AET 48/72 Towable Aerator Maintenance

AET 48:72 Towable Aerator MaintenanceIf you’ve owned Billy Goat products before, you know that they aren’t just reliable: they’re also easy to maintain. This applies to the AET 47/72 towable aerator just as it does everything from the brand. Here’s how you can keep your modular aerator performing at its best and solve common issues with performance.

When to Perform Maintenance

There is no set maintenance schedule for this aerator, aside from giving it a thorough inspection before each day of use, and cleaning the tines after use.

Core tines are self-sharpening. However, after a certain point, wear and impacts will take their toll, dulling the end of the tine. There isn’t a set wear point. Instead, these parts should be replaced when they are damaged or start to dull.

The pillow block bearings should be greased at least once per season, but you will probably need to grease them far more often, as grease is wiped away when washing the aerator. While handwashing limits water exposure, you should always apply new grease after using a pressure washing.

Always wear heavy gloves when handling tines. Even when they’re too dull to aerate, they have no problem cutting skin.

Replacing Individual Tines

If you just need to replace one or two tines, you don’t need to take off the entire tine assembly.

1. Raise the tines and chock the wheels.
2. Loosen the outermost nut and carriage bolt that hold in the tine. Do not remove these parts.
3. Loosen and remove the innermost carriage bolt and nut that hold the tine to the reel.
4. Using a pry bar, push the tine plates apart. Once this space is opened, the tine should slide off.
5. Slide the new tine in place. Install the inner carriage bolt and nut. Tighten down the outer bolt and nut.

Tine Reel Removal and Repair

1. Raise the tines and chock the wheels.
2. The reel is sharp and very heavy. Support the reel, or set up a place to drop it once it’s unbolted.
3. Remove the nuts and bolts holding the reel bearings. There are two on each side of the reel.
4. Lift the reel up and tilt it to the side to disengage it from the drive chain.

Now you can replace all of the tines on the reel, or replace damaged parts on the reel.

5. Remove the cotter pin and nut on the end of the reel shaft.
6. Slide the tine rows and spacers off of the reel, keeping them in order for reassembly.
7. Replace any damaged parts.
8. Reassemble the reel and install it by following the previous instructions in reverse order.

Bearing Lubrication

Use lithium-based NLGI #2 grease. Marine, automotive and general-purpose greases are all suited for use on this machine.

1. Raise the tines and chock the wheels.
2. Apply grease to the bearings using a high-pressure grease gun.
3. Wipe off any grease on the outside of the bearings or fittings.


Abnormal Vibration
Stop using the AET 48/72 immediately. Inspect the aerator and check the tightness of all fasteners. Replace any damaged parts.

Poor Aerating Performance
Tines work their best with moist soil. Water the day before you plan on aerating.

If you have water jugs, make sure they are full and resting on the top plate. Each jug weighs 40 lbs. when full. Each modular unit holds up to two jugs. If you don’t have the jugs, place cement blocks or steel on the top plate. Add no more than 80 lbs. to each section.

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