Maintaining Your Grazor Crack Cleaner

Driveway sealing season is coming. Is your Billy Goat crack cleaner ready? Here’s what you need to know to keep your Grazor running, from what you need to check to how to replace the brush.

Maintenance Schedule

Before each use: Check the air filter and oil. After starting, check for excessive vibration.
Every 5 hours of use or daily: Check for loose and damaged parts
Every 25 hours: Lubricate the wheel bearings, grease the brush arm mechanism and check the belt for wear.
First month or 20 hours: Change the oil
Every three months or 50 hours: Clean the air filter.
Every 6 months or 100 hours: Clean the sediment cup. Check the spark plug and spark arrester.
Every year or 300 hours: Replace the spark plug and air filter.

Check your engine owner’s manual for detailed information on maintenance. While the intervals remain the same across engines used in this machine, service procedures vary depending on the model and production date of your Grazor’s engine.

Changing the Brush

1. Disconnect the spark plug.
2. Remove the two screws holding on the brush guard, then slide the guard off of the machine.
3. Hold the brush with a heavy cloth or thick glove and use a ¾ inch wrench to remove the nut holding the brush onto the shaft.
4. Inspect the washer. Replace it if it’s worn.
5. Install the new brush. Always use the included nylon bushing, even if the old one looks fine.

Changing the Belt

1. Disconnect the spark plug.
2. Remove the brush guard and pulley guards.
3. Remove the belt. You may need to change the brush position to get the belt off. Set the brush in “store” to get the belt off the front pulley, and “3” to get it off the back pulley.
4. Follow the instructions in reverse order to fit the new belt.

Changing the Pulleys

1. Remove the belt and guards. Loosen the set screws on the pulleys with a 5/32 hex key.
2. Slide the old pulleys off of the shafts, then slide the new ones on. Use a straight edge to align the pulleys with each other.
3. Install the set screws, torquing them to 15 lb-ft.
4. Install the belt and guards.

Do You Need Parts for Your Billy Goat?

Billy Goat Parts can ship OEM parts and accessories to your address, whether you live in the United States or Canada. We’re an authorized dealer for Billy Goat and their engine partners, so we’re able to offer everything you need to maintain and repair your equipment. Not sure what you need? Our search engine can find parts based on your model and serial number. It also has built-in parts diagrams, so you can see exactly what you’re buying. Visit us at

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