Setting Up and Maintaining BC2600 Hydro Series Brushcutters

BC2600 Hydro Series BrushcuttersWith a hydrostatic drive for easy control on hills and blades that are strong enough to slice through saplings, Billy Goat’s BC2600 Hydro Series brushcutters can clean up the roughest terrain. Here’s what you need to know to set up and maintain all three versions: the BC2600ICH, BC2600HH and BC2600HEBH.


Make sure you have all of these items are in the crate before you begin assembly:

Upper handle assembly
Guard bar
Four cable ties
Four 3/8” – 16 X 2” cap screws
Four 3/8 inch washers
Four 5/16 inch washers
Four 3/8”-16 lock nuts
Four 5/16”-18 lock nuts
Two #10-24 lock nuts
Two machine screws
Four 5/16”-18 x 1 3/4” carriage bolts
Starter switch (BC2600HEBH only)

If you have an electric start model, you will need a CB18, C50, SC50 or MCB50 series battery with a minimum 17.2 Ah rating.


1. Attach the handle to the engine base using 3/8 inch cap screws, washers, and lock nuts.
2. Tighten the mounting hardware on the handle braces.
3. Attach the guard bar to the skid bar by installing the side bolts into the top two holes on the skids with the carriage bolts and 5/16 inch washers and lock nuts.
4. Attach the throttle to the right hand bracket using the machine screws and matching lock nuts. Make sure the cable doesn’t bind. On electric start models, attach the throttle to the bracket, then feed the wire harness into the starter switch box and attach the switch. Push the switch into the top of the box until it seats.
5. Attach the blade drive cable to the lever. Seat the insert into the bracket on the left side of the handle.
6. Use the cable ties to secure the drive and blade cables to the handle.
7. Electric start models: Put the battery on the battery plate, then wrap the battery strap around the battery, connecting the ends to the holes in the plate. Make sure the battery can’t move, then connect the terminals.
8. Connect the spark plug wire, and add oil and gas to the engine.

Maintenance Schedule

Before using: Check for worn or damaged parts and make sure the battery strap is in good condition.
Every 5 hours or each day: Check for loose parts and unusual vibrations.
Every 25 hours: Sharpen the blade. Check the condition of the belts. Lubricate the control cable and linkage with a light oil.
Every 50 hours: Check the blade clutch tension. Apply anti-seize compound to the rear axles. Check for battery corrosion.
Every 100-150 hours: Replace the belts.

Always disconnect the spark plug before working on your brushcutter to prevent accidental starts.

Blade Removal and Sharpening

1. Lift the front of the brushcutter.
2. Wedge a wood block between the blade and the deck to keep the blade from moving.
3. Remove the nut and washer from the blade.
4. Sharpen or replace the blade. Replace the lock nut if it has been removed more than once.
5. Torque the lock nut to 30-40 ft-lbs.

Drive Belt Tension

1. Remove the deck cover which is held on by four screws.
2. Check the belt for wear and replace as needed. If the idler pulley doesn’t provide enough tension, replace the spring on the idler arm.
3. Reinstall the deck cover.

Transaxle Control Tension

With the engine off and the spark plug disconnected, move the barrel adjuster next to the transaxle lever to adjust tension. The drive should not engage with the handle open.

Blade Clutch Adjustment

If the clutch squeals or slips, it can overheat and fail. Stop using the machine until this problem is corrected.

If the cable is adjusted correctly, it should take 10 lbs. of force to close the lever, and the spring should stretch ¼ to 3/8 inches. To change the tension, turn the adjustment nut on the end of the cable that goes into the base of the brushcutter.

Transaxle Belt and Blade Belt Replacement

1. Lift up the rear of the machine.
2. Disconnect the idler spring from the bracket behind the drive pulley.
3. Walk the belt off of the clutch by slowly spinning the engine.
4. Slide the belt off of the transaxle pulley.

If you are only replacing the transaxle belt, install the belt by following the previous directions in reverse order. Make sure the belt is seated and doesn’t come in contact with the fan blades on the transaxle.

5. Remove the deck belt cover which is held on by four screws.
6. Pull the idler arm away from the blade belt. Walk the belt off of the deck pulley.
7. Install the new belt following the previous directions in reverse order.

Battery Care

The engine needs to run 45 minutes to fully recharge the battery when in use. Charge the battery every 4-6 weeks when not in use. Charge up to 48 hours at 1 amp, or 24 hours at 2 amps.

Need Something for Your Brushcutter?

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you can get the OEM parts and accessories you need from Billy Goat Parts. We’re not just a Billy Goat dealer, we’re also a certified dealer for Honda and Briggs & Stratton, which means we carry everything for your hydro-drive BC2600. To order, visit

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