Keeping Your Classic PLUGR Aerator Alive

PLUGR AeratorBilly Goat’s NextGen PLUGR aerators have impressive performance, but their older PLUGR models are still just as good at breaking up compacted soil and aiding the delivery of fertilizer and seed to lawns. Here’s everything you need to know to keep your PL2500H running.

Maintenance Schedule

Before each use or each day of use: Check the oil level and clean off any debris on the machine and its tires.
First month or 20 hours of operation: Change the reduction gear case oil.
Every 10 hours of operation: Grease the cam bearings and inspect the machine for loose, damaged or worn out parts.
Every 50 hours: Check the belts for wear.
Every 100 hours: Replace the tine bushings and grease the shaft and wheel bearings.
Every 100 hours or 6 months: Change the gear reduction oil.

Tine and Bushing Replacement

Tines should be replaced when they are bent or worn. Billy Goat recommends replacing all worn tines at the same time.

To replace a tine, loosen the jam nut, then unscrew the tine. Screw in the new tine, threading it on as much as possible. Tighten the jam nut.

To replace a bushing, remove the nuts and bolts on the top of the tine rod, then remove the tine rod cap. Slide out the old bushings and insert the new ones, lining up the split end with the top surface of the tine rod. Reinstall the cap, then grease the bearing.

Cam Bearing Lubrication

Billy Goat recommends lubricating the cam bearing with Almagard #3752 or a high-performance NLGI #2 equivalent designed for high-pressure applications.

Clutch Cable and Belt Tension

If you’re having trouble getting the drive belt to engage, start by checking the clutch cable. To adjust the cable tension, turn the adjuster next to the bail. The more threads are exposed, the tighter the cable will be. The cable only needs to be tight enough to prevent the belt from slipping when engaged; if the cable is tighter, it will cause premature belt wear.

To adjust belt tension, unbolt the engine, slide it forward or rearward on the base of the aerator, and tighten down the bolts. Replace the belt if it still won’t engage with the engine pushed all the way forward.

Drive Belt Replacement

The tine shaft is very heavy to help push the tines into the soil. To move the shaft, you’ll need to set up a hoist or crane directly above the aerator.

1. Disconnect the spark plug.
2. Remove the tensioner brackets on both sides of the drive pulley.
3. Walk the belt off of the drive pulley.
4. Attach the hoist to the tine shaft, then remove the four nuts, washers and bolts that connect the camshaft to the frame.
5. Lift the tine shaft out of the frame and remove the old belts.
6. Install new belts following the previous directions in reverse order.

Reduction Gear Oil

The GX160 that powers the PL25H has a built-in gear reduction case. When adding oil, use the same oil you use in the engine, typically 5W30 or 10W30 motor oil.

To check the oil level, remove the check bolt from the side of the case. The oil should come up to the top of the bolt hole. If the oil level is low, remove the fill bolt from the top of the case. Stop filling the case when oil comes out of the check hole, then reinstall both bolts.

To change the oil, let the engine warm up, then shut it off. Remove the oil level and filler bolts, then tilt the aerator back, letting the oil flow into a container for recycling. Set the machine back on the ground and add oil as you would when checking the oil level.

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