Using the AET 48/72” Towable Aerator

AET 48/72” Towable AeratorNo matter the size of lawn you’re aerating, the AET 48/72 has you covered. Its modular design allows sections to be bolted together to get a working width ranging from 24 and 72 inches. Unlike drum aerators, it can make turns with the reel-mounted tines lowered without damaging the turf. Here’s what you need to know to set up one of these trailers and get the most from it.

Assembling Your Aerator

1. Attach the frames together with the 3/8 inch lock nuts, washers and cap screws included in the hardware bag. The aerator can be set up using a single frame for a total working width of 24 inches, both included frames for a total width of 48 inches or three frames with the AET expansion kit for a total width of 72 inches.
2. Grease the shafts on the wheel assemblies, then slide the assemblies onto the collars on the sides of the frames. Lock them in place using the snap rings.
3. Attach the hitch assembly and braces to the frame using 3/8 inch lock nuts, washers, spacers and cap screws.
4. Use the pin and hitch pin to connect the aerator to a tow vehicle.
5. Place water tanks or weights in the designated positions on top of the boxed sections of the frame and secure them with a tie-down strap. The water jugs hold 5 gallons of water for a total weight of 40 lbs. Two jugs can be placed on each frame section. Bricks can be used to add weight as long as the total weight on each frame section does not exceed 80 lbs.
6. Place the lift rod in the notches in the frame with the pin sitting between two frame sections.

Engaging the Tines and Adjusting Tine Height

Either push down on the wheel guard with your foot or slide the lift rod into the square slot and push to release the pressure on the pin. Pull the pin out, then move the wheel up or down. Reinstall the pin. Repeat these steps on the other wheel so that the height is the same on both sides. If one wheel is up and the other is down, it may damage the aerator.

To engage the tines, tow the aerator to the work area, then raise both wheels to push the tines into the soil. Tine penetration depends on the weight on the aerator, not the height of the tines.

This aerator can be turned with the tines lowered. When lining up for the next pass, move slowly and avoid tight turns. When you’re ready to transport the aerator, lower the wheels to lift the tines out of the soil.

Maintenance Schedule

Before each use: Clean the aerator. Clogged tines will have trouble penetrating the soil.
Every 25 hours: Check for loose, worn or damaged parts and repair or replace as needed.
Every 50 hours: Check the reel nut torque and grease the bearings.

Individual Tine Replacement

1. Raise the tines and chock the wheels.
2. Loosen the outermost nut and carriage bolt holding the tine to the reel, followed by the innermost nut and carriage bolt. Do not remove these parts.
3. Use a pry bar to push the tine plates apart. Remove the tine.
4. Slide in the new tine. Tighten down the innermost nut and carriage bolt, then the outermost nut and bolt.

Tine Reel Removal and Row Replacement

The tine reels are sharp. Always wear a pair of thick gloves when handling the reels.

1. Raise the tines and chock the wheels.
2. Support the tine reel and remove the four nuts and bolts holding down the tine reel bearings.
3. Lift the reel up and to the side to free it from the drive chain.
4. Remove the cotter pin and nut at the end of the tine reel shaft.
5. Remove the tine rows and spacers, keeping them in order for reassembly.
6. Replace any damaged parts, then reassemble the reel.
7. Tighten the nut at the end of the shaft to 100 ft-lbs. Push the tine rows with your hand to ensure they’re tight. Install a new cotter pin.
8. Slide the tine reel back into the frame and fit the chain. Reinstall the reel bearings.

Bearing Lubrication

With the tines lifted and the wheels chocked, go around the aerator and apply lithium grease to the bearings using a grease gun. Wipe off any excess grease that comes out of the grease fitting or the sides of the bearings.

Get the Quality Parts You Need for Your Billy Goat

When you need anything for your aerator, visit As an authorized Billy Goat dealer, we’re able to ship OEM parts to your door whether you live in the U.S. or Canada. We make it easy to find the right part: just select your model and serial number, and our site will show you factory diagrams and descriptions for your machine.

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