Mounting a Billy Goat Debris Loader

Do you need to get your Billy Goat debris loader to work with your trailer or truck? Here’s everything you need to know about installing and using CustomFit mounts and discharge chute accessories.
Truck Hanging Kit
This kit lets you hang your loader on the side of your truck or trailer’s tailgate. Keep in mind that you need a strong gate to use this mount. While a truck or dump bed should be strong enough, a ramp gate will bend under the weight.
1. Slide the arms into the fork pockets on the loader’s skid. Bolt the arms to the skid using the included hardware. The small carriage bolts goes through the top, while the washer and nut go on the bottom.
2. Screw the large carriage bolts into the tops of the arms and through the included clamps.
3. Hang the loader off of the tailgate of your truck or trailer, and screw in the carriage bolts to clamp onto the surface. After an hour of use, check the tightness of the clamps.
Swing Away Hitch
Billy Goat offers both stake bed and trailer hitch versions of this CustomFit mount. The trailer hitch attachment requires a Class III or stronger hitch receiver.
1. Insert the pivot pins into the holes on the sides of the hitch/stake mount.
2. Bolt the hitch to the center holes in the fork pockets using the included hardware. The carriage bolts should sit flush with the top of the hole.
3. If you’re using the hitch mount, attach it to your truck’s receiver using the safety chains, arm pin and cotter pin, like you would when connecting a ball hitch and trailer. If you’re using a stake bed mount, slide the end of the mount into one of your bed’s stake supports.
To swing the loader out of the way of the tailgate, remove one of the pivot pins. Never remove both pins. When the loader is 90 degrees out, you can lock it in place using the uncovered hole in the swivel mount.
CustomFit Trailer
This trailer only fits DL25 and DL35 loaders. It comes fully assembled, complete with highway lights. Use the included hardware to bolt your loader to the trailer, being sure to line up the carriage bolts with the square holes in the loader’s skid.
Getting the Outlet to Reach Your Bed or Trailer
Billy Goat offers several accessories to get the right position for your loader’s discharge chute.
360 Rotational Kit – This adds a swiveling joint between the loader and the vertical chute. Once installed, the chute can be rotated by hand. This lets you adjust the position when moving the loader from vehicle to vehicle.
Extension kit – This kit adds a two foot long extension to the vertical chute, letting you reach over tall tailgates on trailers. The extension cannot be used with the rotational kit.
Length extension and exhaust deflector – These attachments give you two ways to extend the horizontal reach of your loader’s outlet. The length extension is a 5-foot long reinforced hose that can be draped over bed walls. The deflector bounces debris off an adjustable metal shield, letting you change the angle debris exit the discharge chute.
If It’s Billy Goat, We Carry It
Billy Goat Parts is an OEM dealer for Billy Goat as well as Honda and Briggs & Stratton. That means you can get parts for your debris loader as well as the Honda or Vanguard engine that powers it. We have sections for commonly ordered parts, like impeller bolts and air filters. You can also use our parts lookup system to see factory diagrams and descriptions for parts used on your model of equipment. Visit us online at We ship across the U.S. and Canada.

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