How Do I Find the Model Information for My Billy Goat Equipment?

Billy Goat model informationOur advanced search engine makes it easy to find the right parts: When you select the model and serial number, our site will show you parts listings and diagrams specifically for your equipment. Here’s where you can find the model and serial number on your Billy Goat equipment, as well as major components like engines and transmissions.

Identifying Your Billy Goat Equipment

Billy Goat puts the model, serial number and other important information together on a plate. The location of this plate varies depending on the type of equipment.

Lawn and Construction Vacuums
BG Series: On the left side of the frame, below the engine
KV Series: On the left side next to the bag attachment
MV Series: On the left side height-adjustment plate
VQ Series: On the rear left of the impeller housing
F6, F9, F13 and F18: On the right side of the frame directly below the engine
FZ: On the rear right side of the impeller housing
Hurricane: On the left side of the engine deck, close to the impeller.

Mowers and Brushcutters
FM and HP Finish mowers: Behind the right rear tire
HW High Weed: Next to the left drive wheel, directly below the engine
BC Outback Brushcutter: On the lower right corner of the frame

Lawn Care Equipment
Aerators and OS Series Overseeders: Rear left of the frame
PR and CR Power Rakes: Rear right of the frame

Sod Cutters
SC: On the left side of the frame, next to the engine
All other models: On the frame below the handles

AE: On the rear left of the frame
All other models: On the left side of the housing
Truck Loaders
TR and HTR: To the right of the engine
QL: Below and in front of the engine
DL12, DL13, DL18: On the rear right side below the engine
DL25: On the rear of the housing to the left of the engine

AGR1300H: On the left side of the frame near the front of the auger.

Identifying Engines

The model name is printed on the engine cover or the recoil starter cover. It always starts with the letter “G.” The serial number is stamped into the side of the engine. The serial number always has a 4-5 letter prefix followed by a dash and a 7 digit number.

Briggs & Stratton and Vanguard
The model, type and code are always etched in that order on a metal part of the engine. Depending on the model, these numbers are either next to the muffler, on a valve cover, or on the top front of the engine. You may need to remove the engine cover to see them.

The model and serial number are printed on the side of the flywheel housing, just opposite of the dipstick.


The model and serial number can be found on a large silver label on the engine cover.

Identifying Other Components

Hydro-Gear Hydrostatic Transmissions
The model information is printed on a label located on the transaxle case. The top left number is the model, the bottom left number is the serial, and the top right number is used for cross-referencing.

CAT Pumps
The model number is printed on the metal tag on top of the pump. The serial number is printed on the bottom of the case.

AR Pumps
The model label is on the top of the pump. Look for a number next to “Nr.” on the model tag. The first three numbers are the pump series. The rest of the numbers make up the serial number. The following four numbers are the week and year of production. The next four numbers make up the progressive number, the production number for that week. On newer models, there are 5 more numbers for the manufacturing code.

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