive system coupled with simplified, easy-to-reach adjustments and class-leading transport speed. That means set setup time and predictable cutting performance for a fast, professional finish.

Power and Control

The Hydro-Drive Sod Cutter is powered by a 5 hp 163cc Honda GXV160 engine. Honda guarantees this engine with a three-year warranty. Like Billy Goat’s other products, the rest of the sod cutter is covered for one year of commercial use.

Th Hydro Gear RT310 transmission is variable, letting the operator set the perfect speed without having to adjust the throttle. This adjustability extends to the reverse gear, so you can move out of tight spaces without having to pull the machine out yourself or having the cutter move too quickly when the gear is engaged. The transmission also gives this sod cutter a transport speed just over 3.5 mph, the fastest on the market. When it’s time to move the Hydro-Drive to the next job site, four tie-down points make the unit easy to secure in a trailer or the back of a pickup.

Cutting Performance

As it comes from the factory, the Hydro-Drive cuts an 18 inch swath with a maximum depth of 2.5 inches. Billy Goat also offers a 12 inch blade kit if you need to make narrow cuts in tight spaces.

Billy Goat’s “Set and Forget” depth adjustment is set with a single lever and clamp that can be adjusted using one hand. Better still, this adjustment can be made from the operator’s position, so there’s no reason to leave the controls, and no extra adjustments like pitch or angle that need to be made to get an even cut.

The handles have fingertip access to the drive controls, allowing the operator to keep a comfortable hand position, unlike roll or paddle-style throttles: that means all the effort is grip-related instead of putting pressure on the wrists and thumbs. Multiple oversized isolation mounts help separate the handle from the rest of the machine for smooth operation and less fatigue.

Traction and Maneuverability

At the front of the cutter, wide, paddle-style wheels provide more surface area for better control and help push away mud for improved cutting performance. The rear of the machine is held up with a single rear caster wheel which can be left to move freely to cut around curves or locked in place to keep the sod cutter moving in a straight line. The engine, blade, and other equipment are spread across the length of the frame to make the machine balanced for easy turning and even cutting. That includes the built-in bumper, which protects the engine without making the cutter front-heavy.

Sourcing Parts and Accessories

Need something for your sod cutter or one of Billy Goat’s other lawn care products? is a certified Billy Goat dealer, carrying parts for their equipment and the engines that power them, including the Hydro-Drive’s Honda GXV160. We have factory parts diagrams online to help you find exactly what you need, and we can ship your order across the U.S. and Canada.

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