OS900 Overseeder Speed Cable Replacement

OS900 Overseeder Speed Cable ReplacementAre you having trouble engaging the drive system on your Billy Goat OS900 or OS901 overseeder? Does the cable still have slack with the adjuster all the way out? Your machine is probably due for a new cable. While replacement is a complicated process, it can be done with common hand tools. Here’s what you need to know to get the job done.

Tools and Parts You Will Need:

Impact driver or drill – an impact driver is recommended
5/32 inch hex (Allen) wrench
7/16 inch socket – a magnetic socket is recommended
½ inch wrench
Hydraulic jack
Jack Stands
Wood blocks
Long flat head screwdriver
Two cable ties
5/16 inch bolt
Silicone or lithium spray lubricant – Water displacers like WD-40 do not offer long term protection.

Removing the Old Cable

1. Place the blocks ahead of the front wheels. Lift up the rear of the overseeder and place the jack stands under the handle tubes, directly below the transaxle. You may find it handy to use the jack to lift and lower the back of the machine for better access during this repair.

2. There is a small hole next to the sticker for the transaxle release lever. Insert a 5/16 inch bolt into this hole. You may need to hammer the bolt in to get it to set. This bolt keeps the seed cable box from moving.

3. Using the ½ inch wrench, remove the four lock nuts on the speed cable bracket. This bracket is on the base of the overseeder.

4. Remove the bearing and screw cap connected to the right handle speed cable. These parts are on the underside of the deck next to the left handle tube. Hold the cap in place using the hex wrench while unscrewing the nut on the top side of the deck using an impact driver or drill.

5. Remove the spring extension on the speed control bracket. With the bearing removed, this spring is not under tension. It should come off by hand with little effort, but it may be easier to use the screwdriver to pull the spring off of the hooks.

6. Cut the cable ties that hold the speed cable in place on the deck and the handle.

7. Use the screwdriver to pull the rubber grommet out of the deck. On the inside of this hole, find the plastic tabs holding the cable into the deck. Push these tabs in with the pliers, then slide out the cable.

8. On the handle side, close the lever to expose the inner speed cable. Bend the cable down and pull the ferrule out of the lever. The old cable should now be free from the overseeder.

Installing the New Cable

1. Slide the ferrule on the new cable into the handle. Slide the adjuster into the metal tube in front of the handle.

2. Run the new cable along the same path as the old cable, down the left side of the overseeder. The plastic tabs on the cable housing should snap into place when you push them into the deck. Push the rubber grommet into the deck to seal the hole.

3. Attach the cable to the bearing and nut removed earlier. Install these parts.

4. Reattach the extension spring and the speed cable bracket.

5. Remove the 5/16 inch bolt you pushed into the deck during Step 2 of cable removal.

6. Lubricate the speed control system as needed. Spray grease or silicone through the large hole next to the transaxle release sticker to lubricate the bearing.

7. Adjust the cable tension. Screw in the adjuster nut to increase tension on the speed cable. The drive system should be fully engaged with the drive lever open, and engage cleanly when the lever is closed. There should be a little slack in the cable with the drive lever open.

Since this cable is new, the nut should be near the end of the barrel adjuster to minimize cable housing length. Double-check the drive-side cable connection and plastic tab insert if the cable requires significant adjustment, or if it wants to bind.

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