Tips, Tricks and Answers to Common Questions for Repairing Your Billy Goat Equipment

lawn care clean upIf you’re here, you’re probably trying to figure out the best way to fix your Billy Goat equipment, whether you have a leaf blower, debris loader, sod cutter, power rake, aerator or brush cutter. In fact, there’s a good chance that the problem you’re trying to solve is common. Here’s how you can address these issues and make it easier to perform repairs.

What Tools Do I Need to Fix My Equipment?

Billy Goat uses SAE fasteners on their equipment, while engine and transmission manufacturers use either metric or a combination of metric and SAE fasteners. You can complete most repairs with a set of wrenches, sockets and a ratchet. A torque wrench is needed to tighten down some parts including impeller bolts, spark plugs, tines and brush cutter blades. In a few rare cases, you may need a jack and a set of woodblocks to lift the wheels or access the underside of your machine.

Can I Change the Oil Less Often if I Use Synthetic?

No. Even on engines with oil filters, there’s a limit to how much dirt the oil can absorb before it needs to be changed. However, synthetic oils do burn less, and they work over a wider temperature range.

Why is My Fuel System Clogged?

Stale fuel is the number one cause of starting issues in modern small engines. Ethanol gets a lot of the blame for fuel problems, but most owners don’t realize that all fuel formulas have changed. Modern “pure” gasoline ages quickly, leaving behind waxes and varnish that will clog your engine’s fuel system.

It really doesn’t matter if you use pure gasoline or E10 as long as it’s fresh. Fuel should be used within a month of purchase. If you add a stabilizer, it should be used within three months. If you’re having starting problems with stale fuel, drain it your engine’s fuel system and replaced it with fresh fuel. EFI engines are less sensitive to stale fuel, but Vanguard makes the same recommends for their fuel-injected engines.

If the fuel system becomes clogged, you can usually clear out the carburetor and fuel lines by spraying them with a carburetor cleaner.

How Do I Get My Aerator’s Tines to Last Longer?

Both core and spike tines are made of self-scouring metal. While impacts with rocks will blunt the edges, the tines will resharpen themselves after a few passes. However, bent tines still need to be replaced.

Always wash the tines after use. Keeping them clean will prevent rust. Dried-on dirt also makes it hard for soil to push through the tines, reducing performance and keeping the tines from sharpening themselves.

My Equipment’s Hydrostatic Transmission Hesitates. Is it Failing?

Hesitation is almost always caused by problems with the controls, not the transmission itself. Usually, it just takes a small adjustment to get everything working again.

Walk-behind models use a cable-operated system to engage the transmission. Over time, these cables can stretch, preventing you from opening the transmission valves fully when using the control levers. Check the handle and the base of the unit for a cable adjuster. Loosen the lock nut, then spin the adjuster in or out to adjust tension. If the cable stretches out too much, it must be replaced.

Stand-on leaf blowers have adjustable valves connected to the control levers. Check your owner’s manual or the article on Hurricane blower maintenance on this site for adjustment instructions.

How Do I Sharpen a Brush Cutter Blade?

Billy Goat uses flat blades on their Outback brush cutters. These are similar to lawnmower blades and should be treated the same way. Using a mill bastard file or a grinding wheel, take off metal at a 45-degree angle until you have a flat surface that’s as sharp as a butter knife. If there are cracks or bends in the blade, replace it.

After sharpening, the blade needs to be balanced. If you don’t have a blade balancer, hang the blade from a nail. If one side points down, file a little metal off of it. Recheck the balance and file more metal as necessary. Once the blade sits horizontally on the nail, it’s balanced.

Is There Any Way to Speed Up Drying after Washing a Vacuum Bag?

No. The bag must be air-dried to protect the fabric. Instead, consider picking up an extra bag for your lawn or hard surface vacuum. That way you can have one bag ready to use while the other one is drying.

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