AET 36/60 Towable Aerator Maintenance

AET 36/60 Towable Aerator MaintenanceIt folds. It swivels. It turns in soil. The AET 36/60’s innovative design makes it one of the easiest aerators to use on the market. However, even a tool as simple as this is bound to have some issues. Here’s what you need to know to keep your AET 36/60 breaking soil and fix common problems.

Maintenance Schedule

The tines are very sharp. Always wear heavy gloves when working on your aerator.

Before each use or each day of use: Thoroughly clean the aerator, especially the tines.
Every 10 hours of operation: Inspect the aerator for loose and damaged parts
Every 50 hours: Grease the wheel bearings and tine hubs.

Tines for Older Models

Billy Goat redesigned the tines for all AET36/60 trailers and included these new tines as original equipment on newer aerators. When you order a tine replacement kit, it may not be the same model number as the tines you are currently using. However, they will fit your equipment, and they can be mixed with older design tines.

Tine Replacement

Billy Goat’s tines are made out of self-scouring metal. As a tine wears, the cutting surface will remain sharp until it’s near the end of its life. If the edge is dull, or the tine is bent or chipped, it needs to be replaced. Wear varied depending on soil makeup and impacts with rocks, so there’s no set length for replacing tines.

1. Raise the tines.
2. Remove the bolt and nut holding the tine to the hub.
3. Replace the tine.
4. Reinstall the bolt and nut.


When lubricating your aerator, use a high-quality NLGI Grade 2 lithium grease. Any grade 2 grease will do, including multi-purpose, marine and automotive formulas. Apply grease wheel bearings and tine hubs.

Always grease the aerator after cleaning it with a pressure washer.



Aerator Vibrates Abnormally
Stop using the aerator immediately. Inspect the aerator for damaged or missing parts, and lodged debris. Remove debris and replace parts as needed. Check the tightness of all bolts.

Poor Aerating Performance
Worn tines won’t penetrate the soil. Inspect the tines, making sure each one is straight and has a sharp edge. Check the tightness of the bolts holding the tines onto the hubs.

The soil should be moist when aerating. For the best results, water the area the day before aerating.

Keep the tine stars locked when using this aerator with a trailer hitch. If they can swing freely, the trailer won’t track straight. Unlock the tines when using the trailer with a three-point hitch. This lets the tines swivel while making turns.

If the soil is still too hard, and the wings are extended, add weight to the tray. The top tray is designed to hold 16 x 4 x 8-inch concrete cap blocks. Each standard block weighs 33 lbs. Total weight for the entire aerator should not exceed 350 lbs or 10 blocks. With the wings folded in, there is more than enough weight on the tines to penetrate the soil.

Get the OEM Parts You Need for Your Aerator

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