Which Debris Loader is Right for You?

Billy Goat debris loaders vacuum up lawn debris, chop them up, and drop them into your truck bed or trailer. This saves time on cleanup jobs, and the compacted debris cost less to dispose of. Which debris loader model will deliver the best return on your investment?
How Much Power do These Loaders Have?
The DL13 is powered by a single cylinder Honda GX-Series engine, while the DL14 and DL29 use Vanguard V-Twins. Glancing at the horsepower ratings, you would think that the DL13 and DL14 are evenly matched, while the DL29 should have twice the performance. However, the vacuum ratings tells a different story.
DL1302H: 2,100 CFM
DL1402VE: 3,700 CFM
DL2901VE: 4,400 CFM
Why is the DL14 so much closer to the DL29 than the DL13? The DL13 uses a smaller impeller that can pump loads of air, but doesn’t chop heavy debris as well as the other models. The DL29 has a massive impeller with 12 blades, four more than the DL14. This reduces air flow, but it helps the loader chew through large quantities of debris. All three models have Piranha blades, which have edges that slice through grass and leaves, compacting them up to 12:1.
Which model has enough power for your needs? The DL13 is great for small crews, while the DL14 is aimed at contractors and regular municipal use. The DL29 is targeted at municipalities that need to clean massive areas, like parks and campuses.
What are My Options for Mounting?
While most debris loaders on the market require some custom fabrication for mounting, Billy Goat’s CustomFit system gives you some options:
– Use the holes in the skid to bolt the loader to a trailer
– Bolt the loader to a CustomFit trailer
– Hang the loader on a truck or trailer tailgate using a CustomFit hanger kit,
– Attach a CustomFit Swing Away hitch and slide the loader into your truck or trailer’s hitch receiver.
– Attach a CustomFit Stake Body Swing Away hitch and slide it into one of the stake supports on your flatbed truck or trailer.
Every debris loader is mounted to a skid with fork pockets. You can use a fork lift to position the loader, or transfer it between vehicles if you use a hanger or swing away hitch. The DL2901 is too big for a hanger kit or swing away hitch, but it can be mounted to a trailer.
Here’s what these machines weigh without adding accessories:
DL1302H – 230 lbs.
DL1402VE – 280 lbs.
DL2901VE – 490 lbs.
Both the DL1302 and 1402 are 32.25 inches tall from the factory, and you can add extensions to the chute for more reach. The DL2901 is almost 75 inches tall before adding extensions.
Billy Goat makes horizontal and vertical extensions, as well as swiveling mounts that let you turn the entire chute. You can add up to 5 feet of horizontal reach with an extension hose, or use a deflector to aim the flow of debris into your truck or trailer. The vertical extension adds 15 5/8 inches of height. You cannot use this extension with the rotational chute kit.
Get the Parts and Accessories You Need for Your Billy Goat
When you need something for your Billy Goat, go to Billy Goat Parts.  We carry the full line of OEM parts and accessories for your equipment, including extensions, mounting kits and replacement hoses for all of the company’s debris loaders.Check out or commonly ordered parts pages for fast ordering. We also have a search engine that can show you diagrams and parts information specific to your model. Visit us at www.billygoatparts.com. We ship across the United States and Canada.

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